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25 Mar 2021 16:02:47
Roy keane is 100% celtic manager will be announced very soon. No sure am too happy about this but will give him a chance.

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25 Mar 2021 16:16:40
Can see it after all the bad comments about him, not a season ticket seller in my opinion.

25 Mar 2021 16:33:00
If it's true I would like to see him MON and Damian Duff form a management team as there would be a god mix of everything required.

25 Mar 2021 16:33:18
Let's be honest you think a few bad comments going to put Keane off? Season tickets will still sell IMO. If the correct backroom staff with him it could work.

25 Mar 2021 16:45:34
I know it's not the first man to have betting suspended on but the fact Ed007 said this is what he heard weeks even months ago would suggest it's happening 😅. I'm not convinced by RK it really would depend on those around him like OAB says.

25 Mar 2021 16:51:56
Duff would be a good fit if it's Keane but am still of the opinion it's bull.

25 Mar 2021 16:53:40
If true I am absolutely devastated and feel totally let down by Dermot Desmond and the Celtic board.

25 Mar 2021 17:10:53
I think it will be Keane but I think that's an awful appointment. I think football has passed him by and he's a dinosaur. Made a living after football for being a grumpy bore! He's also been out of the game for years - hardly a superstar appointment. What happened to setting your sights high? From Eddie Howe or benitez to a moany ex player (granted an excellent player but not an excellent manager! ) .

He'll moan and moan and then resign moaning about the modern day players and the board not giving him 100 million to sign the worlds best.

25 Mar 2021 17:23:18
Harkin - DOF
Keane - HC
Duff - AHC

Yes Please.

25 Mar 2021 17:31:58
I don’t get the duff hype, he must be a ok coach but some people think he’s outstanding which I don’t get.

25 Mar 2021 17:34:06
I'm set to lift 1800 if he signs.

25 Mar 2021 17:37:09
A really don't see the big fascination with Eddie howe id take Keane over him any day.

25 Mar 2021 17:58:25
Gar 1888, do you have info or going by the bookies?

25 Mar 2021 18:25:47
Nothing concrete but I've had folk that know folk inside the club saying Desmond wants Keane and he's going to back him well. These folk been saying this for months. But they are saying its happening for sure. I'll wait and see am sceptical myself. But when folk are so sure you have to listen lol.

25 Mar 2021 19:00:04
I'm sure the £1.5m a year will deaden the blow of some negative posts.

25 Mar 2021 19:11:30
Don't want Keane but if it's him fair enough. Scottish football will be blockbuster next season on Sky with 2 big EPL heavyweights in the main job's.
Always bemused when people say it won't sell season books. It's Celtic we support. Managers, player's, CEO and Owners come and go. Supporting Celtic is unconditional. HH.

25 Mar 2021 20:17:36
If or when Keane signs I won't be buying anything celtic I want my money to go on a young upcoming coach with progressive thoughts and exciting football not a dinosaur.

25 Mar 2021 20:36:00
I'm the same Marco, they can get tae. if they appoint Keane.

25 Mar 2021 21:44:43
Like said it all depends who's in the backroom coaching.

They went out and got that guy Beale to help Slippy.

By all accounts it's Beale who sets the tactics.

So as long as we don't fill the backroom team with crap it could work with Keane.

Although I'd rather it wasn't.

25 Mar 2021 22:24:05
Well said Greentree. Its not a one man band.

26 Mar 2021 06:40:31
I'm unsure why we'd even be considering Keane other than the Irish connection to DD, if that's true? There has to be a load of other, better suited managers/ coaches out there.

I would also say that getting the structure correct with a very good D. O F coming in and running the footballing side of the club is more important than the manager.

Playing 😈 advocate, if Slippy G can win the league then there's no reason why Keane can't do the same, but he wouldn't be my choice.

26 Mar 2021 13:00:57
@Gar1888 I'd take Howe over Keane in a heartbeat. He's got a proven track record of building and progressing a team. I know he spent big money but keeping a club like Bournemouth in the PL for 4 or 5 years is a great achievement. Would Howe have won the Treble Treble when Rodgers left and then delivered the 9 last season? I think he would have. Would Lennon or Keane have won the Championship and led Bournemouth to a top half PL finish? Not a chance. So I'd see Howe as an improvement on both. The question mark is over his mentality and whether he could handle the pressures of Glasgow but he ticks the rest of the boxes for me.



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