21 Nov 2021 09:08:20
The ref what or why aren't they put up in front of a judge he was a complete moron where did he get his licence from? How many cards did he show he is sub standard ceĺtic should be putting a complaint in St Johnstone enough said thugs if that's football well to think they are proud to play in that manner is a total joke just like Livingston it's so bad to watch celtic we're awesome and it's amazing that they stood up ange has a amazing way god bless him.

1.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 12:21:45
Agreed @ chalky67
Celtic where relentless that's why we win. I can see clearly what ange wants now and and wants relentless attacking football for 90 mins. Opposition should never get in there stride.

2.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 15:48:27
The ref was horrendous for both sides to be fair.