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17 Jan 2018 00:48:59

Just as I made a decision twenty years and more ago to read no more sport pages of Scottish newspapers and to avoid Scottish media outlets because of their bias anti Celtic reporting . I have now, regretfully have had to do the same with your posts.
I won't be reading any of your posts as I read posts on forums like this to feel good about my club, I read them for enjoyment, unfortunately the constant negatively of your posts were having a continuous depressing effect on me . I use Celtic to keep me happy in my older years.

{Ed0333's Note - I use my girlfriends shoe collection to keep me happy in my older years Chris.

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17 Jan 2018 11:42:39
Glad to hear it. I will be difficult to get by without your medical and family rearing advice, but I'll cope. Making a decision to stop reading stuff shows me at least a clear sign of a victim syndrome. Maybe you should go get it checked out.

If not felt with you live in a wee bubble of your own creation, that filters out reality and has the debilitating side effect of a compulsion to clap furiously at all times.

I do though hope you continue to be happy.

17 Jan 2018 10:30:11
Wait til you find her knicker drawer, your in for a treat lol.

17 Jan 2018 13:27:04
MP I have slagged off Chris views on here many times (tongue in cheek ofcourse) but he has a valid point here, I have yet to read a POSITIVE post from you about Celtic doesn't that strike u as strange!

17 Jan 2018 14:37:07
There's never a day when I agree with all the posts on here OMC but that's the way it should be as it generates debate and comment.
Like me, you are a long time contributor Chris and probably also like me you are in your 60's? and see things differently from younger posters and I think you should stick around and share your opinions.
Us auld yins have to keep active somehow.

17 Jan 2018 16:18:15
Exactly OAB - We remember the bad, the good, the cheated and the good years for this great club.

18 Jan 2018 13:29:25
I have said repeatedly that I believe the board will act this window, moving us forward to the next level. As the days go on I must admit that the old fears of not acting when ahead are lurking. I still think we will though.

I believe that self criticism is essential in everyday life as well as our team. The tendency to see the world and our team as we hope it is, rather than how it actually is, is always a bad strategy.

I have criticised the defence, the keeper, the failure to get in players in the summer. I stand by all of that. I have criticised the board for waiting on acting when there is no choice rather than from a position of strength. I stand by that and that is backed up with decades of missing a trick. I stand by that too.

I have belief in Rogers, I want him to increase his reputation by making us better in Europe. I think we all know the first step in that process is being better defensively. If we improve in Europe we will lrun a savvy at home. I am concerned the ability to ensure CL qualification and the cash, so vital to us, will be compromised if we don't address the areas we are vulnerable. To increase the gap with Rangers is dependent upon our ability to achieve that.

I have criticised players who I feel are either not good enough, or haven't fulfilled their potential. I don't believe in sentimentality when it comes to playing for us. you're either good enough or you aint. I want all the players to fulfil their potential and shine. When that doesn't happen its not my fault. I want to be able to say we have a raft of great young players coming through, I can't, because we have said that every year for years and only three had made the first team regular status in over ten years. Agian this not my fault. Pointing it out is not negative, ignoring it is.

I have said we are not firing this yer so far. Who would disagree with that? There have been certain performances I felt we had been outstanding, but not enough.
I absolutely believe we will find our form, but feel we need to address areas that continually undo us. that's not negative, this a fact.

Some people cannot bear any criticism of the team. I get that. But, when were fighting together rid of the old cabal board there were people who opposssed that as they saw it as an attack on Celtic. It saved Celtic.

All of my criticisms would be removed with a genuine attempt to invest in the areas requiring it. I will repeat, I absolutely believe we wild this during this window. Rogers is too good a manager not t realise hat his team needs. I believe the board will be focusing on how to ensure we keep the CL qualification and pot of gold. They now investment is required to achieve that.

All I ever for want for our club is to have a go. Not to hesitate and hope. I have seen that too often and it always ends in a decline. We are in a position do kill off any threat from Rangers for a decade never mind 10. I think everyone at Celtic has to address that. The fans are turning ut, season tickets are on a waiting lit, CL package sell out. We buy the merchandise. Im only asking Lwell to live up to the statement he made.

"Every penny generated by us is used to strengthen the team".

Lets start this window and send all who hate us down to their local health centre for a valium prescription, repeat of course.

Winter is coming for them. let's deliver it.

Hail Hail.



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