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30 May 2024 10:36:54
Hope we do this window what we always fail to and get rid of the dead wood. we all know the players that are surplus hopefully they find a club this summer.

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30 May 2024 12:51:47
Mallythetally . There are a couple of reasons why we will never get rid of what u call our deadwood . Probably most important is that no club would touch them with a barge pole . Celtic cannot give away a number of players for nothing or amounts much less than they were origionally valued at or they would have an adverse affect on balance sheet, which could affect share price and dividends .
I know all of us supporters would love Celtic to rid ourselves of non productive players every window and have less than 30 first team squad, but I am afraid we are going to remain like most clubs and have players somewhere about the place we don’t need.

30 May 2024 14:58:50
I think because we still have players who have been out on loan on top of the 'team' who were still at the club last season, it will take two or three 'windows' to reduce those surplus to requirement.
However, I sincerely hope The Board listen to the manager as to what quality is urgently required to improve and progress.
I'm sure we will offload a few in one way or another, but the bad judgement and incompetence of the past will take time to fix.
From Goalkeeper right down the spine of the team would be my priority and obviously we need to replace any star players, that may leave.

30 May 2024 15:46:54
it makes no sense to keep players that are not playing. aye ok we lose on the original cost but does that balance with paying a player for 3 to 4 years that hasn't kicked a ball? than leaves on a free anyway? I'm sure someone a bit more mathematically minded than me can answer that one.

30 May 2024 16:32:15
Onceabhoy , Do you think we will really replace any star players that may leave. Do u think that for example M O’R happens to leave, i hope not, but if he did, do you really think we will replace Matt with a player that could be compared to him in any way on playing field .
IMO we would possibly sign 2 players of roughly the ability of Bernardo, one because we are a man short in midfield., if anyone is injured, suspended or in bad form and one to replace star M O’R .
I can’t remember us selling one of our stars and replacing him with one anywhere near as good .
We won’t go from a miserable, very poor window in January to a brilliant money little obstacle window in June . We have been built up to expect star players for many positions, but in practice we will probably be served up with 3/ 4 young hopefuls.

30 May 2024 17:28:47
We usually do well at loaning them out, which helps reduce the wage bill.

30 May 2024 17:28:47
We usually do well at loaning them out, which helps reduce the wage bill.

30 May 2024 18:36:58
Wee des your bang on, BR may want quality but he will simply be given what the board feel is the right player for the right price, and if MOR goes then he won't be replaced by a player with the same quality therefore we would actually be weaker, therefore you need to sometimes bring in a few it's the way it is.

Some of the aparent deadwood ended up playing the entire seasom for us and won himself a new contract, opportunites change players, experience also.

The day we start signing players the way the mob across the water does is the day we give up our dominance domestically, Europe Europe Europe is all I hear from fans, let's get a grip for 1 minute, we can't afford high transfer fees which inevitably come with higher wages, a structure is in place for a reason.

30 May 2024 23:33:34
@turner - do you know how much Celtic pay in wages each year and what our annual revenue is?

31 May 2024 14:57:06
We don’t know how well we do at loaning out players, who we have no intention of using in the upcoming season . How well we are doing can only be known by what percentage of wages the club who are borrowing are paying . I suppose the perfect loan for us is for the club taking player on loan to pay a loan fee to Celtic plus 100% of the wages . Loan deals are usually secret between the two clubs involved plus agent and player, but I doubt very much that we have got a loan fee and 100% of wages for any of our players loaned out .
The most important reason for most of our players loaned out, is to put them clearly in shop window, so that we have a better chance of selling him .



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