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04 Aug 2021 00:03:56
Juninho, spelling, was banned for a brawl while playing in Brazil,8 game ban, he then played against us while ineligible for Midyland, interesting stuff.

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04 Aug 2021 00:25:24
Would that not be an 8 game international ban.

04 Aug 2021 02:18:07
Heard rumours of him being ineligible against us. Imagine the rage if we got a 3-0 win. Although PSV are more or less qualified. Just put us in the Europa league group stage would be ideal.

04 Aug 2021 03:29:46
It will be Interesting to see what UEFA will do with this new information.
Juninho received an 8 game ban but he only served 2 of those games before his transfer to Midtjylland.
He made his debut on the weekend before our 2nd leg.
Juninho then played against Celtic and then another league game on Sunday.
Last night he served only his 3rd suspension against PSV, after the error was noticed.
I think Celtic will be sent into the Europa League group stages.
PSV will enter the CL playoffs.
And then UEFA will need to try and play Jablonec and Midtjylland twice before the winner plays AZ Alkmaar on August 19th.
If UEFA want to be ruthless they might send Midtjylland into the Conference League playoffs and give Jablonec a bye to play AZ Alkmaar in a fortnight.
UEFA will need to implement their own rules, which means I can’t see the Celtic game going ahead on Thursday because it would only add to the shambles.

04 Aug 2021 04:00:46
Just read an article regarding this and it does state that it worldwide and not just for his international.
It states that he had served 2 game ban already so surely Uefa will look into why he played against us and a couple of league games.

04 Aug 2021 04:30:59
It must be worldwide Jonbhoy if UEFA suspended him for the PSV game.
It’s a pity they didn’t notice the error last week.
It’s a major error from Midtjylland because Juninho had only started his ban recently.
The brawl happened in June but obviously there was a later disciplinary hearing.
I’m surprised nobody from the Celtic staff checked the new Midtjylland Brazilian player, especially with the previous registration drama Celtic have witnessed in Europe in the last 10 years.

04 Aug 2021 06:38:13
A think it’s fake news guys, it was a different team if what a was reading is correct.

04 Aug 2021 06:38:33
If this is true then fault fully lies with midtjylland. Surely when signing him they’d know he’s carrying such a ban, and if it is true then they should get pumped into the conference league at best for the mess. Absolute morons.

04 Aug 2021 07:28:56
Buzz a should know never doubt you I was mistaken
I shouldn’t try and google these things early doors when half a sleep! 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.

04 Aug 2021 07:33:03
Apparently the ban has been appealed and taken to court of Arbitration so he is eligible to play until his hearing.
Can’t get any concrete or definitive info on this tbh it’s just speculation.

04 Aug 2021 07:59:07
If this is correct what a shambles from the Danes and UEFA should have picked up on it by now.

04 Aug 2021 08:00:54
They will need to do something to punish them as if the don't every team who was punished in the past will go nuts.

04 Aug 2021 09:08:32
From past experience, does he not just change his name to “THE Juninho” and then carry on as if it didn’t happen? Sorry couldn’t resist 🤷‍♂️.

04 Aug 2021 09:26:25
I don't think anything will happen tbh. I think if something could be done celtic would have notified uefa before our game with them.

04 Aug 2021 09:54:50
How can they appeal it if he has already started the ban, with those two games.

04 Aug 2021 09:58:45
Surely we can’t be this lucky for a 3rd time 😅🙏🏻.

04 Aug 2021 10:16:35
I had doubts myself and I thought it was old news because Juninho’s old club were involved in another mass brawl in 2018 and 9 players were sent off.
Marco, this new information has only come to light because there’s no doubt Celtic would’ve acted if we knew last week.
UEFA can’t do nothing because the rules are there and UEFA have a history of implementing their own rules, unlike our own SFA.

04 Aug 2021 10:38:09
Don't care if anything doesn't happen, got beat end off.

04 Aug 2021 11:23:29
Midtjylland’s argument is they thought it was okay to play Juninho until FIFA decided if it was a worldwide ban.
The FIFA hearing was yesterday and they decided it was a worldwide ban, hence his suspension for the PSV game last night.
It looks like Midtjylland are clutching at straws.

04 Aug 2021 11:51:48
I personally don't think anything will happen now if fifa only told uefa it was a world wide ban a couple of days ago. How were the Danish to know if uefa didn't. I think they will win their case I really really hope I am wrong though and we get put into the group stages.

04 Aug 2021 12:53:26
The onus is on the Danes, ignorance isn’t an excuse. If he served two games of ban already, they must have been aware, then they should made inquiries to the appropriate authorities., at the very least.

04 Aug 2021 18:05:48
he had his hearing with FIFA to clarify if 8 game ban would be worldwide and they said it was so he was left out last night.
Because no ruling had been made to say if his ban was worldwide or not he was eligible to play until the hearing so no group stage waltz for us.
We should be able to get there on our own anyway.

04 Aug 2021 18:25:19
Usually if a player gets banned they would know the details of their ban immediately.
It doesn’t make sense that Juninho would receive a ban in July but he would need to wait until August for the details of his suspension.
All FIFA did yesterday was confirm it was already a worldwide ban since July.
Juninho is guilty and Midtjylland are also guilty.



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