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16 Apr 2021 11:43:06
Don’t be surprised if the Keane/ Harkin double act comes back into the frame over the weekend, check if Keane is on duty for sky this Sunday!

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16 Apr 2021 13:45:01
I’d be gutted if it’s Keane - real lack of ambition

He will be given the support of the fans but I really expect us to do better.

16 Apr 2021 14:29:36
To be fair I’m starting to get worn down by it all. Just make a decision and back it, I was keen on Eddie Howe but this dragging on is tedious . He hasn’t done that much in his career that he can keep us on tender hooks . He either wants the job or not, if he’s not that keen he will be off at the first sign of a prem club . All this crap about him doing due diligence on the club. There’s plus and minuses for our club compared to the prem, but they are obvious . Either take it or tell us otherwise so we can move on, be it Keane or whoever . It’s as boring as C.V. news now 🙈.

16 Apr 2021 14:50:07
One journalist saying he's still under contract to Bournemouth, so why would we pay compensation when he's free to come for nothing soon enough, although that could be nonsense.
There's one thing keeping your council but still expect the fans to part with their Hard earned cash for st. its now officially a saga.

16 Apr 2021 16:53:13
Malika hope your well mate!
You have obviously been tipped off about something?

16 Apr 2021 16:53:37
Why would he move just now, he will be looking at videos, talking to people and players, I remember Martin when he said yes to Celtic I am sure he was working with the bbc and talking to players behind clubs back, Howe will be doing the same he will be in and I can’t wait.

16 Apr 2021 18:00:58
How are doing Malika pal?

I think you could be right about Harkin as D. O. F. but not sure if Keane will be joining him.

One thing though, if Howe is playing for time and or insisting on Hughes coming, then I hope we tell him to feck off.

Celtic are far bigger and more successful than anyone individual. HH.

16 Apr 2021 18:02:20
How you doing Campsiebhoyy? Hope all is good with you.
I have a feeling that if Keano is not on sly sports on Sunday then it’s Happening.
The board will not allow Howe to dictate and bring his own DOF, what’s the point in that?, they have a first preference which has been agreed for a long time and that’s Fergal Harkin, he is Desmonds and Lawell’s choice as well. Roy Keane is also a preferred candidate for Desmond and he has been highly recommended by MoN, previously privately and Desmond listens to MoN and lately he has pushed him publicly.
The new CEO comes in and if we turn up on Sunday then We Win easily, we beat the dark side and the Cup is ours, so the new manager and DOF start off with a trophy in their first couple of mths and thy are in place to prepare for Europe.
PS this is the rumours page 😂.

16 Apr 2021 19:07:47
Think Hughes could easily come in as head of recruitment and Hardin as DoF Not unreasonable to want someone good on recruitment Rodgers brought his own guy. Perhaps the press try and bring out every negative in their reporting and what do they really know. So I have just made up a scenario of Harlingen DoF Howe Head Coach Hughes Recruitment. I don’t think that’s too bad but I did just make it up on what’s out there just as all the journalists and websites are. doing while casting everything negative. Hail Hail lads here’s to humping the Sevconians on Sunday can’t wait for Monday’s hangover.

16 Apr 2021 21:38:29
Hi new to this site HH, I SEE ALL CHAT BOUT NEW MANAGER it would be very disrespectful in my eyes to name a new manager before a cup game and put pressure on a new manager and kennedy. I've lived in Bournemouth 30 yrs born Glasgow all I can say is howe has not said no there is no chat down this way . in my eyes Monday or Tuesday all will be revealed.

16 Apr 2021 22:27:26
It's not as if we have had a plethora of top managers manage our club in the past, infact we have had some terrible ones. I wouldn't choose Keane myself however you can't deny he is a massive name, box office infact. I'm just not convinced his style would suit us, infact I don't know what his style even is. While on the other hand I know what Eddie Howe's style is and I think it would suit us no problem.

17 Apr 2021 00:30:05
Howe is a private man who likes to keep himself to himself. He left Burnley for Bournemouth cause he was homesick. Yous honestly think he’s going to last in the goldfish bowl that is Glasgow?

17 Apr 2021 02:08:44
Always had a feeling that it would and still will be Keane.

17 Apr 2021 08:06:41
Guys the way the press have harped on about this is a joke they don't know stuff going on so they make rubbish up. Celtic are only letting them know what Celtic are letting them have which is great from Celtic we as fans are desperate to know but the main people at Celtic have been quietly working away until its the right time to show there hand. Now its going to come out very soon they may have their first choice they may have another choice but when they announce it some maybe happy others may not but the line we will get is the man or men picked will b their first choice and we will back that as we will do as Celtic supporters So let's park that for now and get behind the bhoys the morra then let's see what next season brings HH everyone.

17 Apr 2021 10:27:05
Could we be waiting for the new ceo to come in and then announce new Dof and manager. within the week. is that possible.

17 Apr 2021 10:58:22
@Weewhitey - I thought the reason he left Burnley was because of the death of his mother and he wanted to be closer to home.

{Ed007's Note - You're right, NAW and Eddie Howe explains it HERE.}

17 Apr 2021 15:42:19
“NAW” is that no really being homesick?

17 Apr 2021 15:51:45
I really hope it's not Keane less than %50 win rate is nothing to shout about as a manager. Only good thing I would say is he would put the press back in there box . But for winning the league he is not for me. Not that I have any say in the new appointment of manager. I really do think that the announcement will be made next week who ever it will be.

17 Apr 2021 16:54:36
Just had a text from a good friend who’s bestie knows a non-exec director to say Howe announced this week. Maybe Monday.
I figured if it was happening, it’s be announced roundabout tomorrow’s game.
Monday gives a good pick me up if we lose, or galvanises the feel good factor if we win.

17 Apr 2021 18:13:23
@weewhitey - i don't think it shows he was homesick but as we don't know all the details we can't say for certain. The only thing we know for certain is his mother died and as a result he left Burnley and went back to Bournemouth.

If i were to make a guess i would say that he cares for his family and wanted to be close to help his dad. I know this is what i would do in that situation.

17 Apr 2021 18:40:07
So it's Monday now? Breath will not be held.

18 Apr 2021 10:04:49
He did say he went home because off his mums death, the home sick is the press trying to sell stories as they don’t know what’s going on, it will be Howe 100% he gave is word to dd, he’s not the kind off manager to go back on his word.

18 Apr 2021 12:45:03
Magic for me as soon as the new CEO was announced that he would be starting on the 19th of April the first thing i thought was the new manager must be close, as he will be the one working closely with the new coach and possible DOF, not PL. the new CEO will probably want to be the one the announce him alongside PL aswell as tell the fans about the plans to move forward. far too many people reading the rags everyday and believing everything that they write, the papers will know exactly what we know. absolutely hee haw and as always will make up stories on a daily basis to sell papers or get clicks.

19 Apr 2021 13:31:58
No news on the manager front. I was clearly lied to from someone I thought didn’t get involved in this kind of nonsense.
It’s clear the board have no plan, or ideas. Kennedy will be announced as permanent manager after we’ve been knocked out in our first CL qualifier.
The board have shown utter contempt for the fans, and I’m done. I won’t be renewing unless a top drawer manager is announced and I won’t be spending anymore money on the club. The board are taking advantage of our loyalty and live for the club.



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