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21 May 2024 10:43:01
Edd, is Peter Lawell still in the building ano his son is away. a Honestly thot he nearly cost us the league with him banning the GB as acthink it was Buzz that mentioned we dropped 10 pts when they wer away.

{Ed007's Note - PL is still there but it wasn't him that banned the GB, that would have been an executive decision.

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21 May 2024 11:32:14
Cheers mate.

{Ed007's Note - ??

21 May 2024 13:14:22
When will our fans stop blaming Peter Lawell for everything .
The executive decision to ban a group of supporters wasn’t taken likely, there had to be a reason, or at least intelligence available for the executive to take the decision.
We have won yet another SPL title but we can’t have the week prior to Scottish Cup final without someone honestly believing PL almost lost the league .
I cannot for the life of me understand why PL, or anyone else on Executive, Board or employed at a high level by club wants and benefits by Celtic losing SPL titles.

21 May 2024 14:03:07
PL was back in his seat for the last 2 games…. Had been missing for a while.

21 May 2024 15:02:30
Right or wrong a don't think we would have won the league without the atmosphere that the GB create. as Edd pointed out it was an executive decision not just PL so for that I apologise.

21 May 2024 16:53:47
The Celtic Board are all yes men and I don’t see them making a big decision like that.

If it wasn’t Peter that’s made the decision,
It’s came from higher up with Dermot Desmond.

21 May 2024 18:20:48
As long as PL is in the building people will assume he has undue influence. We know he lied when he said he wanted a ‘smoking gun’ to go after Oldco’s cheating and was handed reams of irrefutable evidence. Most are sure he had seen the 5 way agreement when he said hadn’t and his penny pinching potentially cost the club tens of millions in CL revenue. Also his son was given a job he should never have been near, and he one of the relics at the head of our club who most would like to see replaced with a view to future progress. So go figure why suspicion will always be around if he is at our club in any capacity.

{Ed007's Note - How many league titles & cups have we won since PL came in, how much money did he make the Club when he was CEO? Record sponsorship deals with blue chip companies and record income streams? If you want to blame PL for all the bad stuff you also have to give him credit for all the good stuff that's happened to Celtic and all the enjoyment he has given to us fans as we have dominated Scottish football like no other Club - including Murray's cheating Rangers - ever has, we've got more money sitting in the bank than some of the biggest & richest clubs in the world.
PL seeing the 5-way agreement is moon howling levels I'd expect from the scummy depths of TRIFC forums, either that or it's been made up by the Sage of Donegal.
If you have any proof of these things you accuse him of then take it to the Stock Exchange as Celtic are breaching their regs. and breaking corporate law so should rightly be hammered by the SE if they are.
You do know that there are laws rules & regulations about how a PLC is ran?
You should pull the thread, inform the SE that Celtic PLC are breaching Corporate Law and Stock Exchange Regulations, simply disliking PL won't be enough evidence imo.}

21 May 2024 19:04:53
@weedes while Peter lawwell may not have been the only person involved he will have been involved and has a long track record of attacking our fans.

Personally speaking, I don't think they had a valid reason for banning the fans on this occasion and I reckon their main driving force was the fans supporting the Palestinians openly at matches, which they have always done.

For me, what made it worse was the fact they lied to paint our fans in a bad light. They put stories in the media saying that our stadium was in danger of being shut down because of fan behaviour but the council exposed this lie by making a statement saying this was not the case. They also blamed the banned fans for an incident at Easter road, which again was false as they were already banned before the incident happened.

I want their heads to roll for their actions against our fans and their massive incompetence which nearly cost us a league title but have parked this until the season finishes.

{Ed007's Note - So a man - Peter Lawwell - that isn't even a Celtic PLC employee is involved in the process of deciding if Celtic should ban fans?
Do I need to explain what a non-executive role is AGAIN?

A non-executive chairman or a NED are members of a company's board of directors who are appointed by the board in the same way as executive directors. They are usually self-employed and only spend part of their time with the company. NEDs are not involved in the day-to-day running of the business , but are instead independent advisors and supervisors who are involved in policymaking and planning exercises. They have the same general legal responsibilities to the company as any other director. Their responsibilities include:

CEO performance: Overseeing the development of the CEO's objectives and monitoring performance against those objectives

Succession plan: Leading the board's review of the succession plan for the CEO and other key senior executives

Self-assessment: Coordinating the board's self-assessment and evaluation processes

Board agenda: Setting the board's agenda

Working group: Ensuring there is an effective working group at the helm of the business

Openness and debate: Promoting a culture of openness and debate

Information: Ensuring all members of the board receive accurate, timely, and clear information

If you are looking for someone to blame for the GB ban I'd look more closely at our Hearts supporting Chief Media Officer/Comms. Officer Iain Jamieson.}

21 May 2024 19:12:16
Does it matter who made the decision. Surely nobody thinks decision was made to prevent Celtic winning the SPL for season 2023/ 2024.

21 May 2024 19:49:04
Whoever made that decision got the fright of their lives Wee des.

I don’t believe our fans would’ve been banned if we didn’t have a 7 point lead.
Whoever made that decision underestimated Sevco and it nearly came back to bite them.

Of course they didn’t want Celtic to lose the title because it would hit them in their pockets.
It did however allow Sevco back into a title race because Celtic dropped 10 points in those 10 games.

Celtic have only lost one match at Tynecastle since the GB were allowed back for the Livingston match just before Christmas.

The Bhoys and The North Curve also deserve credit for sticking up for the GB.
That togetherness along with our poor results forced their hand to back down.

21 May 2024 20:19:00
I am sure there are many people to blame for the banning of fans this season but I reckon lawwell has more clout than the media officer as he holds the CEO to account. That is not to say it was lawwells decision but I strongly suspect he was involved in the conversation to ban them and i am sure his opinion is valued among the current board.

{Ed007's Note - He doesn't hold the CEO to account, some Celtic fans are as bad as TRIFC fans - in fact they are worse - when it comes to PL. He's 65 this month so getting on and there simply isn't enough hours in the day for him to do everything both Celtic & TRIFC fans think he does
Why do Celtic employ all these top people in positions if PL can just do it all and we only need to pay him peanuts as a NED?
The "media" guy is head of all Celtic's PR so I would imagine, well I know for a fact, the clout he has, if he had any desire to have a public profile just think back to Jim Traynor at Ibrox as head of PR, they have a lot of power behind the scenes because they are controlling how the public perceive the organisation and it's personnel. The MSM will be well aware of who Iain Jamieson is and the power he has.}

21 May 2024 20:27:27
P. S. @Ed - for the record if you read my post I am not solely blaming Peter lawwell and I acknowledge that it was a collective decision by the board. I can also accept that lawwell may be without blame but I suspect otherwise knowing what his ego is like and history at the club.

My view is heads need to roll after this season's many fiascos, which you may or may not agree with.

{Ed007's Note - Aye it's $hite winning the league, hopefully a double and guaranteeing CL football and it's riches for next season. Celtic fans blamed PL for penny pinching, buying his own players etc when he was CEO, now PL isn't CEO he is according to Celtic fans still doing the CEO job, still deciding how much we spend and on whom, deciding on PLC policy - they even lost the plot over him making the Chairman's statement in the accounts even though it's always been the Chairman who made it obviously.
The difference between a Chairman that you guys think about and a NEC is look at King, Park etc over at Ibrox and look at PL or Malcolm McPherson at Hibs.
I was a gaffer (foreman) in an engineering company, see if I could still weld and phoned up my gaffer I'd get a welder's job tomorrow, would the other foreman and bosses accept me charging in there telling people what to do etc just because I'm friends with the owner and his right hand man for years?
PL might have an ego, he might have his own private thoughts about Celtic, he might even share them in private with other board members etc but LEGALLY he has no power over anything Celtic do, imagine the damage it would do to the share price if it came out Celtic had been hoodwinking it's shareholders and there was people with no legal remit forming company policy? That's one of PL's jobs, to make sure the board is run properly and meeting LSE Regs. You're accusing him of doing things he is there to make sure don't happen.
Moan about the board and the direction they took us this season, blame Michael Nicholson and Chris McKay, blame DD, blame Baby Lawwell and the other 2 for the messed up transfer windows but for the love of God can me move on from blaming PL for everything, as I say if you want to blame him for ALL the bad stuff he surely deserves credit for all the good stuff too?
Getting rid of PL isn't going to change anything at Celtic and the sooner the support move on from it the better for us fans and Celtic.
I heard a rumour a few months back that PL might retire and it ties in with his upcoming birthday and the rumours of a board reshuffle but let's say that PL does retire, is that it? Does that mean the B team will start producing first team players, we'll get every transfer spot on, play brilliant football every week, never get injuries to key players, progress in Europe, get a DOF in to define a clear direction for the footballing department, we'll get rid of the stupid wage cap to attract better players?
I'm no fan of PL but I'll say this about him, between both Celtic & TRIFC fans we missed a trick and have one of THE most powerful and influential men Scotland has ever produced.
And I will also say this, I would much rather have had PL at Celtic than have him at Ibrox, think of the good he's done us and imagine he had done that over there, they would LOVE to have had a PL running their club and if they can't admit that then they are lying.
Have you seen Succession? I heard that the writers changed Logan Roy was born in Glasgow to Dundee because it would have been too obvious it was Daddy Lawwell if they had said Glasgow.}

21 May 2024 20:41:44
Here is part of the definition of the role of a non executive chairman:

"Non-executives tend to be very experienced professionally and must be able to hold the board to account in a sensitive manner in order to maintain effective management. "

I am not disputing that the media officer does not have any power. My point was that Lawwell has more clout with the board than him. That is not to say the media officer was not involved in the banning of the fans. My guess is both of them were part of the conversation to ban the fans.

{Ed007's Note - He's a referee and feisty board meeting, making sure things don't end up silly arguments, he uses his experience to control board meetings of high end businessmen, keep them focused and "maintain effective management".
How do you know PL has more clout with the Board than the Club's head of PR - prove it... If you have proof of Celtic breaking LSE Regs let's get it out there, that's one way of getting rid of him the fans could look at I suppose.
90% of what Celtic & TRIFC fans say PL does is just made up paranoid moon-howling BS.
It's a good thing PL's nearly 65 and looks it BIG time because I have no doubt that some fans from both sides would accuse him of pumping their Mrs, they accuse him of everything else.
Oh and if it wasn't for PL and some other guys like Van der Sar Celtic wouldn't be in the CL next season, his role at UEFA is crucial for Celtic, the Scottish game in general and all smaller leagues to keep us in the mix when it comes to restructuring the European game, a role he needs to be connected to a Club to hold hence the NON-EXECUTIVE role at Celtic, it's paperwork for UEFA.}



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