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08 Dec 2021 21:48:09
The Green Brigade are planning a silent protest for the entire game tomorrow night and they will continue to repeat the silent protest, until they get a meeting with Celtic about the rumoured appointment of Bernard Higgins to the club.

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08 Dec 2021 22:53:48
Thanks Buzz.

So let me get this right - to get attention from the board they are going to shut up?

Maybe it's just me but that seems about as useless as Anne Frank's drum kit.

09 Dec 2021 00:52:32
Ultimately the lack or atmosphere will impact the teams performance. I totally agree with challenging the board on that appointment but I'd rather any protests didn't impact the team. Appreciate that might be easier said than done.

09 Dec 2021 08:07:26
I'm astounded given the level of outcry over this potential appointment that Michael Nicholson hasn't agreed to speak with the supporters organisations or am I? ?.

09 Dec 2021 08:27:58
The latest rumour is that Bernard Higgins won’t be taking the Celtic job.
The protests have worked.
It’s been mentioned that a contract has been signed but Higgins has had second thoughts about the job.
Higgins and Celtic will now need to come to an agreement about the contract.
I’ve read that the latest rumour is from a good source.

09 Dec 2021 09:46:20
It's my understanding that Higgins will be employed on the fifth of January. The silent protest will not work, all it will do is impact the team, eg. livi at home, not one of us is happy about Higgins but the gb are waisting there time, this board are to stubborn. What we think our club stands for and what the board thinks are to different things.

09 Dec 2021 13:49:45
I understand what the GB are trying to do. But would it make sense to just not and have large empty areas at celtic part during games. The only problem with all of it is the affect it will have on the team.

09 Dec 2021 13:58:13
If they do it in motherwell game that could be counter productive and affect our league chances, not for me.

09 Dec 2021 14:09:22
seems to me the GB. are more interseted in their own agendas than supporting the players on the pitch, its one thing having the banners but a sit in last week when its freezing aye charge on bhoys, pay good money to support celtic. then go and remain silent aye makes sense, don't get me wrong i've said many times when they're singing and have tifos creating a great atmosphere at games there's nothing better, but the rest off the stuff they can keep it outside.

{Ed007's Note - Maybe the GB being quiet will make the rest of the stadium who usually sit silent Tweeting pics for likes on social media to put their phones down and actually show some support for the team. Videoing YNWA to put on your Facebook page and then sitting taking pics of the GB and the players isn't supporting the team on the pitch.}

09 Dec 2021 14:28:40
rest of the stuff? like standing up for the rights of fans? you might want to research the role higgins played in criminalising our own support before slagging those taking a stand ?.

09 Dec 2021 15:25:47
I am happy we have a group of supporters that express themselves. Obviously they will step on some toes at times and some of their views are not the consensus of all; but generally there is no denying their passion for Celtic and their many tributes to Celtic legends
and with huge pictorial banners and sentiments are usually amazing. They are also the only outlet we have for expressing the growing concern about the chasm that has grown between Boardroom and support.

09 Dec 2021 19:45:54
Well posted OAB2 ☘ ? ☘.



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