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26 May 2024 00:54:47
54 League Titles
42 Scottish Cups
21 League cups
1 European Cup/ Champions League

8 trebles
1 Quadruple
Am I right in saying 20 Doubles? Buzz could clarify my counting lol

A Quadruple Treble

A Club like No Other!

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26 May 2024 02:22:14
Bhoys 88,
I love your post.

I’m still celebrating,
I got 19 in my first count and 21 in my second count,
So we will go with 20 ?

I’m in agreement with you Bhoys that a traditional “Double” is only
A league and national cup.

The Scottish media this week have been passing off a possible Sevco cup double as a traditional “Double”

Celtic have only ever won a “cup double” ONCE in our amazing history,
It was when Celtic failed to win 10 in a row in 1975.

26 May 2024 03:24:46
In Ibrox eyes they are -
“The Most Successful Club In The World “

The Celtic DA’s ( me ) have had that drummed into us basically all our lives.

My Question now is what do Sevco do?

Will they now take that Ridiculous and comical board off the wall in the Ibrox tunnel? ?.

26 May 2024 04:56:42
There is a hilarious article on one of their sites claiming they have over 200 trophies, claiming they are the most successful club in the world and being dismissive of al ahly. They also wrongly state that they have the most league titles but linfield have more. It is moon howling at its finest. ?

It is titled "are rangers really the most successful club in the world" and it is on the website Rangers News.

26 May 2024 05:03:38
You part answered my next question for you, how many Cup doubles have we done? How many League and League cup? And how many League and scottish Cup?

26 May 2024 05:25:00
Sevco the only club that starts the story of their history with " once upon a time" lmfao??? The propaganda that will come from them now in an attempt to make themselves relevant will be popcorn stuff?.

26 May 2024 06:46:07
Third Lanark!

Anyways its nice to see the wee teams having a go. Dud feel a bit like your drunk uncle holding a nephew at bay, unable to reach.

26 May 2024 13:39:13
They will probably issue new strip “ Equal most successful club in World”;

Next season they will be able to issue new strip
“ Runners up club as most Successful in World “.



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