23 Jun 2022 22:19:56
I know there has been talk about JJ being sold which I would hate but if we have to balance the books with Jota and CCV then I am ok with that. I would be gutted but fingers crossed JJ wants to stay with us. Its looking like a great window again under Ange.

Ed its looking like more big signings on a Friday maybe coincidence but I ain't sure.

{Ed007's Note - Could be, David - you might be onto something.}

1.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 08:08:04
Celtic don't need to sell anyone to balance the books. If JJ goes it's on him. Confident ? ball will be with us next season.

2.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 10:31:09
Totally agree Auf, my point was if JJ decides to go at least the transfer fee has been invested on two players we were all hoping for at the beginning of the window.

3.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 11:26:52
It would be a massive disappointment for me if JJ leaves. Others don’t agree but Taylor and Ralston have been fantastic however JJ is the best right back and left back at the club. Losing your best players is a backward step no matter how you dress it up unless of course the lad wants away although it didn’t sound like it to me when I heard his comments a few weeks back.

4.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 12:52:01
It’s a bonus that Juranovic is versatile.
He can play at both fullbacks and Ange pushed JJ further forward before Christmas when we were struggling for fit players.

5.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 14:26:58
The Croation manager said he's the best Right and Left back they have. He could easily play in the pub league.
Hopefully he stays put for another year or 2 as Ange is building something special. If he goes celtic will make a fortune from him.

6.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 20:39:17
Price set at 15million mate.

7.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 22:23:48
Big if, but 4 years left and looking at the bleedin ordinary that go for more than double that in the pub league. I’d be asking for more.