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10 Oct 2020 19:03:53
Celtic have confirmed Nir Bitton has tested positive for C. V on his return from International duty.
He pulled out of Israel’s next 2 games after playing 120 minutes with an injury.
He will be missed and I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

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10 Oct 2020 19:44:30
big miss buzz.

10 Oct 2020 19:59:17
International's should stop until this C.V. is over.

10 Oct 2020 20:22:04
So when TF does FIFA take some responsible decisions regarding protecting players? Celtic and every other club affected should sue the arse off this corrupt fleabag of an organisation using a class action. Patently obvious how difficult this is for club football, but this cretinous organisation carry’s blithely on for its own self interest and not one government says a feckin word . But let’s shut the pubs.

{Ed007's Note - FIFA didn't shut the pubs it was the Scottish Government who quite rightly done that and if it really bothers you that much I can put you in touch with people who can help you.}

10 Oct 2020 20:24:25
Another huge blow for the team, through absolutely no fault of Celtic These International Interruptions, travelling and gathering is proving to be far too risky and someone has to speak-up for safety and common sense before every club is decimated.

10 Oct 2020 21:16:35
Sorry Ed I’ve 16 years ICU experience so not just interested in pub openings . But think government have dropped the ball on this one . Pubs are comfy environment s, by definition closing pubs leads to uncontrolled environments. So point wasn’t really about pubs bout hey ho, point was about FIFA and self interest. Point about pubs is they are solving absolutely rubbish all by thinkinking they are going to control people do outside what would be a reasonably controlled environment.

{Ed007's Note - FIFA - like UEFA - are scumbags who only care about money but there's folk dying out there and all people seem to care about is whether the pubs are open, it's sickening and just makes them look like jakeys and if morons can't follow the guideline then they should be fined or locked up if they're serial offenders.
There's some amount of morons out there who don't realise how serious this is, ask Ed025 who is in his 60s and whose wife was in hospital with it until during the week while he was stuck at home worried sick if he care about pubs being open.
You're right that the government have dropped the ball, we should have been back in lockdown a couple of weeks ago - all FIFA and UEFA tournaments should have been cancelled this season as well but again money talks.
And don't start me on the absolute weapons that say the virus is fake and we shouldn't be wearing masks etc etc.}

10 Oct 2020 22:16:17
Sorry think you’re going off on wrong track at what I said, people will do what people do! Trying to make opening hour’s a controlling influence is a sign of “ **** me what else can I do” . Like I said, I work in ICU and can’t think of anything that can be directly or otherwise traced back to pubs. incidentally that was never my point. Why aren’t all players who travel abroad having to self isolate for 14 days like the ready of the population, obviously from country’s deemed a risk? Don’t hear any ministerial objections there .

{Ed007's Note - It was you that said "But let’s shut the pubs" so I assumed that was important to you. So working in ICU where is it getting traced back to?}

10 Oct 2020 22:57:17
That’s the thing no one seems to be taking on board, no nor knows for definite. Lots of opinions but if you could pin it down we would have a handle on it . The media love to number crunch for sensational reasons but how many people do they mention had a list of other ailments that C.V. exacerbated. My point about pubs PT aside is valid, they are relatively controlled environments, shutting early solves nothing if people go somewhere else to carry on. I’m 60 now but when I was young I was bomb proof an fire proof didn’t think that far ahead. Decisions have to be realistic if they want cooperation. I’m not being dismissal of the C.V., like everyone else I’m just trying to find some sort of coherent plan to deal with a problem, I think we have to learn to live with till circumstances change. Most of the population will have little or no effect from this virus and not being uncaring ( from experience) vulnerable people will always be vulnerable.

{Ed007's Note - Working in ICU you'll know more than me but with my health conditions and my mum's all we can do is what they tell us. Grotbags has worked all through this following her work and government guidelines, if wearing a masks and washing hands etc saves one person it's worth it imo.
I said to my mate on the phone during the week, imagine your mum caught it and croaked, how would you feel if you had it in your mind that you charged into her house without a mask or that? Wear the masks and follow the guidelines and at least you won't feel guilty if anyone you love gets it - does that make sense? At least you've done your bit.
I honestly think we should have went back into lockdown weeks ago - Grotbags wouldn't let me go to Mass tonight because the taxi firm we use has had 7 or 8 drivers
tested positive over the last couple of days.
We can pick over the bones of it but public gatherings like pubs etc aren't going to help matters going forward, back in the day the worst you could catch in a pub was a dose of the clap or a nose infection from sharing a note lol.

11 Oct 2020 01:08:03
Considering he was declared injured and the current situation with C.V. it sucks that Israel can still call him up to be assessed by their own physios. Rather unnecessary journey for him to travel (albeit he played) and now he's ended up with CV. There should be some sort of rule change on injured players traveling to internationals during this C.V.

11 Oct 2020 08:42:03
All we have to do to defeat C. V is follow the science. Wear a mask stay atleast 2m away from someone else and wash your hands this will limit your chances of catching or spreading the virus. I work in the food industry and we have worked all through the C.V. My work would never say if anyone was off with C.V., but someone in the office told us that over the 3 shifts that there was atleast 30 staff member off with C.V. and that's just the office staff. My daughter is at high risk of catching this so I am diligently adhering to the rules and pulling guys in my work up who do not stick to the rules as this would affect my daughter. But this is the worst C.V. for 100 years so please everyone wear a mask stay away from others and wash your hands.

{Ed007's Note - 👍👍

11 Oct 2020 08:43:39
On the international front all games should be cancelled and all European games should be cancelled too until there is a vaccine.

11 Oct 2020 09:42:35
Fact is, this isn’t going away, as has been the case with other C.V.s throughout history. We need to find a way live with it, by means of better management/ treatment (vaccine? ) Hopefully it will become less virulent in time. Unfortunately, lockdowns will only ever offer short term solutions.

11 Oct 2020 10:57:52
How many cases of the SPANISH FLU have you heard of recently?

11 Oct 2020 13:46:36
Doesn’t mean it’s not around. Viruses don’t generally die out, they mutate, some become weaker or we get better at responding to them.

11 Oct 2020 18:44:47
I’ve got an idea, all the non believers/ cv knockers should volunteer to help out at the hospitals. They wouldn’t need protective gear and they would have nothing to worry about and if and when they get through it, at least they would be converted.

11 Oct 2020 22:13:17
Ed, there was a report that said nir bitton ignored NLs call. NL was unhappy that Bitton played and wanted to understand Nir's thinking. It's a poor show if we think he is injured and Israel dont, with Bitton not helping by fogging off celtic manager

Is this a made up story?



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