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28 May 2019 12:01:00
Just read that our total prize money for winning the Treble this season is just £3.7m, a shockingly low amount and a huge reminder of why European football is important. HH.

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28 May 2019 12:23:20
When you compare it to what's on offer down south for just 'being there' it's absolutely atrocious - especially the financial aid given by SLY in it's various forms. Also when you consider the subscription fee is the same for all UK customers, despite the contempt they show to Scotland (outside SEVCO) and I dread them taking over from BT.
Mind you the SFA/ SPFL are just as bad with their hidden agendas, self preservation and impotence at the bargaining table.

28 May 2019 12:47:05
I'm pretty sure the winners of the FA cup alone earn £3.6m shocking that even 1 cup in England pays almost as much as the treble up here!

{Ed007's Note - You're right but both finalists also get money for winning previous rounds so Man City earned about £6.8 million just for winning the tournament and I'm sure there will be more from TV and advertising etc as well to be added to that.


28 May 2019 14:53:46
I’ve said it before, everyone needs to stop subscribing to them until they offer a separate package for Scottish football.

28 May 2019 15:43:32
I’ve always argued that Scotland makes up roughly 10% of the UK population. Logically it would follow that with similar viewing habits we also account for 10% of Sky’s UK subscriber base. If that were the case why are we not getting 10% of the package that the EPL gets. It is an absolute nonsense that the 20th placed team in the EPL gets rewarded with almost 100m quid for being crap. Not only that, but they then benefit from almost 90m in parachute payments over the next three years. It’s no wonder that Championship clubs can often outbid an SPFL club for players. If Celtic had access to even half that level of riches who knows how far we could go.

{Ed007's Note - A few years back I had a war with Sly and the girl let it slip that in Scotland there were "at least" 1 million Sly Sports subscribers in Scotland, even roughly at £25 a pop that's at least £25 million a month or £300 million a year coming out of the country.
Now I know a lot of that is people paying for the Pub League etc but the new SPFL deal is supposedly worth £160 million over 5 years (a rise of 20% on the current combined package) which works out as £32 million a year and that's easily smashed with just over one single month of subscriptions.
My other gripe is the actual quality of the product Sly put out, BT has shown them up to be so lazy and ignorant about our game that apart from the rise in income there's no other pluses in going back to be exclusively with them.}

28 May 2019 18:46:00
Shows how much we get shafted. I'm sure if our league had the money on offer in England then the worlds best would come to Scotland as that's all it boils down to is money. Our league would be one of the best if we had teams spending 200 odd million a season on players. Didn't we have the chance to be included in the sky package years back ED and the SPL rejected them?

{Ed007's Note - Didn't Sly take the huff when we snubbed them for the Sentanta deal? I think they still hold that against us.}

28 May 2019 19:29:43
We might even represent more than 10% of their subscribers. I’m sure I read somewhere that Scottish football has the highest turnout of supporters per head of population of any country in Europe. If that’s correct, you’d expect us to have a higher percentage of subscribers than England. Those 1 million subscribers could easily represent 12-15% of the total.

28 May 2019 20:47:45
Any information on what Sentanta paid for the rights and what sky was offering us? I couldn't help but laugh at just reading Sentanta. that's a blast from the past!

{Ed007's Note - The final deal had Setanta paying about £31 million a season for 4 years (£135 million) which was more than double the previous deal with them of £54.5 million (£13 million a year). The Sly offer at the time of Setanta's initial £54 million bid was only a continuation of the £46m over four years previous deal.
The problem - as happens a lot in Scottish football - was that they looked for the quick fix and it was just sold to the highest bidder with no long-term thought put into. From the start it had a pie in the sky feel to it and when Setanta went bust Sly picked up our game for I think it was about £9 or 10 million a season, so clubs had budgeted for higher TV revenue that never appeared and that put a lot of clubs into financial trouble, it's fine margins at clubs like Motherwell, Dundee etc.
I firmly believe if the SPL had stuck with Sly we would be getting a more favourable deal with negotiations over the years but it certainly doesn't help that we have some of the biggest morons in the game running ours.}

28 May 2019 23:50:06
Say nothing about Setanta, the founder was a good Newry man 😀😊.



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