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13 Jul 2022 21:56:58
Hi ED 007 have any of use heard anything about this story about Celtic links to a guy from PSG?

{Ed007's Note - Celtic are interested in Edouard Michut but the player would rather stay in France and his agent has met with Lyon to discuss a move.}

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13 Jul 2022 22:27:41
Oh well thanks ED interesting we are looking at a 10 rather than a 6 or as well as

Cheers ED 007.

{Ed007's Note - I wouldn't be holding my breath on Michut ending up at Celtic, although we had an interest this is one of the best all round young midfielders in Europe and even though we should always be looking to sign quality Michut is looking to be a first team regular and that would have possibly upset some of the midfielders we already have. And do we really want a player with the attitude that he can treat a clib like PSG with such disdain? If we do sign him I fear he will be another huffy cheese eating surrender monkey!
You know by now Richy Baby, just because Celtic scout players or even have a declared interest it doesn't mean anything will come of it or stories about the player turned us down etc etc
This isn't your first rodeo ????????
And I say it every window, people should stop reading $hite on Twitter and taking it as gospel, that Fabrizio guy says JJ is expected to leave, he was told he was clueless blah blah and nothing's happened but if he says we are in for a player it's taken as fact and Celtic fans pee their pants with excitement.}

13 Jul 2022 22:46:16
I see reports that Ange has dismissed trying to sign the boy from PSG likes the player but is not trying to sign him say it could be a while and in no rush sticking to their plan and could be until season starts before they have any news.

{Ed007's Note - And how many Celtic fans have spent their day obsessing about this kid? How many hours have been wasted by so called ITK social media and Celtic click bait sites on absolutely nothing?
It'll be another name in a couple of days that someone gets wind of us watching and coming up with we're in advanced talks pish.}

14 Jul 2022 09:07:51
Until they are standing in the stadium wearing a strip then I don't buy into the click bait pish. We were never in for the PSG player and to suggest we had put in a bid. Sometimes it appears we are used to spark interest in players. Even when JJ said he was happy where he was and wasn't going anywhere that bawbag still said he was leaving. We can also ignore Mooy rumours, Ange said not interested, he has his targets and is sticking to them.

13 Jul 2022 23:10:51
Celtic fans tv posted up an interview with a reporter in France in the so called know about the player seemed to talk about the player and the players desire to move on and had run out of patience with lack of first team chances PSG might not get rid of him but
The player wants to go so could there be scope for loan to buy option Ange did tell the journalists tonight that he is a good player and I am always interested in good players but there are limited markets I can tap into so could that mean we are priced out rather than not wanting him?

{Ed007's Note - It's nothing to do with money as things never got that far.}

14 Jul 2022 07:32:43
Exactly. Don't click as its usually bull. Guesswork is their game hoping to get one right. We will do what we need to do. Ange will get it right.

14 Jul 2022 09:25:55
The media and fans have no real idea of who we are after. Ange keeps his cards close to his chest which I love and as Maedainparadise points out until they are standing in the stadium wearing a strip with a ball in one hand and their contract in the other I don't believe a word that gets printed.

14 Jul 2022 11:39:31
I'm with the Rich T on this.

Sure most of it is crudd and junk from the media and scouts etc. As you say Ed some of us have wasted hours of our lives being duped by the "ITK" guys.

But sometimes, just sometimes, all the bait clicking, dreaming and hope does come off - Bernabei anyone? The hit rate might not be high - but when it is.

All power to the dreamers and the easily duped Rich T. Like a stpped clock we are occasionally right.

One down - nine to go.

{Ed007's Note - I wasn't meaning you guys wasting time reading their stuff, Stubbsie - that's what this site is for, to talk about rumours. I'm more on about the hours bloggers etc wasted writing pointless clickbaiting articles as if they are ITK about every player in the world, the wages they'd want, Ange has personally spoke to them etc etc and all for hee haw except for a boost in their advertising revenue earned off the back off attention seeking guys on Twitter.
How can a journalist claim that Celtic are in advanced talks to sign a player when they weren't and not get called out over it by Celtic fans, because it was good news? Everyone was quick to pile on to the guy that said he expected JJ to leave, because it's bad news? Both stories got them plenty of clicks on Twitter and gave the Celtic bloggers plenty to write about yet neither story was true.
I could sit here and make up BS stories - remember Guinness sponsoring Celtic Park? - that are believable and the lurkers that only read the page would lap it up but we aren't a clickbaiting site, otherwise Ed001 would have taken one of Sly's offers to work for/with them post stories and rumours to back up their stories that are only there to drive traffic to their betting site.
Everybody knows how much I hate the transfer window, clickbait sites love it because their revenue and profiles shoot up. It's all about the mighty budo.}

14 Jul 2022 11:45:01
I’m in shock. A player we have been linked with turns out not to be linked at all. When did this become a thing? The worlds gone mad.

{Ed007's Note - I'm getting a Stranger Things vibe, MP.}

14 Jul 2022 13:28:17
Whoaaaa, wait a minute, Ed rewind.

Guinness are going to be sponsering our stadium.!

Classic wind up. Chapeau.

{Ed007's Note -


14 Jul 2022 13:32:04
Good show great soundtrack IMO HH.

{Ed007's Note - ??? Me and Grotbags were a bit late to the party with ST but we love it. Paul said he thought it was childish and stopped watching it ages ago but after I told him about it he went back to give it a go and he's hooked as well. She doesn't look much in ST but Winona Ryder has been one of my celebrity crushes since I was a kid ?



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