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04 Feb 2018 11:04:20
Some posters are saying we would never have hit the heights of last season. what a load of garbage.
We would have hit those height if quality signings were made to add to the team. in our position we were the only club who could of added true quality to our squad, however we have seriously missed out on 2 windows to do that.
Player project after project.
When BR came in I thought as a club we were going to start getting a bit serious.
I am starting to think BR wants a safe dressroom to control with no senior players that can't be "coached" or developed"

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04 Feb 2018 11:30:54
We hit that heights and more against Aberdeen and as recently as Hearts midweek. Unfortunately there is no consistency and BR chose to change a winning team. Never the same 11 and that in my opinion has a lot to do with it. Getting Roberts, Rogic, Armstrong, Griffiths, Johnston etc fully fit will hopefully make a huge difference to performances and results.

04 Feb 2018 12:48:24
I personally think the players were just trying to get through the game without injuries. We lost 2 players in first half. This encouraged Killie and affected us. You could see it in the running and passing nobody was pushing themselves. Don't believe this performance has anything to do with our previous form, but agree about consistency. I don't think we have fielded the same team in many games at all this season due to injuries and tinkering. However we could have lost this game to a similar score to Hearts defeat. CM needs games and for him to be judged already by some posters is ridiculous imo.

04 Feb 2018 13:06:07
Agreed Stan. We cannot afford to"hit the heights " every third or fourth game! We need a run of consistency and that only comes with a settled team in my opinion. Also, I don't think our support are panicking at the moment, more concerned I guess. As I said on an earlier post, the treble will be no formality, and the two games at the sheep and Orcs are certainly no formalities. Eight points isn't an unassailable lead and if the dons were to win it could get interesting. I think that we're all frustrated after the performance against Hertz to that effort yesterday. Granted, he did not envisage losing two men so soon. But! I thought the two young lads played well, and I'm convinced Charly will settle in and cement a place. The boy can play. Regards Dembele, reminds me of big Sammy at times, looks like he can't be arsed. The quicker Griff, Tam, Paddy, and Stuarts back the better. Hail hail bhoys.

04 Feb 2018 13:11:01
It's simple, we are only 8pts in front of Aberdeen. Lucky we have no real competition in this league. Aye we have only lost 2 but we have drawn a fair amount of games.

As for Hendry, nobody is saying he is terrible. However Rodgers said he wanted first team ready, European quality players. Rodgers stated Hendry was bought because "he feels he can be a champions league player"

The facts are this, he is another project who needs huge amounts of development for Europe.

Musonda, who has bags of skill is being cancelled out by the fact that he has the strength and is getting bullied at times.

Again peoples disappointment is down to Rodgers and the board saying they want real quality signings. Where are they? There hasn't been one!

It's because they won't come out and admit we are a total selling club and not willing to progress on that! yet they charge fans more money to watch less quality.

Heard people say "average age 20 without Brown etc" and then say a few years together they will be experienced. That's the point people miss.

If any these young player are good they will be sold in 2 years. Then we will replace with more 20 year olds unready at euro level.

In other words we are working with a youth team from now on. We will not see a full squad of experienced players again until the board change their mind or leave.

04 Feb 2018 13:26:49

You are a doom and gloom merchant and I am personally sick of reading your constant tripe. This is your third moaning post in less than 24 hours.

If you are really not happy with being a Celtic fan right now when things are pretty good you may as well go and support another team. Man City and Barcelona are doing pretty well and they spend loads of money.

04 Feb 2018 13:57:10
Aye gd one.
I for one want progress. if your happy to sit and watch the club take the biggest home and away defeats in Europe and be cannon fodder every year that's fine.
If your happy to make the numbers up that's fine.
If your happy and think the club are doing everything possible to make the team better that's fine.
It's my opinion that there are not.
If you want all the fans to sit and say nothing then you might be one of the people holding the club back. happy to settle for why ever your told. scared to question things.
Maybe it's you that should be supporting another team. aberdeen. you sound a bit of a sheep to me.

04 Feb 2018 14:56:04
Jungle John whether we like it or not things have changed in the world of football in the last 4 or 5 years. Money talks at Champions league level and to a lesser extent Europa league. It pains me to say but cannon fodder is what we will be in the future of CL games along with probably another 12 teams in the tournament. Until we have a spare 400 million to spend then we are never going to compete anymore at that level. Spending 20 or 30 million isn't going to make any difference at that level, that's half a squad player to the sugar daddy clubs.

04 Feb 2018 15:22:00

The guy isn’t clever enough to realise that.


So let’s spend the £30 million we made through the champions league and even add the £7 million we made on VVD.
Bayern Munich spend 62.5 million Euros on 2 players last Summer. PSG spend 238 million Euros on 2 players too.
Do you think us spending £37 million is going to even get us near to the next level?

Or do you reallly think we need to spend £37 million to beat Sevco or my second favourite team Aberdeen to the league?

04 Feb 2018 16:04:31
Wow, Niall stating he is fed up reading tripe.

Pot Kettle Black

Niall is one of the Green tinted specs brigade where he is happy just to be a better team than Sevco. I bet you also think we can beat Zenit!

It’s simple we have fans delighted with being number 1 in Scotland and the regression from last year is nothing to worry about and we have those who like me and JJ and many others I know who are concerned with the obvious regression and is becoming increasingly irritated by BR refusal to stick to a winning team and formation and may I add his recent interviews where he himself is talking a load of tripe.

04 Feb 2018 17:21:06
We all want the same results but in different ways. i don't think we need to spend fortunes but money does have to invested to keep moving forward. if you don't you stand still or even going backwards.

04 Feb 2018 17:38:32

Who threw you a bone?

I bet Ed will be amazed to hear me described as someone who wears green tinted specs. I used to be Mr Negative under Lennon and Delia (nothing like the current moaning though) but I haven’t had anything to be unhappy about yet under Rodgers. 2 champions league appearances, 4 trophies out of 4, treble, invincible season, record breaking unbeaten run, keeping hold of our best players who would have been sold under previous managers, investment in a new pitch, youth players getting a chance. I mean loads for me to moan about!

It seems a few have forgotten the words of the songs they sing “faithful through and through”. Rodgers will sort out this wobble we have been having and any players not performing to his high standard will be shown the door.

And “yes” I do believe we can beat Zenit. I know nothing about them but they either weren’t good enough to qualify for the champions league or dropped out because they weren’t good enough to finish in the top 2 of their section. Either way we have nothing to fear.

04 Feb 2018 17:58:26
That it JJ.

We all love our club and apologies for telling you to go support another team. Just some of the criticism after this game has been a bit OTT in my opinion.

We are in a tough position where we are so far ahead domestically and so far behind on the European stage. We don’t need to invest massively to win our own league but investing for a good champions league run isn’t going to guarantee success.

I think we are heading in the right direction but agree that we could invest a bit more in the playing side but again tough to get the right players in with the over-inflated market over the border.

04 Feb 2018 18:37:15
No one is really criticising the players. we all support them every game they play.
It criticism of the actual player recruitment. the way the club goes about its buisness.
Surely not every player needs to be a project. after last season surely everyone thought 2 or 3 bits of quality would have took us on to another level domestically and make some of our euro games a bit easier to watch.
They missed the boat.
Every good team always invests and at least tries to improve.
For me it's total frustration that in a position of strength we don't try and get that bit stronger.
The club leaves themselves open to critisiem. if the league was 3 points in it am sure there would be a lot more complaining.

04 Feb 2018 19:12:50
Niall - just 🎣🎣🎣 mate for a laugh

I think people are missing a point we should have kicked on from last year. I honestly expected us to sign better players and go unbeaten again with more wins this season.

The drop in standards albeit still winning IMO is alarming and if . yes a big if the sheep or the monkies where a bit more consistent then we would be under pressure.

Zenit will comfortably beat us home and away - they are far better than Anderlecht and they schooled us at home and thankfully they where in a mess for the first game.

04 Feb 2018 23:22:18
No bother Kev.

Agree we should have kicked on but after an unbeaten season it is hard to replace players who have really done nothing wrong.

I also think one of our big issues is moving players on. I would have expect to get a fee for Sviatchenko but every possibility he will be back after his loan ends as they won’t be able to afford the fee. I would have thought Gamboa would have gone, possibly Simunovic too. Maybe a few of the midfield too if there weren’t so many injuries. Plus we are still carrying deadwood like Allan and Ciftci who we will be lucky to see a fraction of the money we paid for them back.

To be honest the quicker we are out the EL the better. The Thursday nights are a killer and there is no real money in it for us.



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