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20 Jan 2022 20:53:20
O'Reilly is official. Welcome to paradise.

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20 Jan 2022 21:55:51
Well happy with the way the board have backed Ange.
Think he'll be a cracking signing and adds further strength to our squad, which a few weeks back looked short of quality in a few departments.
Looks like we have really upped the ante from last seasons disaster and have set our sights on bringing the title back to Paradise!

20 Jan 2022 22:45:04
I think the board are backing ange heavily because we are virtually gaurenteed CL group stage football if we win the league.

20 Jan 2022 23:12:16
Our last game against Hibs was probably the only time this season where our bench was strong. Good that we beat of intreated English based clubs and Ange player his part in convincing the boy. Can’t slate the board they’ve worked swiftly along side Ange! I work for a firm that Desmond had shares in and he and others cashed in and made themselves a pretty penny or two so maybe it’s helped in this winters window ?.

21 Jan 2022 08:12:46
The board aren't backing Ange. They are spending our money. They put feck all into the club we fund the club. Most of them shouldn't even be at our great club.

21 Jan 2022 09:35:31
Well at least they're spending our money on the thing we want the most, hopefully good players brings success, damned if they do damned if they don't.

21 Jan 2022 09:42:07
Auf how can you say they haven't backed the manager when we've already signed 5 players this January transfer window alone?
What more do you want them to do?
Are you not happy they seem to have spent wisely, rather than like in previous years when they were shelling out 5m for the likes of Ajeti?
Do you want them to do what the 'old rangers' did and go out and buy players for vast amounts of money making us financially insecure?
Nobody's mentioned individual board members here. I am saying as a 'board' who control the purse strings, they have backed our manager.
Happy Friday.

21 Jan 2022 10:34:18
They aren't backing Ange finically they are spending our money. Those fecking leeches take from celtic. We wouldn't need to build a whole squad if they had done there job properly. Some people forget to quickly. If we come up short this season it's on the board. Our bench this season has been embarrassing which is down to them. Held on to lennon to long then took 4 months to get a new manager.

21 Jan 2022 11:02:33
So up to last year wiuld you say they had done a good job, your glass is definitely half empty.

21 Jan 2022 11:33:37
ffs Auf I'm not talking about the Lennon years I'm talking about now.
We didn't hold onto Lennon too long, he should never have been appointed in the first place but let's move on. Doesn't meant I have forgotten about the appointment or what happened afterwards.
Our bench has been embarrassing down to an unprecedented amount of injuries and CV. These things aren't the norm and could't have been foreseen.
So because you pay to watch the club or buy merchandise you feel the board are spending your money? You pay money to be entertained and I feel you are being entertained. I can't imagine what you'd be like if you supported the other mob.

21 Jan 2022 12:01:45
No they didn't do a good job. Out of all the success they never did anything to move the club forward. Just papered over the cracks while having there hand in the cookie jar. we just brought in a sports analyst most modern clubs have had for year's. ? in charge of one of the biggest clubs in Europe and because they have sanctioned a few purchases people get all giddy creaming themselves.

21 Jan 2022 12:03:58
They're not spending my money it's all our money. Leeches.

21 Jan 2022 13:07:58
Anno a lot of clubs that wouldn't mind papering over the cracks with unprecedented amount of trophies, a take your point but move on and forget what last year.

21 Jan 2022 13:29:25
We cannot keep going back over what happened in the past time and time again, we need to move on and support ange and the team. The board ARE supporting Ange and were seeing the difference on the pitch and the bench. The board are the board, we can't change that and speaking about them all the time, gives then oxygen, I'd rather speak about Ange and the team.

21 Jan 2022 17:26:22
Auf, for feck sake chill out. Go and have a wee lie down for about a year. HH.

21 Jan 2022 20:31:27
I'm completely chilled. Just not sipped up the back.

21 Jan 2022 20:46:58
How can people slam the board for not spending money then say the next breath they aren't spending their own money, its a senseless argument I have slammed the board for not spending money and I will applaud them when they do, I am glad the board are backing ange and I really hope his signings work out. I have full trust in this board now after how the deals for players is getting done quickly and quietly the paper don't have a clue till the deals are virtually done.

22 Jan 2022 12:09:33
Lads enjoy the moments. .
Things change we move in.



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