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20 May 2024 13:45:07
I read that Wolves have proposed to stop VAR being used next season in the EPL.

The clubs will have a vote soon and it needs a 67% majority for Wolves to be successful with their motion.

If successful the same will happen in Scottish football because we always copy the English.

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20 May 2024 15:02:15
First off congrats to the boys and thank you to everyone on here and Ed, for keeping a brilliant site going throughout this season. A bit late to the show, I know, but life’s been busy.

@Buzz, for me the biggest problem with VAR is consistency, and I actually believe they’ve set it up to be that way.

Every week they switch the people doing VAR. How can you ever expect consistency when every other week someone different is making the decision? I’ll even take that a step further, why not just have 4-6 people in a room every Saturday, offsite in some remote office, each assigned to their own game and monitors. Then throw in a supervisor or two into the room that can verify and sign off on decisions.

This way every game gets the same set of eyes every week and to some degree share the same point of view (or at least grow to) . They’ll be set up for success and to improve decision-making together, as opposed to pointing the finger and critiquing each others errors on national TV and in papers.

I’m not sure what I’m missing, cos it’s not rocket science. Standardise it and consistency will be a natural progression.

20 May 2024 15:52:30
Here2McStay if they kept the same team for every game we would have Dallas and Muir and we know how that will pan out.

20 May 2024 17:26:33
VAR is causing problems where ever it is used because the guidelines it is asked to rule on are too precise, or else operators are not impartial .
The more officials involved in making a VAR decision the more different interpretations there are and. the more unease there are about VAR decisions in general . VAR decisions should only be used to correct definite error by ref and his assistant .
The idea that VAR decides a player is less than an inch off side or the slightest contact can over rule a non penalty decision, or that a ball hit from less than a yard away can cause a penalty if it is deflected towards hand .
What was said before introduction that VAR would be used to judge when there was clear and obvious error . This must always be criteria .
Instead of VAR been the talking point after game, we shouldn’t have to talk about it at all, it is used far too often in Scotland to affect outcome of gamec.

20 May 2024 18:03:06
Scottish VAR have given Sevco 12 league penalties alone this season.
That’s not including the worst VAR decision this season, when Sevco received a penalty against Morton in the league cup whilst they were losing 1-0.

Every time I watch an EPL game,
I always say Sevco have received a penalty this season for a similar offence, which isn’t given down South.

20 May 2024 19:48:16
The Scottish Premiership clubs will soon vote against plastic pitches in the top flight.
A date for the vote has still to be confirmed.

The vote will need 9 clubs (75%) not wanting plastic pitches in the Premiership.

If the vote gets at least 75%,
Plastic pitches will be outlawed in the Premiership from the 2026/ 27 season.
It will give certain clubs 2 seasons to change to grass.

21 May 2024 08:15:00
VAR is problematic, but not as bad as Sevco refs having a free rein. That’s worse.

21 May 2024 14:22:37
In Scotland VAR has backed referees into behaving in a more biased manner than before VAR was introduced.
I watched the first leg of Champions League semi- final . Score I think was 2 all, each team got a penalty, and yet VAR took up no time .
To me that is the way a match should go, VAR check took place whilst normal arguing over pen, say 10-15 secs . There was no stopping play to check some ridiculous half baked idea that something might have happened . Ref, his assistants and both teams just got stuck into game of football.



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