01 Jun 2022 19:52:40
I know what they say about hindsight being 20/ 20 but I can't help but thinking that we missed a trick not signing Aaron Hickey. ?

Arsenal apparently ready to put 20M+ on the table and he's starting for Scotland tonight.

☘️ ? ☘️.

1.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 22:09:56
Pedro I must admit when we lost out on Hickey I was glad as I had seen him play for hearts a few times and just didn’t rate him.

Then when I seen him being touted for a £25m move to Arsenal or another pub league team I thought. How wrong was I.

But I manage to watch him for Scotland tonight and if he’s a £25m full back Juranovic is £100m and Ralston a cool £50m. I just can’t see it with this boy. He’s a decent player but not Celtic or Pub league quality imo.

I think a lot of average players can look like superstars in Italy as it’s a much slower game. But what do I know he might be the next Roberto Carlos.

2.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 08:14:10
Thought he had a stinker last nite (highlights) HH.

3.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 09:40:44
Robertson was awful all game, and that's the worst I've seen mcginn.

4.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 11:22:07
Tbhoy - and if McGinn is being touted for a £50m move then what price Calmac?

It just goes to show that the EPL have more money than Croesus and less sense than students cat calling an ex heavyweight boxer. If Hickey had signed for Celtic instead there is no way Arsenal would be offering £25m - but, as you say, he looks a player in the comparatively pedestrian Serie A. He'd need a few great seasons, like Tierney, to get to that level. Mind you Everton got mugged for £11m for a boy that hardly kicked a ball for Rangers and has dropped so far down the pecking order that the Everton fans have put his face on Merseyside milk cartens.

Yeah - he could turn out to be the next Roberto Carlos right enough, but only in so much as if he was taught Jongo at night school - certainly nothing to do with football but! I know you were only joking Tbhoy but that would be as likely as the head of the NI Orange Order getting an MBE for services to the community - - - oh - - - wait! What a sick joke that is - what's next? Perhapse Mario Daniel Arru can get The Order of the Bath (pun intended) for services to sight seeing tours of the South Atlantic?

Also - has Clarke started to buy into his own greatness? I noticed that he covered up his abject failure last night by smothering it with the blanket of his Euro qualification - pathetic really. I suspect his team selections are now suffering from the "English Malaise" that held them back for countless tournaments. Players got picked by reputation, teams played for and loyalty. Actual CURRENT form meant nothing and that's what England achieved for decades - nothing. Hickey over Ralston against a physical team? Do me a favour Clarke. Also, Clarke - tactics isnae how a guy wi a cleft palet pronounces wee white mints in a plastc box mate. Ye dinnae have tae have gone tae Sandhurst to see how you should have set up your defense and mid field against them - ya puddin'.

Scotland did what Scotland do best. "Wha's like us? " "Damn few an' they're a' gonnae watch the WC fae hame tae".


PS perhapse Robertson might want to take a pint on the bus to celebrate this defeat as well. Harrrumph.

5.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 19:29:12
Tbhoy, I hear what you're saying although last night he played out of position at RB and I don't think anybody stood out for Scotland.

Saying that, Hickey has played 36 games in Serie A last season, which for me, says he must be decent ?.

As I say, it's probably hindsight on my part but if he was already playing in the Hoops under Ange, I doubt we'd be looking for a LB this summer.

☘️ ? ☘️.