23 Sep 2021 11:54:38
The way ange is talking forrest out for a wee while calmac maybe back for leverkusen, the thought of Easter Road or Pittodrie without them is scary.

1.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 12:14:22
I don’t think Stephen Glass will see out the year at Aberdeen.
I just hope he’s still their manager for the next couple of weeks.
Celtic can’t afford to have 3 hoodoo league stadiums and expect to win the league.
We’ve already lost at Ibrox for a 4th time this year and we still can’t win at Livingston.
Our record at Easter Road is shocking and we need to go there next month and win, if we want to challenge for this title.

2.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 12:25:36
Exactly, we have put ourselves in a position where we can't afford to lose many more points already.

3.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 13:39:07
Abd there's a pressure that comes with that, can we handle it.

4.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 15:38:01
It's obvious we are short of players in key areas, but a few of the squad that are available, are all experienced and capable, if they give 100% and help the new signings and younger guys settle-in. McCarthy is overdue a performance and as long as Bitton is away from the back four he could also do a job. It's also high time MJ made up for lost time and took the pressure off Abada who is struggling.
Hopefully, Giakoumakis is close to making his debut as well?
I have posted before about the injuries and shortages, but we need every player that is lucky enough to be here to dig-in and perform with the same effort and drive as the regulars have shown 'til now.

5.) 23 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021 23:30:08
Buzz i agree, can't see Glass being there much longer.

He was hyped up as being Aberdeens saviour, but I reckon McInnes was a better manager and they have regressed.

6.) 24 Sep 2021
24 Sep 2021 11:05:21
The good thing about going to Easter Road is that they will play an open game of football if we had all our players fit then I could see us scoring 3 or 4 but also conceding a couple.