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23 Apr 2021 21:52:28
Rumours Celtic have tonight had a bid of €5M rejected for Mario Vušković - CB 19

He's been a diamond in the rough this season in an underperforming Hajduk Split.

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23 Apr 2021 22:04:06
Interesting Kev, who's picking players let alone sanctioning bids for them when we don't have a D. O. F or Head Coach in yet?

23 Apr 2021 22:36:51
We still have a scouting and recruitment departments.
Do you think we just start from scratch everytime the head coach changes?

23 Apr 2021 23:29:15
Reports suggest that it has been rejected at the min.

24 Apr 2021 06:33:44
Kev, Head of Football Operations - Nick Hammond (like Elvis) has left the building.

But your right, with the guy who identified the players gone and no manager in place, it makes perfect sense to make offers for random players across Europe 😆🤣😉.

24 Apr 2021 09:18:35
Pedro, Nick Hammond was "Head Of" Football Operations and Recruitment which means there must be teams in place to be the head of. I'm not saying we have bid for him but you're being very naive if you think scouting etc. is dead in the water.

24 Apr 2021 09:31:54
Maybe the new manager has started work already.

24 Apr 2021 09:27:39
We still had same shortage of staff when we offered Welsh a new deal. majority of clubs identify players for a position the manager identifies he needs and then the manager selects which 1 he prefers.
The hierarchy know we require minimum of 1 CB probably 2 just to cover Duffy exit and Ajer entering final 12m of contract.
Makes sense to identify targets and find out what they will cost to bring to club, might even indicate new manager has agreed terms but board want to unveil at same time as season book renewals.

24 Apr 2021 13:52:38
Mad Peter have one last shot of football manager before he retires to the Heated driveway.

24 Apr 2021 15:12:59
Mallythetally that's what makes me think its definitely Howe that's new manager and he is not going to be announced untill after his Bournemouth contract expires in June 2021.

24 Apr 2021 15:18:05
But the scouting has been a big part of the problem, player recruitment has been a disaster, so I was hoping we were starting from scratch and it would be up to the new dof and manager/ coach with regards to Who we signed.

24 Apr 2021 18:16:55
Head of football doesn’t leave until July 1st lol
On a serious note I’m sure this guy was on an 11 player list from a Celtic podcast or blog that looked better researched than anything the club has produced in the last few years.

24 Apr 2021 20:11:15
Pedro you must really have no clue how a scouting department works if you think Hammond was the only person identifying player.

24 Apr 2021 20:56:33
Pedro i get what you're trying to say, but like (Freddie said) the show must go on, the scouting department will be much bigger than Hammond he would most likely be the guy that had the final say if we make a move then speak to agents, after that would of been passed over to PL to negotiate a deal if one was possible. My honest opinion is that the board know who the new guy will be and he has possibly had a say on some potential targets, but that's probably more hopefully thinking than anything else haha.

25 Apr 2021 08:07:13
Cheers SW, I appreciate scouting is a system of networks that nowadays stretches far and wide with reports coming in left, right and centre from various age levels across the globe.
I agree that the likely scenario is that hopefully we already have a D. O. F and/ or new Head Coach in place which is why we could well be starting to move on certain targets.
If the opposite was true it would be a concern.
Like the Freddie Mercury reference BTW, nice one 👍.

25 Apr 2021 09:37:26
I don’t clam to know about how knowledgeable I am regarding what scouting system is left in place, or what isn’t . However, if I was a player and some club had bid 5 million for me, surely you would want to meet the coach or dof to see what his plans are for me, how he sees my role in the team. We have neither at the minute . Not quite sure how that would work. So I can see both sides here, where the club should still have players in mind, but without a figurehead it’s a hard sell .

25 Apr 2021 11:41:00
Agree with that rationale Quinn1888.

25 Apr 2021 12:33:30
I agree, I think enquiries would be made at this stage but unlikely concrete offers would be made.

25 Apr 2021 14:08:28
Quinn i agree to a point, but the player has to want to play for the club first and foremost, you either want to play for the jersey or not, yes it helps when there is a manager in place etc but i believe there is something going on behind the scenes that we are not aware of that may be helping things move along ie scouting etc i believe that will be part of the reason our new CEO started last week, just to get the ball moving with certain things at the club. I've said it before on here and to work mates, we need to be patient with this appointment and the potential set up, it can't be rushed or mistakes will be made, this needs to be spot on for next season or a majority of Celtic fans will start whinging that they rushed into things and didn't do the process properly. Pedro glad you liked it mate, thought I'd keep the musical references going since you started off with Elvis lol.



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