08 May 2022 14:53:22
Ed, I've just read an article that states Nir Bitton wants to leave Celtic this summer, apparently the story broke on Friday in a Manchester Jewish paper?

Have you heard anything about this/ any thoughts?

☘️ ? ☘️.

{Ed007's Note - I've said on the pod for a while that I thought Bitton would leave this summer. I think it's a good move for all involved.}

1.) 08 May 2022
08 May 2022 15:35:46
I've not listened to the Podcasts for a while Ed (extra homework for Pedro) .

It's another first team squad position for Ange to consider but based on his first two transfer windows I've got faith in his ability to identify the right players for the role.

☘️ ? ☘️.

{Ed007's Note - We've got Gucci in there and Bosun Lawel looks like he'll be promoted next season - will McCarthy still be here and push for a place next season? - and as you say Ange and Mark Lawwell might have someone else in mind.}

2.) 08 May 2022
08 May 2022 18:42:45
Ed, I don’t see how we can get rid of guys like McCarthy as much as he is miles down the pecking order we’re so shy of homegrown and association trained players for the CL we may need them around for another season or two.

{Ed007's Note - Good point and another reason to be looking at Lewis Ferguson, T.}

3.) 09 May 2022
09 May 2022 00:00:20
100% ed. With Bitton gone, going Lewis ferguson is the perfect replacement and is a better player who would offer a lot more than Bitton and allow mcgregor to play further forward where he is much more affective while also adding a bit of muscle to the midfield which we have been lacking.

{Ed007's Note - Celtic, like any top team Ter should be looking to sign the best young talent in the league and especially when we know he can do the exact job we need here and now - Gucci and Ferguson competing for the DCM role with Bosun Lawel as back up and hopefully a fit Jimmy Mac in the mix in the Bitton role of experienced squad player
I'm sure Ange and Son of Pedro will have the ideal player lined up :-)

4.) 09 May 2022
09 May 2022 01:35:18
Big Bitton can play cb too so I think it will be a big loss for a player who does whatever job he is told to to do. I like Big Bitton not so much his rashness to get booked or sent off but he knows what it is to play for our great club.

5.) 09 May 2022
09 May 2022 11:19:16
Ed, unfortunately James McCarthy just will not cut it at Celtic. Give him a wee pay off and let him go and enjoy his football for a couple of years elsewhere. Good luck to the lad. HH.