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12 May 2019 21:29:05
Celtic have had to deal with 8 off the ball incidents against sevco just this season alone and that's not counting hallidays meltdown when they got beat.
Mcgregor at Ajer, the 4 from fredo in December, assaults against Brown from fredo and kent and from the girlfriend beater today.8 in total and yet not once did a Celtic player retaliate.
Out of the 8 assaults, only one red card was issued and that was the linesman that gave that decision because like the rest, the referee and his assistants either did not see the incidents or like today he just bottled it.
At least the bhoys in the Woodside bar in Coatbridge can have a quiet pint tonight since we got beat, rather than having 20 police cars and vans turning up outside the pub because 2 drunks were fighting outside the pub. I wonder if we will hear anything similar happening at a sevco boozer whilst celebrating. I think not.

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12 May 2019 22:09:27
The sad thing is we expect it, it repeatedly happens and we take it! Imagine a Big Jock or an Alex Ferguson reaction if this happened.
Even Slippy is street-wise enough to get his tuppence worth in, but as usual we accept it and must expect it all over again.
Today when a referee sees a yellow card offence but does not give the appropriate penalty is as blatant as Madden and Beaton were in previous games, yet here we are bending over and taking it.

12 May 2019 22:30:12
This vile club have a free pass to do as they please Leon. From onfield assaults to continued Sectarian bile from their stands. Be good to see a video containing all the incidents you have mentioned, the one today is becoming the norm. Can you imagine the outcry had this been on a televised game down south or anywhere else for that matter. Only in Scotland is an assault which is seen by a referee acceptable. Not only that it goes to a panel who also find it acceptable. Time our club made a stance/ statement on this until something is done. It's becoming laughable how blatant the cheating refs are.

12 May 2019 22:57:59
Your right Stan it has become laughable and they get to decide who can't referee their games because that's 6 months since collum has been referee in one of their matches. We can't afford to let sevco get too close to us with all the corruption our club has to deal with, that's why we need to blow them out of the water in the next transfer window and hopefully we can kick on to the 10.

13 May 2019 00:38:59
There is no one on this planet, that watched the game and saw the elbow from Flannigan, who can understand why it wasn't a red card, it was a ridiculous decision by the ref, even bluenoses I know, thought the same, Clancy has shown himself to be an incompetent, he should never handle s game again until he understands the bit rules.



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