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26 Jun 2024 08:08:07
Dominik Livakovic to Celtic is false news and not happening according to a very reliable journalist who has contacts with the players PR team. A Turkish media outlet reported that we had an offer accepted and that he would move, but apparently it's a non starter.

For me I can't see this move happening either. We have the money to sign him, but I just don't think coming to play in Scotland is much of an appeal for a player in his prime looking to play at the top level. If we did manage to sign him though, it would be a great signing. Let's hope.

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26 Jun 2024 08:54:08
Couldn’t have helped watching Scotland, if that was an indication of the quality of our league.

Noticed wee Strachan hoisting the white flag on behalf of the board no doubt, about, how we can't do this, can’t do that, don’t have the money, smaller teams do well but they get decimated by bigger clubs buying their players. But, they do well. They get better prices because they do well. I’ve never read such a pessimistic, sh itebag, what’s the point we are all going to die attitude. He talked of, you can spend but you have wages. No sh it, Sherlock.

This to me is the Lawell mindset and Strachan iniws there’s no effin way our board will step up. If Paddy Power had a bet that, even with all that money, we end up weaker this season, I would stick a score on it. We lose Matt and CCV there is no way we will replace them like for like. Buckle up for hard luck stories of failed attempts for top players and being taken the p iss out of yet again.

Run by ambitionless, dithering cowards and no matter how much I try to believe we will have a go, that fizzles out when I remember who we have to rely on.

26 Jun 2024 09:00:56
Thought it was too good to be true. but we need to get a keeper in soon pre season not too far away as is tour of America.

26 Jun 2024 10:27:34
I’m with you magicpole, it’s happened to us too often .
Even though Br said he wanted to change the structure of the transfer, it’s no surprise that hart was leaving so we should be well down the line with a keeper. We kept getting linked with Kellerher but for the price tag and wages we know that was a non starter. Stories going about saying we won’t sign Bernardo due to wages, we need to cut the squad by 7 . The squad id agree with but it’s never easy getting rid of players who are poor and wouldn’t get the same wages that we are giving them, not saying we pay massive wages but we are paying high wages for the standard of some of them and what they contribute. We probably all agree Mor is going to be sold, and he will negate the spend as we never seem to have a big net spend . Surely with what we have in the bank plus the champions league money we can afford to have an out lay of 30 million . If we can’t do it now we never will, I just don’t trust the board to spend . Hanging on for their bonuses again, and just do enough to keep the common folk quiet for a while.

26 Jun 2024 10:48:09
If he was available for the reported 7.5m as mentioned in the press then i would imagine half of europe would be in for him. Because the reported price for an international keeper of his calibre is so low makes me sceptical. I think we obviously hold an interest but i doubt very much we have had a bid accepted for 7.5m.
I personally haven't seen much of him other than the world cup but he must be decent to be croatia No1.

26 Jun 2024 11:15:20
We just need to wait until next week to see if it's true or not.
One report says we've had a bid accepted and we were all happy, one report from a guy on x says its not happening and everyone believes it.
The truth is, No one knows what's happening.

29 Jun 2024 08:00:54
He was just another name that until they are standing with a scarf, we shouldn’t believe. Not many will move from a better league for Lawell wages. And as long as that mentality persists, even going for these players is like Alex Rae turning up at Miss World and expecting to go home with the winner. Let’s face it. We don’t need to waste our time with the big leagues. Every team at the euros now are better technically than us. Georgia, Albania etc have players too. With a league as attractive as Rae, we need to look at places where we can spend £6-7m for their better players and they see us as a step to bigger leagues. Otherwise it will be an excercise in failure that will end with the usual, we tried. Well Alex would try to nip Miss World but it would never happen. Same for us with players already in better leagues. All the talk about signings already done? Did anybody actually believe that? Bless.

29 Jun 2024 08:18:39
What we do know is his PR team called it out as BS. Hart told them he was going. If a single board member takes a bonys because the bank balance is high, especially if they fail to improve us, they are despicable opportunists and theives. They have manufactured a system that pays dividends to those and such as those. The bottom line is still, we are run by ambitionless, cheapskate cowards. And my suggestion that even with all our money, these men will leave us actually weaker, is a better bet with them in charge. They are our greatest barrier to improving. Always have been, always will. I have zero confidence in them and not much in Rogers signing record either. Everybody, myself included, thought after the last two windows would step up. But at the back of our minds was the nagging doubt about our board. Those doubts are backed up by past experience. It’s hard to be optimistic when the dithering, cheapskate elephant in the room is still wearing a blazer, with an eye on a bonus. It’s a tragic state of affairs when our biggest threat isn’t Sevco, it’s our own board.

29 Jun 2024 21:37:07
It’s a good job the Celtic Board gave some of us nameless posters a fools errand as if the Board gave everyone equal treatment, I would expect some would have to explain themselves in a court of law . It maybe debated that our Board could spend more money on players, However although spending more money on players would be an important part of Board’s duty it isn’t their most important which is. earning money for investors
So Our Board may not be made up of the type of people magicpole writes about.



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