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10 Jun 2021 09:17:20
Big Ange is confirmed. HH.

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10 Jun 2021 09:43:15
Making all the right noises with a very passionate affirmation and statement of intent. Looking forward and upwards after last season.

10 Jun 2021 09:48:49
Yes Oab. He said this,

"We have already begun work on our plans for adding to the squad - we aim to bring players of quality to Celtic to enhance the existing core of great talent. "


10 Jun 2021 10:03:23
Also impressed with the first statement.

Marquee signing next, especially as Eddy is offski. I'd love to see them announce a permanent deal for Elyannousi, despite the fact that I still can't spell his name.


10 Jun 2021 10:35:52
Moi is being chased by Wolfsburg and Frankfurt doubt we will see him back.

10 Jun 2021 10:57:23
The statement sounds like the normal guff as it is most likely written for them by the PR team.

10 Jun 2021 11:30:33
I personally wouldn't like to see MOI Back. i feel he flattered to decieve most of the time, and never really turned up on the big occaisions. Wish him all the best, just not in a celtic shirt please.

10 Jun 2021 12:31:34
Moi can go anywhere as long it's not ph.

10 Jun 2021 12:39:45
Never really happened for any of our players last season though for whatever reason. I'd take him back but can't see it.

10 Jun 2021 12:55:59
I agree with Junglegaz.

10 Jun 2021 12:58:29
A man who wants to be here and will bring drive and passion to the job. He has everything to prove and I desperately hope he does it.

10 Jun 2021 13:44:50
The man deserves a chance to make things work but what worries me is how much control and say he has over signings and general operations within the squad.

The past is indeed the past and it's time to move on but I don't trust the celtic board as far as I could throw them and just feel there is a total lack of competency in the timing and running of decisions and if rubbish hits the fan for whatever reason then ange will unfairly be made a scapegoat.

Peter lawwell is now away which is one toxic weed removed as change was needed but with no head of recruitment or director of football in place I feel this is going to be an utter transition season for us all instead of expected success from the off.

Give him time and let him have the final say on transfers if it's within the budget as he's the one working with the players every day, strange times to be a celtic fan but all the best and good luck ange!

10 Jun 2021 15:53:46
I think the clue may be in the title the club has given him, not head coach but Football Manager. He will be managing the football side of things.

10 Jun 2021 17:49:48
We need to get behind him. And so do the board, or it will be panda.

10 Jun 2021 18:23:10
Best of luck ange I really hope he is a rip roaring success obviously but I cannot understand how we’ve ended up here how can he be our second choice, I know we probably got a few knock backs but we’ve ended up with one hell of a gamble, there’s probably thousands of coaches with the relevant pro license to manage in our leagues and European tournaments and although they don’t garuntee quality and success surely they are a bare minimum for a ‘big’ club . I pray I’m wrong but this could be an unmitigated disaster. HH.

11 Jun 2021 18:31:08
Ange won't get the blame from me unless the board give him backing and he buys duds. The CL is gone more than likely as we don't have time now to get players in. But we need to for the Europa a few weeks later. Again, who actually believes we could manage that. Hopefully Dom won't haggle over ten bob and the ghost of Lawell can be exhumed once and for all. Still think it's a Herculean task to get quality in, and will be torpedoed if the board go cheap and hope again.

11 Jun 2021 18:35:13
I bet it doesn't get close to the unmitigated disaster we are still in due to appointing the wrong guy last time. We have Lenny and Lawell out, that's a step in the right direction. Over to our board to back Ange. God help us all. :)



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