09 May 2022 23:10:26
David Marshall?

Should we be bringing him home. Not ahead of JH obviously but I'd have him ahead of Bain all day IMO.

{Ed007's Note - Bring him home? He's been in England that long he probably sounds like Danny Dyer! :-)

1.) 09 May 2022
09 May 2022 23:43:18
Marshall is 37 now and he’s only played about a dozen games this season.
His career will start to wind down now in the English lower leagues.
I would try and bring in the younger Dundee Utd keeper.
I think he might be out of contract soon and it wouldn’t be much if a gamble.

2.) 10 May 2022
10 May 2022 00:03:37
One of our challenges Buzz is homegrown players and association trained players. So if we let Bain go and brought in Siegrist for example we could only have a 24 man champions league squad as Bain is association trained. We need 4 HG and 4 AT players
At present we have

Bain - AT
Welsh - HG (is currently b squad but will be HG next season
Taylor - AT
Ralston - HG
McGregor - HG
McCarthy - AT
Turnbull - AT
Forrest - HG
Johnston - HG

That makes 9 but I can’t see us keeping Johnstone and Forrest after this season think we’ll keep one but not both.

We definitely have a bit of a weak point here how many on that list would you be comfortable playing in the champions league. Ed’s mention Lewis Ferguson a few times but there’s not much Scottish talent about we can reasonably afford just now. Not getting Hickey and losing a few like hjelde and other young players is giving us an uphill struggle for the euro squads.

3.) 10 May 2022
10 May 2022 00:17:40
It looks like David Marshall could be signing for Hibs.
A good move for both parties.

4.) 10 May 2022
10 May 2022 02:10:31
I think we need to replace Hart, half the time I think he's in a different time zone the way he dithers with the ball.

5.) 10 May 2022
10 May 2022 11:21:41
Joe Hart has a 56% clean sheet record for Celtic, I think he is doing well for us. HH.

6.) 10 May 2022
10 May 2022 13:48:23
Not disputing that Glasgow green however his ability with the ball at his feet has been more than questionable more than once.

7.) 10 May 2022
10 May 2022 16:37:36
Well Thank God for this, David Marshall has agreed to join Hibs at the end of season. He short term deal at Queens Park Rangers will come to an end and will join Hibs on the first of July. He will compete for the number one Jersey. I really don't see the Goalkeeper situation as a matter of urgency. Young Tobi will be ina round the first team next season. I'd get rid of Hazard and Barkas. And I'd be happy with Hart, Tobi and Bain. Why do we want to bring in another Goalkeeper and make the same mistakes as the past and damage a young top Goalkeeper like Tobi progress. If there's an injury to Hart, I'd be more than happy for Tobi to fill in. The guy is a top Goalkeeper and recently called up to the England U21 squad as new N1. Clubs down south have been sniffing ard him all season. And if you bring in another Goalkeeper I'm afraid we will lose another top young talent. He is a future number 1 and is working closely with Hart and Woods at the moment.