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30 Nov 2020 13:23:23
Looking like Lennon will stay.

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30 Nov 2020 15:38:01
And if that is the case we have to back him ( i hate to say) but we do the senses last night only strengthen the boards stubborn backing for Lennon looking at it this has become a war between the board and some fans the board already have the fans money and aren't in the grounds for the board worring about fans walking away from this season the fans might next year but what if we can turn it around will the fans be back next year ( defiantly ) so the board win again and the protest will mean nothing if we don't the board wouldve thought that numbers wouldve maybe tdown if lost the league anyway fans so would be trying to compensate for the short fall of fans for next year.

30 Nov 2020 15:40:28
Well if he stays rich they need to get rid of Kennedy and strachan. Offering nothing. Allow him to bring back Parker and mallby if he is going to stay. Maybe off load those too who don't want to be here in Jan.

30 Nov 2020 16:02:51
Well I'll not be backing him.

30 Nov 2020 16:32:50
What he needs to do is wean out the ones who is not wanting to be there get them playing with the second team. Play players that are wanting to fight ie Turnbull Soro give Brown time off away from the place we need players who are willing to beat a man Dembele he will roast the life out players all day. Get a stable formation go old school 4-4-2 combos working with each other flare player old fashioned winger the big man little man up top. Shock them back into life. Play something like this



30 Nov 2020 16:39:56
Question we laughed when Sally was in charge at Sevco we laughed when they spent the second most in wages by far in all the Scottish leagues and couldn't get out of the first division we laughed when he would not resign and they had to put him on garden leave claiming he was some fan . what is the difference between him and Lennon?

30 Nov 2020 16:46:21
Sorry rich but we don’t have to back him at all! Just like we don’t have to back the clown who is refusing to sack him! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this should have been done weeks ago! Last nites scenes were out of order but they simply wouldn’t have happened if lawell done what he’s paid millions to do and that’s act accordingly! So no there won’t be any backing anymore for the manager back room team or lawell!

30 Nov 2020 16:49:20
No we won't have to back him. He has had enough chances.

30 Nov 2020 17:28:06
Definitely not need to back him or the board for this mess.

30 Nov 2020 17:35:22
Dannyh14 I agree mate. If Lennon loves club as much as he says, he would of stepped down today.

30 Nov 2020 18:27:27
Why back him? How can he possibly fix the problem if he is the problem? Players have chucked it under his leadership and he must know that himself surely? We have lost 4 games in a row at Celtic Park!

30 Nov 2020 18:41:51
Maybe the protests that apparently "left the players shaken" will give them a boot up the arse to get playing like they can again. They should be ashamed to call themselves professionals the performances they've put in up until now. At least they got to experience the fans at the stadium this season so now they know how we all feel.

30 Nov 2020 19:11:23
So if he stays and you're not going to back him, what is it that you ARE going to do?
Are you going to turn your back on our club? You may as well if you're not going to get behind every one of them.
You don't have to be his biggest fan but you still need to hope he gets results, or do you want our poor performances to continue just to prove your point?
FFS lads, grow up and stop behaving like kids. HH.

30 Nov 2020 21:21:15
You don't need to back him to still want your team to win. But you would think that given the performances up to date the board would move to rectify the problem given there duty of care to the club You would think that Lenny the (ICON) would know when his time is up and not to damage the club any more than what has been done But no And looks like no matter how bad this team are going to perform the board will just sit back and let it be is that more correct? Besty boy you think We are out off order saying most on hear have to grow up voicing there opinion. Do you really honestly think Lenny is the man for the job? I hope he gets the sack that is what I hope He is and never has been the man for the job Giving him it without interviewing any other candidate was a real bad move by the board IMO I still wish the team does well but I really hope the board wake up before its too late to salvage the team and the Season.

30 Nov 2020 21:23:14
Nothing to do with turning your back on the club Besty! Not backing a manager who shouldn’t be there or a CEO who blatantly couldn’t give 2 f**ks what the fans think doesn’t mean your turning your back on the club! It’s quite the opposite actually. it means we are not going to sit back and watch while lawell rakes in millions for being totally incompetent at his job! So it’s nothing to do with growing up or behaving like kids! My suggestion to u would be to wake up and see what’s happening right in front u!

30 Nov 2020 21:37:14
Tony/ Danny, I don't think he's a good fit for the club but as long as he's here then I'll back him because I back the club first and foremost. I don't think we'll have to wait too long for it to be resolved but in the meantime stop crying into your tea lads. Calm the feck down, everything will be OK soon. HH.

01 Dec 2020 08:40:53
All lennon does is say he can turn it around. He has plenty of chances to sort this and failed. Its time he went but desmond has said he ain't backing down to fan pressure. He needs to go and GO NOW!

01 Dec 2020 16:21:45
You won't be backing him? So what you're saying is you want us to fail? You were probably at the ground last night embarrassing the rest of us.

01 Dec 2020 10:03:21
Bravetart would that behaviour motivate you?



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