24 Aug 2021 20:48:26
Rangers have confirmed 5 players are self isolating after testing positive for C.V. They didn’t release names but rumours are it’s The two goalkeepers, Tavernier, Sakala and Wright.

Wonder if they’ll confirm it or leave it quiet until the Europa league game.

If it’s a 10 day isolation then all five are out of the next two games.

1.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 20:57:15
Wouldn't surprise me if they are trying to get the game mid week postponed. Nothing would surprise me with them.

2.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 20:58:34
Looks like their luck may finally run out. Last season they "escaped" CV by hook or crook but it looks like they are behind the eight ball, if five have it surely there must be more close contacts.

3.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 21:03:52
They"ll be looking to get football played behind closed doors again.

4.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 21:04:13
They’re snookered Tim 🍀.

5.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 21:05:45
The bookies now have Celtic as favourites.

6.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 21:16:44
Aye it would be 2 goalies. hope all are OK rivalry aside.

7.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 21:24:20
They only have Andy Firth registered in the 1st team squad as there 3rd choice keeper but if both the other keepers have C.V. then surely he is a close contact who they going to play in goals Morelos? still better than bark as I suppose 😂.

8.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 21:34:37
I thought they can't have any games postponed as long as they can put out a team?
thats why we ended up playing games after Dubai with the reserves.
I thought also that they were changing the rules to give a 3-0 result to the other team if a game was cancelled due to a team not being able to play.

9.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 21:39:13
Genuinely hope all recover quickly.

And in terms of showing our sporting side I for one think we should give them barkas on an emergency loan if their goalies are isolating.

10.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 21:54:32
Give them barkas on loan 😂.

11.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 21:55:33
The SPFL told Falkirk to play their first game of the season even though they had players isolating. It’s the league cup that made teams forfeit games. Different competitions, different rules. No way Rangers can claim they can’t field a side.

12.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 21:56:01
A don’t care how many of that mob are self isolated for the game don’t care if bookies have us as favourites
We play each game like a cup final
Dig deep win every second ball, win every tackle ⚽️ want the win more show media show them show the world 🌎
We taking our championship back

{Ed007's Note -


13.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 22:12:37
By the way, does anyone know whose birthday party it was this time.

14.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 22:13:32
It’s a bit of a surprise to me and something I can't wrap my head around regarding last season and no positive tests for them. My good friends niece was seeing a Rangers player, I know on several occasions the players were round at her house drinking and having a good time. One of the girls that was there got C.V. but not one Rangers player did.

I’ve never spoke about it or really tried to justify things but when you see this it makes you start wondering. Morelos was one of the players at her house, her pal was entertaining him a lot while his wife was pregnant. The time when he was injured was right around the time the girl tested positive.

Anyway, last season is done. Let’s see how Sunday goes.

15.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 00:12:25
11 out 12 SPFL elected to submit c.v tests to Aberdeen based laboratory. 1 team elected to submit results to a Northern Ireland based laboratory.

16.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 03:13:07
Last night when I seen Ladbrokes had us at 11/ 10 i knew something had changed as my mate told me we were 3/ 1 or 5/ 2.

17.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 07:18:57
I got a bet on us at the weekend at 11/ 5.

18.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 10:07:00
Went to put my bet on discovered price change bugger HH.