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06 Apr 2021 10:13:53
Guys the london stock exchange were notified when both lennon and rodgers LEFT the club. they were not notified when they were appointed to the club.

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06 Apr 2021 10:37:40
So, it's even worse than we thought? We were waiting for today as it was supposed to be done and just the SE formality. If that's not the case then by the hour wee Strachan s blurting out, don't out your eggs comment looks more like what I thought it was. A warning all is not great and certainly not a done deal.

06 Apr 2021 12:21:02
Magicpole, it's not worse than we thought. Why do you think it is?
Who said that anything was definitely going to happen today?
We're hoping things happen quickly but the club has never named today or any other day as a definite date for anything to be announced. The media is rubbing it's hands over fans who fall for their nonsense. T
We did receive confirmation this morning that Dom McKay is coming in sooner than expected so that has to be a bit of good news. It may not be everything we all wanted to hear but it's a start.
We will have a new manager soon, we might be getting a DOF and there could be other additions but until it happens please stay away from the media if this is how it's affecting you. HH.

06 Apr 2021 12:43:57
spot on bestybhoy. some fans are going into complete meltdown.

06 Apr 2021 13:46:46
So I am the onky one that was looking to this morning and hoping the stock exchange, as we have been told, is the first instance of him actually coming? Now we are hearing it won't be until June and a possible hurdle will be him wanting his pal to he DOF. If that's the case then I don't think We should agree to that. He should pick his backroom staff but the DOF is another matter. We hire his pal and he's off as soon as Eddy gets an offer for a EPL team that suits his ambition. I would be surprised if any board would agree to that unless the guy is brilliant. I don't know enough about him to judge that. My worry is not restricted to Howe, if he doesn't want to come or his conditions for accepting are too much, then say goodbye and move on. We have a Herculean task to refloat our strike ship. Waiting until June is a recipe for disaster. We are never prepared for the CL when we have a manager, the need to replace those leaving, get in players who are actually defenders and a goalie and winger, tells me we are in for a torrid time trying to qualify. It seems that no matter what task our board embark upon it takes an age. They must know if they are go8ng to accept his request his pal joins him. If it's yes, say that and ask him to sign. If it's not acceptable say that and move on. I would love Howe to be appo8nted but we can't hang about as he tees up another club coming in. I mentioned Strachan who knows there are issues and warned not to get all hopeful thst it will happen soon. I have taken that on-board and woukd like the board to make their offer and force the issue. It makes no difference to Howe dragging it out, and may even help him get an EPL job using us as a trigger to move in. He's entitled to do that, but if he is not willing to give an answer quickly I wouldn't be gang8ng about. Every week that goes by is a week less to deal with the shambles not acting quick enough to get rid of Lennon caused. It seems making decisive decisions is a skill set our board don't possess. Time is if the essence, I don't trust the board and I think Howe eemand8ng his pal gets the job too is taking the piss. All this in principle stuff is bollocks either accept it or the board should tell him to bolt. I wonder if Keane woukd be willing to still take it after he seen the overwhelming majority of us against him getting it. I have said previously I would support Keane, at least he wouldn't come out with the in principle piss and want to name the DOF. I want the board to break the habit of their tenure and make a feckin decision and not do their usual dithering while we need action. Howe to me is like a player who doesn't want to be here no matter how good they are, catch ye.

{Ed007's Note - You probably weren't the only one looking at the LSE this morning but the question is why you and them were? If you choose to believe stuff in the press and social media it's hardly the Club's fault when the bull$hit doesn't come true. You're taking out your frustrations & disappointment on the Club rather than the people making this stuff up.}

06 Apr 2021 14:09:09
maigicpole. chill out mate a new manger will be in place for the summer the club does not need to do a report every morning on what's going on. the media are putting every name and story out there a lot of them doing the story's will be pro sevco having a laugh at the meltdown of Celtic fans on social media.

06 Apr 2021 14:25:49
Ed I never bought the SE crap. Lennon was announced on a Saturday night, in a shower. I waited though, because it might have been the way they wanted to go, although when I saw nothing thus morning, I wasn't surprised. Why I am getting at the board is their form for dithering. They should make their final offer, he was supposed to be think8ng it over an Easter egg, another load of made up manure. Tell him the truth, we can't wait and he has to let us know. I think it's gone too l8bg and am thinking yes using us to get an English club, I hope I'm. wring but that's how I feel. If he doesn't want to come I won't bother my arse. I have always had the opinion you don't any to be at our club feck off then. But, I do worry about time being wasted. Hopefully he will sign but if he hasn't by the end of this week we walk away.

{Ed007's Note - Who told you Howe was thinking it over during Easter, who told you Howe was wanting his pal as DOF, was it the same people that said Harkin was a certainty for that job and was bringing in staff from Man City?
I never heard any of that that come from the Club so yes it was made up manure, but made up manure that you believed. Like I said you're taking your frustrations out on the Club because you're believing rubbish on the internet and over things you think should happen.}

06 Apr 2021 14:52:31
I hear you. And if we are taking your point to it's conclusion Howe might not have even talked to us. Do we believe he has, and if so why? It came from the same places all the other stuff did? I haven't read a single word from Celtic 're Howe, so under your rationale, that could be bull also. Do you believe we have talked to him? And if so, why? He hasn't commented, the club haven't commented either. It works both ways. Do you think we are even negotiating with him? We can't say all the rest is groundless and leave out we might not have even considered him, never mind offered him it.

{Ed007's Note - OK.}

06 Apr 2021 15:37:50
Until Celtic announce it ignore them all. I stopped clicking on all there click bait crap years ago IV also learned until Celtic announce we know nothing.

06 Apr 2021 16:21:56
That's why the support are clutching at any story flying about. The board don't tell us nothing. There communication with the support is scandalous, it's our club we finance it. We travel every corner of the world supporting them. We deserve better communication than we get. Saying that i know everyone who's every played for Celtic's birthday or when they want money off me. Disgrace the contempt they have for the support.

06 Apr 2021 18:32:12
If we are to believe nothing then as far as we know they've all been 9kay8ng monopoly since the season started. hold on, that actually makes sense. The board do treat us like rubbish. We all knew that Lennon had to go in September or earlier, they coukdnt see it. Called us over reactors, well, we weren't and it proves we are being run by dithering rubbishbags who couldn't make a decision if the 10 depended on it. It was their pal. I agree about the birthdays too, and all the old games they show as if that deflects from what a shower of useless barstewards they all are. If anything can be fecked up, our board are in a league of their own.



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