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09 May 2018 21:42:01
well i got to say i thought we played well there. Wee bit of luck and we could have had three. Fair play to them though, well organised with two banks of five and flyers wide, but we coped well.

Only moan? When are players who pull shirts going to get booked v us? It's ridiculous.

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10 May 2018 09:22:22
BR comments: Brendan Rodgers reckons Celtic wouldn’t have beaten a team of firemen if they’d lined up like Kilmarnock.
We are going to get this next season, BR needs to adjust adapt and overcome these types of teams and their neg tactics.

If it means route one and over the top, cross balls, with a big target man, so be it, just to get that 1 goal and then sit back and let them come out.

It's not other teams beating us next season now it will be the draws we need to be aware of.

10 draws this season is 20 points dropped.

Before i get hammered with reply's for not being grateful for what we have received so far, This is only my humble opinion and concern for the coming season. Hail Hail.

10 May 2018 10:39:57
I wish Brendan would shut up with all these comments. We missed a few chances that would have secured an easy win,

Focus on getting that right, teams can and should play to their strengths, it’s starting to sound like sour grapes.

The main issue is a two bob outfit held us to a draw. That’s the problem. We couldn’t break down a two bob team.

10 May 2018 10:41:30
There is no problem dominating possession and creating chances in most games, but I feel when we encounter packed defenses, we squander far too many set pieces and I hope we address that next season.
The way we play earns numerous free kicks and corners every game and last night we had about ten corners and failed to capitalize.

10 May 2018 10:57:48
We were definitely unlucky not to win but no chance we played well. That was one of many cases this season where too many changes have caused a seriously disjointed performance.

10 May 2018 13:35:41
It’s the same old Celtic, 20 plus shots at goal with little on target and even less with goals scored.

Last season is history, this season has been poor but we can still to a treble and convincingly at that.

Hard to be critical but we want improvements and entertainment. We can’t afford the type of player needed to break packed defences down with a single pass.

So what do we do?

10 May 2018 14:08:39
Agree, Its not critical of our team, they are doing everything possible to break these teams down but to no avail at times, so we need to play them at their own game until we get the lead and then let them try and score against us. they know we have all the players and possession.

Maybe more aerial play, more crosses into the box, shoot on sight from outside the box, not pretty but would cause mistakes and errors that lead to goals.

I would be happy to come away with a scrappy 1.0 and 3 points rather than a draw. Am sure BR and the lads will sort it. Hail Hail.

10 May 2018 16:30:04
When we try and sit back in European matches we get hammered, how is it these teams find it so easy to create gaps against us but we constantly struggle against spl sides who sit in? We moan about the Euro scene being unfair regarding wages but ratio wise we are the same to most of the Scottish sides. But we rarely find a way around it, and like others in here I don’t agree with moaning about the opposition after dropping points. As all of us on here I hate hearts but their pitch didn’t look bad at all to me. Loads of us who play social standard would love pitched like that and yet we still attempt to play football on it.
Maybe don’t spend 2.5 million on lights for atmosphere and put it towards better players instead as our atmosphere is already great for Euro nights . Surely they aren’t spending it for Dundee on a tues evening.

10 May 2018 17:03:42
Maybe if Brendan played like Kilmarnock then. we would t be skelped by Barcelona, PSG or the likes again!

10 May 2018 17:57:18
That’s s good point. When we try to be tight against better teams we get mauled. If we kept any of the CL teams to a draw we would have been aw chuffed. Because we are utterly rubbish at defending, don’t have a go at teams who can.

Rogers is sounding like a bag of excuses. If your team can’t score or defend then fecking fix it instead of moaning at people who can.

It’s the grass, it’s a packed defence, a big boy done it and ran away, I used to line listening to him, lately he’s like a feckin sweetie wife.

Wait until big bad Murderwell get in about us.

At least the grass will be short.

10 May 2018 22:31:45
We have some supporters who are so negative most if not all SPL teams bust have barred them as supporters . The league is safely won at a distance, league Cup is also won and we have just one game, the Scottish Cup Final to complete an unprecedental back to back treble and still we have people who would ban our manager from post match interviews .
Sure we might as well get rid of Brendan as its obvious he isn't good enough to manage Celtic, to the standard that the know-alls on here expect.

10 May 2018 23:35:12
The Kilmarnock game is an irrelevance, none of the recognised centre forwards were playing, the question why don't Celtic play like Kilmarnock firemen when they play against Barcelona or PSG or Bayern, is phycological, the Kilmarnock players have it drilled into them they are every bit as good as the Celtic players and it is up to them to compete as equals against equals, bit when Celtic play Barcelona, or PSG or Bayern, the Celtic players are bombarded from all sides on how they have no chance, they are lucky just to be on the same field as these so-called superstars, the Kilmarnock player would keep at the Celtic player and harass him and be in his face, but the Celtic player when faced with a Barcelona or some other overpaid, overrated, superstar, has already been phycologicaly influenced, he had been watching too much sports TV, reading too much sports newspapers, listening to, too many so called experts on the radio, Celtic would never have won the European cup with that attitude.

11 May 2018 01:42:34
I don't see negativity, the chat is about overcoming defensive teams and what and how we can break them down and cut down on the draws, its just a topic being discussed.
Let's make one thing clear: everyone is aware of the success of the team, the league, the wins, and BR. Could not ask for a better
season (s) and heading for 8IAR and the future is green, we are basking in glory and will continue to do so. we don't need reminding what we won, who won it.

But you need to let the fans have a chat about individual games / players, what the fans think, the pro and the cons. Every fan has a vision/ idea and they should have their say.
Older fans will know this is a different generation and football is evolving. The old days teams played to win, they came out their half and even tackled players. Today those same teams are happy with 1 point against the quality teams, and gambling on beating the lesser teams, not to win the league but to stay in the league.

11 May 2018 01:44:51
Old man chris. I don’t think that is slagging Celtic- it’s more making reference to not needed comments by the manger. I love Brendan. Love where we are. Love Celtic. But don’t love silly comments that make us look petty: if we can make comments like that about Kilmarnock then surely we can play like they do and get draws against the best. It works 2 ways my man. 🙏.

12 May 2018 16:06:29
Tim tam, So you want us to lay a artifical pitch and lay it and prepare it for football in such away that it's dangerous for footballers and causing players season long injuries . That plus playing two rows of five defenders protecting their goalkeeper.
Of course B R won't play his football un the Clarke defensive role and you can forget aB R if you want super defensive football . His attacking style is why I like him, but although you like him you prefer Clarke closing up shop.



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