01 Jan 2022 15:12:40
Woke up this morning and had to check it wasn't a dream that we had done our business early for once - nope that really did happen - full marks lads this window.

I'm not sure if all 4 of our rising sun imports are full and consistent caps for their country? if they are, and the Japanese manager is going to call on them then we still need to guard against a "weak" bench when they are gone.

Apart from a crunching tackle what I love most about football is revelling in a player that has fantastic technique. I swear I can feel my d*ck move at times! If it is one thing I am looking forward to it is the 3 new lads controlling a ball like we rarely see in our country. The coaching and mindset in Japan is different to Scotland with a much greater emphasis on ball control, as opposed to our "blood and guts" approach. I hope the 3 bring some steel with them too as they might need it on nights where the opposition players are more Ju Jitsu practitioners than experts on the "Rabona" or the magnificent move that is "The Elastico" that Ronaldinho excelled at. Sensei Ange is going to have to get his Sake n Whisky cocktail blend just right I think.

Are guys with sublime touch and speed the key to scoring against the bus parking merchants or is it the battering thunder type of player? I'm excited to see, and really hope, it's the former.

I want to see these boys play - i want to see them play now - curse all you bring the break forward guys!

The future's bright, the future's green and white (with a little bit of boiling sun in there too! ) .

1.) 01 Jan 2022
01 Jan 2022 15:34:19
If we have more than 3 players away on international duty we can get postponements.

2.) 01 Jan 2022
01 Jan 2022 15:54:39
Marco (one too many 8's? ) - I never knew that - that's the 2nd thing I learned today - 3 players and a team can get a postponement? Has that been invoked recently? Postponement might cause problems with fixture jamming later on etc.

I also dropped and smashed my Celtic Centenary mug this morning when I found out that the Average White Band are Scottish - Dundonians in fact! I was so distraught about the mug that I made the missus Pick Up The Pieces.

3.) 01 Jan 2022
01 Jan 2022 17:37:46
Marco and Stubbsie, I've read that technically, if a team has 3 or more players called for international duty, they can 'request' a postponement from their governing body.

I'm not sure it's guaranteed.

☘ ? ☘.

4.) 01 Jan 2022
01 Jan 2022 22:20:36
The Japan coach is apparently only calling up Japan based players to the squad not European based players. So our new recruits plus Kyogo should be fine for any games.