10 May 2022 16:32:48
I see Joe Hart coming in for a bit of criticism with calls to replace him and fair doos it's all about opinions. But for me while recruitment across the board has been absolutely exceptional (Jota, Kyogo, O'Riley, Maeda, CCV, JJ, GG et al) I think Joe Hart is the single biggest reason apart from the manager that Celtic look likely to be crowned league champions this season. Not just for his qualities as a goalkeeper but for the fact that he's an out and out winner and has transmitted that right through the back four who have been outstanding. CCV obviously but JJ and Starfelt as well and big shout out for the unsung hero that is Greig Taylor who has had an excellent season.

Joe is a joy to watch on his laps round the park after the game and it's obvious he's just loves being a Celtic Park. I agree there have been some heart in the mouth moments watching our Joseph with the ball at his feet. But I think the whole back four have struggled with the high press for some reason not just Joe notably in the 1-1 Glasgow derby which needs addressed particularly in Europe. Whether that's down to missing a Scott Brown and being out muscled in midfield or due to sitting too deep particularly Mcgreggor who knows.

But as I said no Joe Hart no league title for me. Barkas and Bain in goals we'd have won nothing.

1.) 10 May 2022
10 May 2022 17:20:32
Agreed JFP
I think Hart was certainly brought in for his ability (if it could be rediscovered, and that job has been reasonably successful) but just as much for his commanding influence on the rest of the squad, both on and off the pitch. HH.

{Ed007's Note - I can't get my head round criticism of Hart, Besty. I wasn't that keen on the signing but he has completely changed my opinion of his as GK and a person the way he has taken to the Club and his personalities affect on the squad. People might point out the odd mistake but if he wasn't prone to them now he would still be No.1 at a Pub League team and wouldn't have been here to make the saves that he did - which as JFP said helped deliver 2 trophies this year.
Even going into the CL next year I am more than happy for Hart still to be No.1 and his experience again could prove to be vital.}

2.) 10 May 2022
10 May 2022 17:22:44
Fully agree jfp. Good post.

3.) 10 May 2022
10 May 2022 17:46:08
Agree with the above.

Joe Hart could have sat on the bench down South and topped up his pension with nothing to prove.

He didn't, he came to Celtic at a difficult time and has brought his ability and experience to the team, both on and off the park.


☘️ ? ☘️.

4.) 10 May 2022
10 May 2022 20:09:39
Joe hart has been a breath of fresh air with his love of the club and his enthusiasm, not sure what folk want yes he gets caught with ball at times but the same folk would moan if he just punted it.

5.) 11 May 2022
11 May 2022 00:12:54
Out of all the times Hart has been ropey with the ball at his feet how many times has that resulted in us conceding? I can think one in Eurooe and that's it. Compare that to how many cracking saves. Guy has been a class signing.

6.) 11 May 2022
11 May 2022 00:20:39
Can’t believe anyone would want rid of Joe hart he’s been a revelation.

Maybe a wee revamp of the old Paddy McCourt song in order?

{Ed007's Note - With the amount of songs out there with the word 'heart' in them surely we as a support can come up with a cracker of an original song for him - as long as any sing possible from Rod Stewart can NEVER be considered!}

7.) 11 May 2022
11 May 2022 07:08:31
Rod Stewart ? ? ?

☘️ ? ☘️.

8.) 11 May 2022
11 May 2022 11:05:11
We missed big FF last season for sure and Joe has given us that stability at the back again. If FF or Joe had been with us last season I think we might still have had a chance for the 10. Anyway, that's done and I am more than happy with Joe Hart going forward to next season.