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19 Aug 2021 21:37:31
Would be great to see Tony Ralston being rewarded with a wee extension. Loving his change of form and hope it continues 👍🍀.

Positive Celtic

1.) 19 Aug 2021 23:06:42
He has been totally (and unfairly) destroyed by most fans PC. Perhaps they're waking up to the lad's ability. HH.

2.) 19 Aug 2021 23:10:12
I think your wring, I think Ralston has improved under ange and his style of football suits ralston.

3.) 19 Aug 2021 23:26:02
marco, perhaps that's true. Fans still slated the lad big time though. They were killing him before he'd played a dozen games. HH.

4.) 20 Aug 2021 05:54:17
Fans will only say what they’re witnessing at the time. Ralston has been around the first team on and off now for the last 2/ 3 years. For whatever reason it’s never looked good but I think 99.9% of fans wether they rated him or not are big enough to admit his form this season so far has been outstanding. So much so that absolutely no way can the new RB coming in automatically take his place, but a new RB was imperative, as ange said we need competition in all areas of the pitch. As excellent as ralston has been the boy will need a rest at some point, especially if we make the Europa group stages, plenty of games coming around this year, especially if we’ve to be successful.

5.) 20 Aug 2021 07:09:30
He has never actually been given a run in the team till now, I can't remember him having this amount of games in the team before. A game here a 20 mins there, I also think that Ange has given him the belief and confidence that he can play at this level as he has done with other players.

6.) 20 Aug 2021 08:00:37
We can only go on what we see. Uptil now what w have seen from Ralston has been poor, now maybe Ange has put his arm around him and gave him confidence or they style of football suits Ralston I don't know but I hope his good form continues.

7.) 20 Aug 2021 08:18:24
Ralston still a young player at 22. Rodgers IMO a top coach seen a player their rewarded him at 18/ 19 with a 5 year contract.

Under Lennon Ralston went the exact same way as so many players, backwards.

Now under a second top coach Ralston who is only 22 is moving forward and looking like a player. Plenty to improve on but by no means. Waste of a shirt.

Anyone see a pattern. Think we compare too many young players to KT. He was a very quick maturer others take a few more years.

8.) 20 Aug 2021 08:20:32
JC speaking before the AZ game the other night commented that Ralston came through around the same time as Tierney. KT got a shot in the first team and the rest is history,

Ralston to me, prior to this season looked like he'd end up going out on loan to Motherwell or the equivalent but, as has been said, a good run of games (starts) with a coach who can install confidence in him and now he looks like a different player.

But form is temporary and despite the great start, would I take a Croatian international RB to fight for that place, in a heartbeat because competition can only be good for the team.

Our bench is paper thin and we'll need a squad to get back to winning trophies and titles but for the time being it's Tony's position to lose.

9.) 20 Aug 2021 09:08:22
Uninspiring loans to mediocre teams didn't exactly help. Fans can only wake up to a player's ability when he actually shows it. Long may it continue.

10.) 20 Aug 2021 09:18:59
Not given a chance run for whatever reason . he never let us down before but did look a little rough round the edges but imo a player was in there . were now looking like signing a relatively unknown / inexperienced scales when we have the bhoy Murray who looks to have plenty of potential and losing heijde though I think that's more to do with money or big yogi labeling hin
M the next vvd😁? . nothing against scales but is he going to go straight into the team? On the subject of players getting a chance going by the highlights of the b team Moffat and lawal don't look far away from stepping up to first team squad.

11.) 20 Aug 2021 09:46:05
No one would ever have thought Tony could perform like that, he was judged on limited game time and some poor loan periods, am delighted for him and juranovic will be good competition for him,

12.) 20 Aug 2021 09:51:35
As royjac says, he has only ever had a game here and 20 mins there, how can anyone make a sensible assessment of a player when his game time is so little and so infrequent?
Yet so many fans did. He was getting as much abuse as JK was getting and a lot of it wasn't pleasant. I said last year, let's give him a run of games and then say he's rubbish if his performances aren't good enough.
Ange has definitely helped him a lot since he came in, not because he has necessarily made him a better player, more because he has given him a proper chance, unlike his predecessor.
Thankfully the lad is showing up well and long may it continue. HH.

{Ed007's Note - Did you ever see Ralston play football before this season? 15 games at Dundee Utd - who turned down the chance to sign him - where he was dug meat, 24 games at St Johnstone - who turned down the chance to sign him too - where he was awful not to mention the diabolical performances for Celtic we all saw with our own eyes.
It was nothing to do with giving him a chance, he showed nothing in training or games to show he would ever be a regular for Celtic, he struggled at St Johnstone - Tony Ralston didn't do enough in 24 games for St Johnstone to sign him permanently and probably on a free.}

13.) 20 Aug 2021 10:16:39
I’ve posted that I didn’t think Ralston has enough football in him to be a Celtic fullback, but I’m very happy if he continues to prove me wrong. He’s been terrific for four or five games now, and he has a great attitude. Credit where credit’s due.

{Ed007's Note - 👍👍

14.) 20 Aug 2021 15:14:14
So ed007 do you think it is purely down to the fact Ange has given him the belief that he can perform at this level?
From the first time I saw him myself I liked him, I liked his tenacity.

{Ed007's Note - It's down to coaching and a manager telling him exactly what he needs to do during games.}

15.) 20 Aug 2021 19:30:43
Ralston is better than he gets credit for. Maybe he had poor coaching when he was on loan at Dundee Utd and St. Johnstone as well as poor coaching at Celtic.
He's showing he has bags of ability and that's my point. It ain't his fault if the last coach was shyt but he still got lambasted big time. HH.

{Ed007's Note - He's oonly shown any ability this season and anyone with a set of working eyes could see how poor he has played over the years - there wasn't one Celtic supporter stuck up for him or said he had any future at Celtic when he signed the years contract extension.}

16.) 20 Aug 2021 19:51:32
Some of us did stick up for him Mark. HH.

{Ed007's Note - I can't remember anyone sticking up for him or saying he had a future at Celtic. Everyone agreed he gave his all but would never be good enough for Celtic next you'll be saying you were routing for Rogic all along.}

17.) 20 Aug 2021 20:00:07
I said I thought the lad was being battered without giving him a proper chance in the Celtic first team. What he did elsewhere is neither here nor there.
And for the record I always thought Rogic was one of the best talents in our squad if we just could find a way to get the best out of him. Maybe Ange has. I don't see what your point is, I'm expressing an opinion and I think it's very relevant too. HH.

{Ed007's Note - Ralston was terrible for Celtic, St Johnstone and Dundee Utd - that's not an opinion, that's a fact. Not one single Celtic supporter wanted him to be first choice RB when this season started and every Celtic fan thought he wasn't good enough to be first choice RB let alone back-up.
I can't find your post where you said last year that Ralston should get a run of games to see what he can do - then you're saying that maybe Ange hasn't improved him it's because he's getting a chance 🤦‍♂️ My eyes don't lie, I know what I - and everyone else seen from Ralston pre-Ange and he was nowhere near good enough for Celtic.}

18.) 20 Aug 2021 20:32:29
OK then Mark, the lad's pysh, get him out. HH.



15 Jun 2021 21:02:40
Aye he is a decent player, 60 goals in league over the last 5 years. Unfortunately I also think he would cost at least 15 million and with wages, signing fee and agents fees it's out of our reach. Pretty depressing but it shows how much football has changed since the days of Sutton, Harston and Thompson. I often ask myself how much would they cost now, and who would you rate in the same class, at this moment in time? Hail Hail, keep the faith 🍀.

Positive Celtic



25 Nov 2020 19:33:53
If we do win the ten with Lenny and the Bhoys, which I'm sure we will, there will be some amount of pie to be consumed. Pie of the humble type😂. Keep the faith, Hail Hail.

Positive Celtic

1.) 25 Nov 2020 20:06:15
We won't win the 10 with Lennon.

2.) 25 Nov 2020 20:22:23
thats the way Phil, win lose or draw.

3.) 25 Nov 2020 21:02:23
What happened to faithful through and through.

4.) 25 Nov 2020 21:18:23
Lennon will be the only reason we don't win 10 in a row. We have the best squad by far and lennon is expected to win the league so no humble pie will be eaten at all. It would be am absolute embarrassment if he fails and would ruin his legacy.

5.) 25 Nov 2020 22:08:36
I was happy when we got Lennon and I thought the Lenny supporters were proved correct last season after a comfortable league and cup campaign.
But I am big enough to admit my joy was premature and we now need a change.
I would love to admit I’ve got it wrong for a second time if Lenny stays and secures the title.

6.) 26 Nov 2020 05:20:56
We can be faithful through and through whilst being realistic, people need to start taking off their Green tinted glasses and come out from under there Lennon duvet covers.
There is no way that this team, playing the way they are under our current manager will win this league.
This same manager who not long ago came out and said that certain players didn't want to be here, these same players if rumours are to be believed are still being played every week no matter there form.
The big problem I see is that yes clubs could have a player or two that's unhappy and wants to move but can still get results when this or that player plays, with Celtic it has been rumoured that we have possibly 5 or 6 players that have asked to leave (Edouard, Ntcham, Christie, Ajer, Bitton, Jullien) but were told they wouldn't be sold this season because it was to important, all these same players haven't kicked a ball since the start of the season
There is NO team no matter who they are will win a title when they have 5 or 6 first team starters wanting out, people have also mentioned McGregor wants out also.
The only way I can see us even coming close to winning this league with Lennon in charge is if by some miracle we go on a run and win all our games before the game at Ibrox and then somehow win there.
We would then need to get rid of all the players that have no interest in being here, we then reinvest all the cash we raise into quality players that can come in and hit the ground running.
If and its a BIG IF that happens, we might see the other side wobble and we might be able to take advantage, otherwise as far as I see and right now with the way everything is, its over!

No wonder I don't post a lot!



15 Aug 2019 12:46:57
Jim1972 is spot on, would have hated to see the reaction if we weren't treble treble winners. Do admit this as bad as they come but it's not like we are not used to it, maybe 3 or 4 good seasons in Europe in 130 years this should be the norm. Keep the faith, Hail Hail.

Positive Celtic




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07 Aug 2021 15:26:59
Spot on Ed👍 We all need to remember this is real life, players might not want to come for various reasons. But I tell u all the Celtic bashing is getting boring. We can't blame the board for failing to sign every player we like or we're linking with, most of the talk is rubbish anyway. They made some mistakes but on a whole they done a good job, Hail Hail 🍀.

Positive Celtic

{Ed007's Note - 👍



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15 Jun 2021 21:06:39
Aye he is a decent player, 60 goals in league over the last 5 years. Unfortunately I also think he would cost at least 15 million and with wages, signing fee and agents fees it's out of our reach. Pretty depressing but it shows how much football has changed since the days of Sutton, Harston and Thompson. I often ask myself how much would they cost now, and who would you rate in the same class, at this moment in time? Hail Hail, keep the faith 🍀.

Positive Celtic




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01 Oct 2021 13:34:57
The problem is everyone seems to think their an expert these days! Abada inconsistent lol. Boys only been here for few months. Some fans we have!

Positive Celtic



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07 Aug 2021 02:08:05
How much would he cost now? The market has moved on so much since then. I think the board try their best with what we they available. It's easy to forget that sometimes. Still love the celts just the same though and even though we lost last year the past 20 years plus have been amazing for all of us. In a few years PL will be viewed as a hero. Hail Hail 🍀.

Positive Celtic



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29 Jan 2021 13:46:00
We don't need support like you thanks,

Positive Celtic



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02 Sep 2019 13:46:44
Rich T, you take the biscuit mate! Hail Hail.

Positive Celtic



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09 Aug 2019 19:08:56
The harsh reality is that this will become more common the longer we remain in Scotland. Unfortunately Scottish Football is dead, with no prospect of real investment from the big TV companies we will continue to fall behind clubs in the largest leagues in Europe. The gap has never been bigger in terms of financial packages on offer. The question is, would we trade all the trophies for a shot at the EPL? Quit Scotland and start in the lowest division and work our way up.

Positive Celtic