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23 May 2024 13:29:21
We are talking on here about the need for a left back. Mathew Anderson has done alright on loan this season. He is 20 and maybe ready to kick on.
Also goalkeeper Toby O got some game time and I imagine will be 2nd or 3rd choice this season.
All depends how our newly redeemed manager Mr Rodgers sees it.
I personally hope they kick on as well as wee Dane Murray (remember him) who signed new deal.

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23 May 2024 14:31:33
I would like to see us get rid of Big Ben and Bain anh use young Toby as our No:2 this season.
It's also time to start blooding the young boys in, especially with us having the new CL minimum 8 games coming up this season.

23 May 2024 16:46:56
Josh Clarke was getting good reviews at ayr
. same as bosun at Fleetwood as before mentioned Anderson . Kelly looked the part in the limited time he got as did vata. that's why we need ready made been there done signings in summer. and let's give these bhoys and more of them a look in.

{Ed007's Note - They simply aren't good enough, the likes of Kelly and Vata are miles away from being first-team regulars at Celtic. Darren O'Dea said at the recent POTY ceremony the main problem is that the gap between B-Team and First-Team is too far a leap for our young players to step up.
It's something I've been banging on about since the B-Team set up started, our youngsters are playing against guys part-timers that have been out doing a half shift on Saturday morning, how's that going to improve their standards?
We need to get players to a level like Bosun Lawel where they go out on loan for a year - worked for CalMac, worked for Scales as well if we are being honest, worked for Ajer too - and we can see how they look after a season playing at a decent level, we need to get a Reserve League back where the youngsters are playing against other youngsters/reserves at the same level with a few experienced players maybe returning from injury, looking to sharpen up in the mix as well.
This current B-Team project is as much use to Celtic as the Women's team is, both are just draining money out of the Club and giving very little in return.}

23 May 2024 17:30:22
I seen a combination video of Bosun Lawal’s time in England this season and he looked incredible.

He’s as strong as an Ox and he looked levels above the English Division One.

I remember him having a nightmare at Ibrox in a Youth cup final but he still scored his penalty to help Celtic win the penalty shootout.

That Final at Ibrox was part of his journey to become a better player.
He showed great character to step up and hit a penalty after a difficult match.

I think the English Division One is a perfect platform to see how good a prospect our decent players are.
Not non league football in Scotland.

23 May 2024 18:06:33
Totally agree guys, Lawals one of the few youngsters good enough for the first team squad. Vata and Kelly aren't and holding onto them is not good for us or their futures.

We have all said we need first team players coming in, to strengthen the squad for the CL, these young guys will not do that, they will tie up wages and squad numbers.

I know that sounds harsh but we have to be realistic if we really want to move forward and to a higher level.

23 May 2024 17:45:43
Agree 100% Ed007, we do a service to football with B team and Ladies, but B team players come and go in multitudes without being 'Oven Ready'.
Why we can't produce and coach homegrown talent fit for immediate top team places I don't know. Is it Coaching? Were they never going to be good enough no matter what?
Answer is blowing in the wind.

{Ed007's Note - It's the whole package imo 4LC, I used to think Scottish players hit a brick wall at Under 20/21 because of the amount of good young players we had at that age group over the years but many of them never kicked on, that for me was down to the coaching and SFA and initiatives etc regarding grass roots football etc
Now I think it's the entire set up, we are producing quality young players but they are being snapped up by foreign clubs, these foreign clubs see the raw talent and they know - and the player & his family/agent know - they will be nurtured and coached to become better players at a higher level, they might not make Bayern's first-team but they will become a far better player than they would have if they had stayed stagnating at a club like Celtic.
Would Andy Robertson have became a PL and CL winner if he had stayed at Celtic instead of getting out their and playing a decent level of competitive games or him to learn and progress? There comes a point when youngsters need to be playing at the best/highest level they can, they become better players testing themselves every week, learning from their mistakes etc etc.
If that isn't going to happen with our first-team then we must be sending them out on loan for a year.}

23 May 2024 19:10:38
Many fans mention Celtic need to spend more money on our youth setup but that would be wasting more cash because the whole setup in Scottish football has severely went backwards over a generation or two and is a disgrace.

I’ve mentioned many times on here, that there used to be 3 Celtic teams.
The Celtic 1st team and then a reserve team.
But we also had a 2nd reserve team that played in a regional league against local clubs.

It was a brilliant system because if youngsters were good enough, they would get a game for the 2nd string team and then maybe the 1st team.

It was the perfect system but probably cost too much money to run these days.

Scottish football should at least have a competitive reserve league, that youngsters could be playing against seasoned professionals on a regular basis in a competitive match, instead of playing against Amateurs every week.

Currently our full time professional youngsters are playing against Amateurs every week.

There’s maybe a debate about results but the style of football won’t be helping our youngsters develop properly.

23 May 2024 23:25:59
The problem with loaning our better youths out for a season, is that if get a number of injuries around the same positions on first eleven, some of players we have loaned out may have benefited team in the games we have injured players .
Maybe this isn’t a reason to hold someone back from going on a loan .

Another thing I think Celtic has talked about feeder clubs, but so far I don’t think we have used them enough. In general I think we loan players out haphazardly and maybe don’t necessarily have them at best clubs for them to improve.

24 May 2024 02:33:41
Loaning youngsters out is a hugely beneficial to them as mentioned lawal looks like he has a great future if he keeps his feet grounded. He was the standout in a poor fleetwood team. I expect him to get game time next season in a holding role with an experienced new signing just ahead of him.
Also as mentioned ajer scales and others have done the same and although the calibre of teams and players they will be playing with and against is much higher and bridges the gap between b team and first team.
If vata and kelly are still around they need to follow the same path.
Id also like to see dane murray, oh and 1 or 2 others do the same.



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