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17 Feb 2021 09:53:40
I hear lennon saying there's been mitigating circumstances that's led to disaster season. Also that they must remain secret. Just what the fans want to be hearing why say anything about it if you want it to remain secret. Seems daft to me lennon should keep his mouth shut at times.

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17 Feb 2021 10:14:34
Yeah, that's what you do with a secret, you tell everyone you have a secret.

17 Feb 2021 11:24:41
Lenny actually seems happier and we are a mess I don't get it.
Yes brown is the captain but he's is done after half time and Christies passing looks intentional to be garbage like just doing enough. Soro, get him on you are winding Celtic fans up Lenny and your sneering has to stop. Now you are saying there is now a secret, but you are telling us there is a secret 😂😂 your secrets are like water through a sive. you Now you want our season ticket money it's not Gona wash this time.
My take is they will Tel the secret just before season ticket renewal but drip feed us.
If it was players revolt they got off lightly as no fans have been allowed. We would have let them know. Celtic play better when fans are there they thrive on the adoration and ego nothing wrong with that.

17 Feb 2021 11:33:57
Andy he'd be better keeping his mouth shut mate.

17 Feb 2021 12:27:16
Probably miffed that he is going in the summer and wants to ensure most of the blame gets deflected to the secret saboteurs?

17 Feb 2021 12:30:09
When I see or hear Lennon doing interviews I change the channel as I know he is simply going to talk utter nonsense.

17 Feb 2021 13:07:27
It's always someone else's fault and not his own. This "secret" is him blaming others for his own failing again.

17 Feb 2021 15:10:43
@ mally
Ye totally agree.
He's winding us up lads. Something is off again with him.
It's a secret then saying a secret what age is he like 6,
This stinks speaking out like this it's going weird now.

17 Feb 2021 15:16:51
The big secret is that Lennon has never been a good manager but the "We are all Lennon" Brigade have never pulled there heads out of the sand long enough to see it for themselves, now though that has changed after this season and Lennon knows it.

17 Feb 2021 15:34:28
Alot of fans have wanted lennon gone for ages, what I don't get is why lennon said he had a secret, he didn't need to say anything. I think this is him trying to buy time tbh. But in my opinion his time is well and truly up. Major reconstruction work needed this summer.

17 Feb 2021 17:00:33
It sounds like utter BS. Why even mention it, why give the media more ammo?
There's plenty that goes on behind the scenes at every club, good, bad and indifferent but we don't need to know the detail.
Heres an idea Neil, put a winning team on the park that plays the Celtic way.

17 Feb 2021 17:11:37
Is he writing a book.



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