30 Oct 2021 19:31:58
I'm not getting my knickers in a twist over who did and who didn't take the penalty. End of the day, it was a terrible performance full stop! 85% possession and only 2 shots on target the full game.
We missed the skill of Rogic being able to break down defences big time today and I never thought i'd say that.
I'm gutted as this was a great chance to put the pressure on them big time and we blew it!

1.) 30 Oct 2021
30 Oct 2021 20:14:04
Felt we missed rogic too mate. Changed days indeed. Turnbull blows hot or cold and we definitely need another playmaker in January.

2.) 30 Oct 2021
30 Oct 2021 20:20:19
Pedestrian, no change of pace and lack of imagination ? in final third.

3.) 30 Oct 2021
30 Oct 2021 20:38:11
*lack of imagination.

4.) 30 Oct 2021
30 Oct 2021 20:53:10
the big striker has a lot to do to prove he's good enough to start and his performance today hasn't helped.

5.) 30 Oct 2021
30 Oct 2021 23:48:51
I’ve just heard that Celtic have put in over 80 crosses in our 2 games against Livingston this season and I can’t remember a good chance coming from any of them.