24 Aug 2021 01:00:25
I think Sunday is a free hit. We are miles in front of where we thought we'd be and they have stalled- which is a bonus. Honestly if we lose its no big deal as I think come the window closing and 3 new first team starters to come in, we will motor and catch up the 3 points easily. We need tested at the back and on the break and maybe AZ and Sunday will test us. Then I have no doubt we will win more than them so losing Sunday is not a disaster.

1.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 09:06:33
I would rather beat AX than sevco if I had to choose one and the reason I say that is. I think we will easily make the points up but if we don't get into the europa league that would have major consequences further down the line with signings.

2.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 09:08:36
I'm not to sure to that extent of a free hit or no big deal if we lose but no doubt about it IF we do lose there's still no doubt we are on the right path there's no doubt we are back, I've said to a few people that mob are lucky the first derby isn't at Celtic park if it was we would have skelped them.

3.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 11:43:00
The day playing they bar stewards becomes a free hit will never arrive. We need to go in and show we can beat them with no fear. We cannot accept that after our start we go there and lose, think what that will do to our confidence and how the Sevco press will play it. No way a free hit against them should ever even be considered. We need to put down a marker and if we go there and sh it it then that will be a hammer blow to us all. I am not saying we will definitely win as our defence isn't fit for purpose yet, but we must believe from mid to front we can run them ragged snd go out there believing that and delivering. We need at the bare minimum a draw, but I think we can go there and do them. I want our players to get away from the chronic rabbits in headlights displays we have endured too long. Go out there with belief and take these cants to the feckin cleaners. COYBIG.

{Ed007's Note - That defence that "isn't fit for purpose" has kept 4 clean sheets in their last 5 games.}

4.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 12:03:49
I know that and appreciate they have been better, but going forward in the league and hopefully in the EL, I think we need another CB and LB as options. It is still vulnerable and this week will be their biggest test. I think you would be hard pressed to find any supporter who thinks we have it sorted. The Croatian looks the business and if we actually sign Scales he might be better, he looks good to me, but you never know. We definitely need another CB as waiting for Sterfelt to come good isn't an option for me. Wether we do bring in reinforcements is still not clear, but we need to. The defence have done better against home teams but against Alkmaar they looked vulnerable at times and that is my worry against teams who have better players. Im delighted we are going for Lovric nd the Greek guy, but, our main weakness is in the defence and we need to address that before it fecks us up.

{Ed007's Note - We haven't conceded in the league since the opening game against Hearts and after seeing the turnaround in the team since then I see no reason why that won't continue on Sunday.
So that's Starfelt written off already? 🤦‍♂️ Isn't him and Taylor part of that defence that kept clean sheets against Dundee, Jablonec, AZ and St Mirren, what did Starfelt do that was so bad in any of those games?
Paul said on the pod last night that TRIFC and their support are $hitting themselves for Sunday but some Celtic fans are getting their Tena in a tangle and losing focus on reality - have you watched us recently? Have you watched them?
I've not been this confident going to Ibrox since we were allowed in the Free Broomloan and they couldn't bear to see us party.}

5.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 12:28:32
are we in for lovric or just wishing we are.

6.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 12:45:50
I am not getting anything in a twist. I have watched them and so far mid to front we are better than under Rogers, however, Stefelt looks the weakest link. Would you disagree with that? As for confidence, I am too more confident of a win than I have been for too long, but to deny we still have problems at the back is nonsense. We do, I haven't written Sterfelt off, I don't have a crystal ball, but I do have eyes that he, so far, he isn't at it and is prone to mistakes. I want him to be brilliant, but so far, he just isn't. I also know they are rubbishting it, they have gone from 56 a cert, to feck all. We were all over them there last year then a defensive balls up derailed us. Self inflicted. I do want better than Taylor, who can't be faulted for effort and I would have him as back up, but if we really want to do well in Europe and at home, we need better. So another CB is a must, even if Sterfelt finds his game and is brilliant. One injury one suspension and its wheel out Bitton. And we all know how that turns out. No harm to Bitton, he is a midfielder, he is only played because we are never prepared and don't have actual Cb's, that needs to end. Maybe Scales is in for that, but that still leaves the need for a LB as we have no one part from the disaster that is Boli.

{Ed007's Note - Taylor is the weakest link in the defence and you're the first person I've heard saying anything else.
"waiting for Sterfelt to come good isn't an option for me" sounds awfully like you're writing him and off after only a handful of games.
I know you like a moan and looking for negatives in everything but your opinion on Starfelt is quite frankly ludicrous.
"Celtic players will be judged on their last touch of the ball or the last mistake they made" has never been more evident.}

7.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 13:03:51
I'm hoping we go there and smash them. There is negativity in their camp already and I've seen a few "Gerrard Out" tweets already. If we hammer them then they'll be under pressure, something they never had to deal with last season as they got to build up a healthy lead we couldn't catch up. For all the gloating they done they're rubbishing it now after our start let's go out there and gub them and put them back in their box.

8.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 14:35:48
I cn assure you I am not the only person who has commented that right now Sterfelt s the weakest link. Maybe you haven't heard or read the similar comments, one was, If you look at / welsh and Sterfelt, you would think Welsh was the £4m signing. there have been loads of others, including most of the podcast, but, if you think he is playing in a way that gives the support confidence you're in a minority of one. As for moaning, its not moving its highlighting areas that need addressed. You might not agree, nutlike me, you're only one Celtic fan, you may have people jumping on here to back you up, but that's the way it goes. every single Celtic outlet have raised concerns about the guy, your the first to say he's doing ok. He isn't, and even if he was, is ok for £4m ok? If he does come good that doesn't change right now he doesn't inspire confidence. We need another CB even if he turns into Maldini.

{Ed007's Note - So you and all these Celtic supporters I've not heard or read are ANYONE except you saying that Starfelt is performing worse worse than Taylor is? I don't think anyone on the podcast has said that either because I would have challenged it there and then.
Oh and byw I don't need anyone to back me up up mate, you're the one blabbing on about what other people are saying trying to gain traction for your own ludicrous opinions.
As I said, you're always moaning about something and looking for negatives but you've made yourself look a complete fool on here - again.}

9.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 15:54:41
So anybody that doesn't agree with you, is making themselves look foolish? As I said your opinion is no better or worse than mine, Sterfelt has been a worry, Taylor is always a worry and he would never be first pick for me, but we have spent £4m on a guy who hasn't inspired confidence and looks shaky and vulnerable. To deny that is unbelievable. I never said he won't come good, I said up until now and the way we have been playing a the back Ralston and Welsh have saved his arse a few times, especially against Alkmaar where he was all over the place too often. As for looking for negatives, that's garbage, saying something isn't right or good enough isn't negative, kidding on its all great is far worse. We all know our weakest part of the team is our defence. Unless you think differently, then obviously its not. we need better defenders to make Anges philosophy work. We are still light at the back and an injury could see Bitton back. Right now Sterfelt has no competition fr the jersey and to keep everyone their toes you need that. I sincerely hope he turns out brilliant but that doesn't mean you can't say he has failed to inspire. Because he hasn't, regardless of how you see it.

{Ed007's Note - You said Starfelt was the weakest link in the defence - you said there is plenty of people who agree, where are they? You also said - although bizarrely you claimed you aren't writing him off - that waiting for him to settle and improve isn't an option for you even though you can't pinpoint what's he done wrong in the last few games where we have kept 4 clean sheets in 5 games.
It's not having a different opinion that makes you foolish, it's the unknown people that seemingly agree with you that makes you look foolish, you're obviosuly not confident enough to back your own opinion, I mean what absolute nonsense is this:

"I cn assure you I am not the only person who has commented that right now Sterfelt s the weakest link. Maybe you haven't heard or read the similar comments, one was, If you look at / welsh and Sterfelt, you would think Welsh was the £4m signing."

Why are you comparing Starfelt to Welsh when the entire thread is about Taylor and Starfelt? In fact don't even bother answering, I'm bored and you can go back to just trolling posts with negativity - how come you never pull me up about posts not going up, the trolling ones I just delete? Maybe the posters that don't think you're a Celtic supporter are right - see how easy it is to just to say something and say others have said it?}

10.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 17:40:50
Don't put a stop to this - I still have a 1/ 3 of my popcorn bucket left and my 3D glasses have never had such a run out in a long time!

The boy Starfelt has, in my opinion, got some confidence/ settling in issues but he has not been horrendous. We could go through our whole team and find find fault with all of our players if we want to. Starfelt is no diddy and his performances will improve as he gets games under him and learns the system Ange wants better.
Starfelt can be seen in the same initial phases of his Celtic tenure as VVD or Larsson et al so let's all get behind him and give him the chance an international deserves.

The future's bright, it's swathed in green and white.

{Ed007's Note - 👍👍

11.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 18:23:30
Magicpole you drove me up the pole never a positive comment enjoy the football and maybe win lose or draw support your team and the manager instead of slagging players who have played 4 games Glasgow’s green and white.

12.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 19:45:33
can i ask again are we in for lovric as the op said and if christie stays do we need a lw as much as a lb or cb.

13.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 20:35:58
FFS Magic! The boy came in and got thrown straight into the team and has played something like 7 games in 21 days.
Not everyone hits the ground running.

14.) 24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021 22:28:02
Frank, read the bottom of the thread below and you'll see a positive post by Magicpole today.
There was a bit of a contradiction in what he finished off with though - "let's focus on the future with Ange and his team, no matter who they are".

15.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 01:21:31
Must say I was half expecting Anne Robinson to make a post on this thread. If I think back, as someone else has said, anyone of our players could at some stage or other been considered the weakest link. It is true that at the moment the backline is weakest but ceertainly since Jow Hart came in that has been changing. In the game against hearts Celtic had 74% possession with 19 shots but only 7 were on target resulting in 1 goal for Anthony Ralston. Perhaps the forwards are the weakest links because if they scored with their shots the fact that hearts got two goals wouldn't have mattered as we would have scored more. Interesting that our goal came from a defender that until his recent performances most would have considered not good enough for Celtic.

16.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 02:34:59
Got bored reading this thread after 1st few comments. Last season we lost to them cos we weren’t up for it not cos they were better players but they had fight and a will to win. Now we’re going to be up for it ange won’t treat them differently to anyone we play or where we play those mutants won’t know what’s hit them. We’re a much different animal now. These games used to be won or lost in midfield I don’t see this one being the same they won’t play a high line and flood the midfield cos our front 3 will rip them apart. Last season we were so predictable and easy to play against not this season. I’m going for -2 Celtic this time I’m that confident.

17.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 08:04:35
Hail Hail Welshy88.

18.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 08:29:02
Well Big Ange isn't concerned about clean sheets although they are nice aslong as we out score our opponents we will always win the game and Ange has us set up for that. So I couldn't care if we concede 2, 3 or 4 goals as long as we score 1 more than them I will be happy. Scotland or the UK are the only countries in Europe that are obsessed with clean sheets. I could not care as I say aslong as we out score the opposition we will always win. Rant over.

19.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 09:28:26
Let this one go lads we are improving in the defence. Big Ange is showing our under performing players a better way. Starfelt yes hot and cold it's getting better Taylor Ralston huge difference. Well done Ange for the turnaround. Taking players who could do better and showing a better way. Loving your work. Big man.

20.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 09:33:51
So we bring in another cb who also needs time to adjust to his team mates? Central defence is by far the hardest position to settle in. You need stability. Chopping and changing it isn't going to help anyone. And while I'm here, i don't get all this negativity towards taylor either. He apparently has some sort of rangers connection which seems to blur peoples opinion of him. I'm sure he had more touches in the last game than every other player except turnbull. And something like 90% pass completion. I'm sure someone on here will have exact figures.

21.) 25 Aug 2021
25 Aug 2021 14:01:24
Starfelt has had hairy moments at times since he came in but so have all the rest. Ralston's been fantastic but made a poor error which could easily have led to a goal against AZ when he tried to be cute and skin the winger. Starfelt hasn't done what Kyogo or Abada have done so far and had a "big game" where he's a complete standout but that's not to say he's been particularly bad either. He could have been slightly quicker in his decision making and more accurate in his distribution at times but so could any of the back four.

22.) 26 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 20:23:02
Sterfelt is s feckin nightmare. Like i said he was, and plenty of others, you might have missed it, but if you say he's ok, then you're wrong. Admit it. If he is ok, how bad do you want us to become? Are you going to post this, or do a Pravada? We need another CB. End of.

{Ed007's Note - Where did I say we didn't need another CB? Can you actually read, can you understand what you read or are you going to just make more stuff up?}