12 Nov 2021 18:47:43
Craig Gordon produces the goods again when you think what we paid for Barkas. Who knows the reasons why was it Hibs reluctance to give us a nod in the desert or him with the heated driveway trying to drive too hard a bargain or did he just not want to come which I find hard to believe but the man who should have been the natural successor to Brown in John McGin is pulling the strings yet again. Sore ones.

{Ed007's Note - Craig Gordon decided to leave Celtic himself.}

1.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 18:58:24
After not getting much game time after we brought in Forster if my feeble mind serves me right, ed?

{Ed007's Note - ??

2.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 19:05:05

Craig Gordon lost his place to Doris de Feckn Vries signed by Rodgers and whoever made the goalkeeper shout and signed feckn Barkas?

The two worst goalkeepers I’ve seen since Ian feckn Andrews.

I’d have asked to leave.

{Ed007's Note - Gordon - along with everyone else - expected Fraser Forster to be returning to Celtic Celtic - and told the Club towards the end of last season he wouldn't be signing an extension. Gordon signed for Hearts on the 29th June 2020.
Barkas signed for us 30th July 2020 so Gordon never lost his place to Barkas, Gordon had left the Club before we even made a move for Barkas.
Gordon would probably have displaces Barkas going by his performances but would he have displaced Forster who was his expected competition?}

3.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 19:05:25
Remember some posters didn't want mcginn which baffled me, if you know anything about football you just knew he was a player and he hasn't half proved that, disaster not getting him.

4.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 19:30:01
Gordon is a better goalie than Forster or Hart, and they wanted him to take a pay cut.

{Ed007's Note -


5.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 19:31:29
You could see when he (Mcginn) was at St Mirren he was a player well I at least did I remember we played them at the methadome and he gave Broony a right hard game.

6.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 19:44:16
It was great to see Craig Gordon save a penalty which doesn’t happen very often.
Excluding penalty shootouts,
Including tonight Craig Gordon has faced 62 penalties in his career.
He has conceded in 53 of those penalties.
Which leaves 9 penalties were kept out by Gordon.
Including tonight, Craig has only saved 4 penalties, with the other 5 penalties off target.
The list was missing Gordon’s best penalty save in Israel against Beer Sheva in 2016,which turned out to be crucial and sent Celtic into the CL group stages.

7.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 19:46:44
To be honest big Craig is better than Forster we should never have let him go .

{Ed007's Note - No chance for me, FF in his prime with us was a better 'keeper than Hart is now but I wouldn't have Gordon over any of them at any time or today.}

8.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 19:55:11
I admit I didn’t think getting McGinn would’ve worked out.
But I definitely got that one wrong.
McGinn is brilliant at protecting the ball with his body/ bum,
I felt he would’ve got penalised constantly for obstruction, in a Celtic jersey by our Lanarkshire referees.

9.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 20:01:45
Am with you ed Hart for me.

10.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 21:42:36
Anyone that thinks Hart is a better goalie than Gordon is probably being influenced by the sight of Barkas just standing there and letting every shot flash past him, so that when Hart makes a save, it is looked upon as something miraculous, but it is the goals that Hart has lost, and will continue to lose that you need to analyse, he gets away with stuff that Gordon would be slated for, he has been put up on some kind of pedestal, because he was a good goalie ten years ago, but he is no longer that goalie, and Forster isn't much better.

{Ed007's Note - Hart in his prime was a better 'keeper than Gordon in his prime and Hart now is a better 'keeper than Gordon is now Forster was by far the best of the 3 for us (both Hart and Gordon's best days are/were behind them by the time they joined) and Barkas doesn't even come into the equation.
Go ang look back at how many goals Gordon conceded by palming the ball into an opposition players' path and then talk to me about GK errors.
It's simply preposterous to suggest that Craig Gordon ever has been or ever will be better than Joe Hart - or Fraser Forster tbh.}

11.) 12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 22:55:58
We will have to agree to disagree, I think its preposterous to suggest that Hart and Forster are better goalies than Gordon, go back and look at all the errors Forster made, and I know Hart hasn't been here that long, but already the errors are stacking up, but are being ignored by the worshippers, like yourself.

{Ed007's Note - Jeez oh, who have you been listening to on the radio this week?}

12.) 13 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021 23:58:36
Think there’s some on here struggling with amnesia big flappy bird Gordon was murder for us especially on penalties that just flopping to one side used to grind ma gears.

13.) 13 Nov 2021
13 Nov 2021 00:27:45
Gordon made a good few errors while playing for us aswell. a couple against inter at home 3-3 spring to mind. his record at penalties was shocking too. the saves big forster made in Europe alone shows he was better.

14.) 13 Nov 2021
13 Nov 2021 00:29:58
Lost count of the amount of howlers Gordon made. Good shot stopper and a decent bit of business on a free but to even compare him to Hart or Forster is ludicrous.

15.) 13 Nov 2021
13 Nov 2021 10:14:07
Add to that Gordon's love of running out a smashing attacking players in the box.