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03 Feb 2018 15:40:25
Moussa Dembele is an absolute waste of a jersey and that is not solely based on today's performance. He has been posted missing in so many games this season. Griff is head and shoulders above any striker we have and I cannot wait for him to return from injury. If that's the type of performance we can expect from him I'd sooner see young Jack Aitchison given a run out at least with him you would be guaranteed effort. I'd happily take the first decent offer for Dembele in the summer and move on.

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03 Feb 2018 15:53:08
He is certainly not the same player of last season and his valuation has all-but evaporated since initial estimates.
However, he has had a very stop-start time with injury and the reported interest and speculation was very distracting for the lad.
He had a poor game again today, but so did the vast majority of Celts, just as they all played exceptionally well on Tusday; but a fully fit and focused MD will benefit all concerned in the long run and lessons must be learned from that shambles today.

03 Feb 2018 15:54:35
What games? He's been injured. Griff can only play against certain defences Dembele is still a young striker and will go far in the game. basing your judgement off just coming back from injury is ridiculous. Rodgers like to develop players if he doesn't think Aitchenson is ready he's not ready. All these arm chair managers. You can only pick a team from how well players train or play the week before. I didn't see the game but from what I've heard we were abysmal I accept that it needs to be better I said it before we're not going to win every single league. Yes poor performances are unacceptable but they are going to happen.

03 Feb 2018 16:12:10
If you want me to list the games he’s been posted missing I will. I accept players will have poor performances but what I don’t accept is a complete lack of effort. How long is his injury going to be used as an excuse. I don’t buy this Griffiths can only play against certain defenders nonsense the fact of the matter is when Griff is on the pitch he always looks likely to score and is a constant threat, he will also have his bad games but the effort is always there with him.

03 Feb 2018 16:35:06
As we all know, Brendan has his philosophy of how he wants his Celtic teams to play. However, in my opinion, it has to be horses for courses in respect of how teams set up against us and playing surfaces etc. That was totally unacceptable today in front of a fantastic Celtic support. We made the lad Jones look like Arjen Robbens! Again, for me it reiterated the importance of Lee Griffiths. He gives our players more options with his runs and angles. On paper we have a fantastic squad, and I for one looks forward to Armstrong, Paddy, Griff and Paddy being back. The players currently playing have the chance to cement a place in that team, but on today's showing, nothing should be guaranteed.

03 Feb 2018 16:40:36
Am with u ice man mousse has been awful all season he's not injured so what's the excuse griff is miles ahead of him on present form. more alarming for me is his lack of effort and attitude he was a passenger and I know the service wwas poor but u still put yourself about.

03 Feb 2018 17:28:46
The same thing should apply to Forrest and Sinclair who were rotten.
Forrest flatters to deceive in maybe a couple of games, then has a run of very mediocre cameo's and on this season's form is easy to see why Sinclair has had almost a dozen clubs in ten years.
There's no denying that the forward line has struggled, compared to last season and the fact we don't top the SPL goals chart shows this.
However, today was disappointing from most of the players and there were virtually no clear-cut chances created or shots on goal and that, thankfully is a very, very rare occurance and we will improve.

03 Feb 2018 18:16:42
We have only one way of playing. We have not won 4 games in a row so that tells you something. Poor performance mainly due today because we don't get the ball forward quick enough. Anyone can play it back. Take responsibility for getting the ball forward. All this recycling the ball is a load of tosh.

04 Feb 2018 08:06:20
Griffiths head and shoulders above dembele is an absolute ridiculous statement.

04 Feb 2018 08:29:38
Naw it's no he's been terrible what have u been watching for the last 8 months.

04 Feb 2018 13:17:06
Griffiths is bog standard, gets found out big time when up against good defenders. To compare two players overall ability in the last couple of month is petty and a lack of complete knowledge.

04 Feb 2018 14:55:24
So mousse has been great since he done his hamstring against sevco nearly a year ago. you obviously lack football knowledge if you think different. he's been awful so again what are seeing that no one else does.

04 Feb 2018 16:36:51
Bog standard? The boy has scored 97 goals and had numerous assists in 4 years at the club 🤔.



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