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07 Aug 2021 08:09:23
Hearing a done deal for Eddy 19m and part of it to go on buying young Larsson anyone else heard this HH.

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07 Aug 2021 08:49:49
Heard Brighton and Southampton are both going to bid.

07 Aug 2021 09:04:17
Young larsson will be double figures unfortunately out our price range.

07 Aug 2021 09:08:05
If same deal as I saw it’s a fake Twitter account, it also said later done deal for Bustos, it’s only Rangers who went Bustos.

07 Aug 2021 09:19:21
I think Larson is a good shout, his value has gone up in the last 2 seasons no doubt, but 8 million will still buy him. That’s good business even with a maybe 40% sell on clause, recuperate and invest. Mr Eddy should get dumped out the door as soon as somebody comes near our valuation. I haven’t wanted to see him again in the Hoops from a long time.

07 Aug 2021 09:38:55
Jordan Larsson would probably break the current £9m deal we paid for Eddy.

07 Aug 2021 09:41:37
We could go for Bustos, Nisbet and McCann with the money? Not holding my breath though.

07 Aug 2021 09:51:07
Nisbet and McCann should be no brainer buys, we should not be letting talent like this just slip away to engerland, get them inn asap.

07 Aug 2021 10:33:38
Agreed Mally 👍.

07 Aug 2021 10:41:39
Jordan Larsson still has 2 years left on his current contract and he would cost £12 million plus at this stage.
It’s annoying Celtic didn’t bring the lad in years ago.
I would like to think Celtic had a look at him when he played alongside his dad at Helsingborg a few years ago.
It was obvious if young Jordan had a fraction of his dad’s talent, he would still be a brilliant player.
Celtic have brought in that many projects over the years and Larsson is definitely one that got away.

07 Aug 2021 10:53:16
Just another example of poor recruitment buzz, a hope the next agm someone has the balls to question the board on this matter.

{Ed007's Note - Why is it another example of poor recruitment, that we let a 6/7-year old Jordan Larsson slip through our fingers, as did Barca when he was 9, Man Utd and a host of European clubs - including Celtic - when he was 16?
Before blaming Celtic's recruitment for a player that left us 17 years ago son not signing for us why not look into why Larsson Jnr never wanted to join Celtic when he was a youngster:

"That’s where I have the biggest memories in my head: ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ you have all the scarves before the games and everything so of course it will always have a special place in my heart but at the same time since my father is who he is at the club I think for me personally if I would ever have the chance to play there then I would like to establish myself even more, make my own name before I would play there if that chance would ever come up but of course it’s tempting."

He didn't want to always be known as Henrik Larsson's son which is what he would have happened if he had signed for Celtic, look at players like Jordi Cruyff years ago, Timo Weah and Enzo Fernandez (Zidane's son), even Hagi at TRIFC who have had their careers weighed down by having fathers who were world-class and adored by fans.
Imagine the pressure Jordan Larsson would have been under if he had signed for Celtic as a kid? He didn't want that and neither did his father - that's why Jordan Larsson has never signed for Celtic

07 Aug 2021 11:29:10
Great post ED
If Young Larsson had signed as an 17/ 18 yr old and had a few bad games, everyone would compare him to his dad and he would be labeled a dud.

{Ed007's Note - 👍

07 Aug 2021 11:32:53
Was meaning more when he started showing promise at helsingborg, he'd have been worth a look, a get the dad thing mate, but still think he'd have been worth signing.

{Ed007's Note - He scored 18 goals in over 70 games for Helsingborg - 9 in 30 in his last season, a season when they were relegated - and you think that was him showing promise? If Celtic had managed to sign him there would have been PLENTY of supporters moaning that we only signed him because of who is dad is and rightly so.
Add into that again what Larsson Jnr has said about making his own name before even considering joining Celtic and I think we can now agree that it's nothing to do with it being "another example of poor recruitment".
How could anyone have known how much he would improve over the last 3 seasons, who's to say he would be the player he is if his career hadn't taken the path it has?
Why do you think a a 19-year old player, that had scored 18 goals in 73 games in Sweden for a team that was relegated (remember Helsingborg fans attacked him when they went down) would have been worth signing?
If his name was Borg Ikea whose dad never played for Celtic would you be saying the same?}

07 Aug 2021 11:42:53
Thanks for explaining that Ed.
The pressure on Jordan would’ve been unfair.
He obviously knows what he’s doing and I hope he continues to get better.
I can remember Jordan was brilliant on trophy days as a young bhoy.
He was scoring from all angles against the other kids.
You could tell then, he was going to be a professional footballer.

{Ed007's Note - 👍

07 Aug 2021 11:50:25
with the amount of comments on here on we should of signed him and did this and did that poor recruitment. we would have enough players to field 10 teams if we signed every player we were linked with. everybody has there opinions but this arm chair manager and scout stuff is going into overdrive same fan base who moan about projects being signed then moan when players are 30 or over who have been there and done it. wonder why it took us so long to get a manager in when we had so many in our own fan base. i like the lad Larsson but to argue he should have been signed years ago all because he is Larsson son is silly. he has just started to prove himself in the last few year.

07 Aug 2021 12:17:25
Abada is 19 is he a project, am meaning more to do with if he's half as good as his father it might have been worth a punt, jeez calm doon.

{Ed007's Note - You said: "Just another example of poor recruitment" and now you're saying we should have just taken a punt on a player because of who his dad is. You're either blaming Celtic for something that has nothing to do with them or you'd just like to see Larsson's son at Celtic no matter how good he was?
I'm perfectly calm mate, it just pi$$es me off when people start blaming Celtic for things that have absolutely nothing to do with them, things with the board are bad enough without people making up stuff to attack them with. You blamed poor recruitment yet Larsson Jnr himself has explained how he sees things.}

07 Aug 2021 13:06:32
Fair dos mate, it's frustration sorry for rant 👍.

{Ed007's Note - 👍👍

07 Aug 2021 15:26:59
Spot on Ed👍 We all need to remember this is real life, players might not want to come for various reasons. But I tell u all the Celtic bashing is getting boring. We can't blame the board for failing to sign every player we like or we're linking with, most of the talk is rubbish anyway. They made some mistakes but on a whole they done a good job, Hail Hail 🍀.

{Ed007's Note - 👍

07 Aug 2021 16:04:44
Would take him and his dad 🍀💚.

07 Aug 2021 17:58:57
Take the 18-20m for edouard and reinvest it straight back into the squad, possibly breaking our transfer record for a striker.

2 strikers who I've been really impressed with, jean pierre nsame of young boys fc and bruno petkovic of dinamo zagreb.

Nsame is out with a serious injury so it's a non starter but petkovic is an absolute beast and exactly what we should be going after, apparently valued close to 10m and at 26 Would be a steal.
Also really like the look of sparta pragues david hancko.
Left footed centre back who can also play left back and again is at a decent age of 23, actually scored against us last season and is valued at 4m.
Would love for us to also go for Josh doig but a right back is the main priority first.

07 Aug 2021 18:43:37
Celtic find ourselves playing catch-up because we haven’t invested enough of the transfer money the club has brought in over the years.
Peter Lawwell last season came out with a statement, that the club had spent £20 million on transfers in 18 months, but he forgot to mention that Celtic received £25 million for KT in that same period.
If Celtic had re-invested the full £25 million from the KT transfer and £5-£10 million that was sitting in the bank, we would’ve competed last season.

07 Aug 2021 18:54:46
I do agree any transfer money received should go straight back into the squad but other losses need to be accounted for if we are to remain stable.
It's the boards fault we've missed out on 100m plus over the past 3 or 4 seasons due to sheer incompetence and lack of planning ahead to have a team capable of making it.
With the C.V. also affecting income the past 12 months and us already out the CL at the first hurdle I can't see us spending the whole amount we receive for edouard, hope I'm wrong though.

07 Aug 2021 22:37:27
Borg Ikea . Brilliant Ed. LOL.

{Ed007's Note - I put a lot of thought into it lol I looked up the name of the chef from The Muppets but it didn't, work out.}

08 Aug 2021 07:01:37
The pressure that would be on Jordan to be outstanding and score every other week would/ coughs break him not for me.

09 Aug 2021 11:46:59
We all know the effect Rodgers had on improving certain players. Is Ange having that effect on Ralston, I think the boys had a good start to this season he can definitely be in and around the squad for the season. A bit sus defensively. Still no Doig bid, that's dissappointing.



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