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11 Sep 2020 07:12:04
Reports saying Brighton are baulking at a 40 mill oricectag for eddy would they baulk if he played with Burnley.

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11 Sep 2020 07:52:10
I work with a West Brit Villa supporter who is a fountain of knowledge. He listens to Talksport so he's an authority on Scottish football!

He tells me that no English club is paying £40m for an 'SPL' player! So looks like we are keeping Eddy because this guy has never been wrong in his life. Couldn't name me 5 players playing in Scotland, but he knows.

You see, if you haven't scored goals in the English top flight, like Ollie Watkins, or had 3 assists in a season like Dominic Solanke, then you are only worth £2m tops.

11 Sep 2020 08:55:14
look at mcginn 3 mill then good season in championship 50 mill haha bout time teams in this country took a stand. in todays market eddy is a 40 million player all day long. if they do not want to pay it then fine let them pay over the odds for players like solanke and Watkins.

11 Sep 2020 10:14:20
Think Eddy’s ambition is slightly higher than Brighton and a relegation scrabble 🙄.

11 Sep 2020 12:01:14
If he is valued at £40m, then some club will pay it sooner or later. The SPL may be scoffed at by the EPl, but there are many big rich clubs that can see talent and a huge potential investment in a young very talented player who will only get better.

11 Sep 2020 18:00:19
United ireland . big pond small pond big sharks goldfish. we will take what we can get . we cannot afford to take a stand.

When epl aides sell to each other it's sort of rigged. poor to average players 10m . decent players 15m and the there's the age and experience aspects. the point is we should ignore the intra league transfers as noone is really spending if they are all ripping each other off . but when they go outside their leagues to weaker leagues ( france Italy and Germany aside ) the teams with money call the market and small fish navigate the waters as best they can and get what they can get

There'll be NO STAND .

11 Sep 2020 18:16:01
Other people are allowed to voice their opinion as well Lubo. This forum isn’t just for your opinions only. Albeit you do your very hardest to voice them as loudly as you can.

11 Sep 2020 20:23:26
U oan the swally lubo.

11 Sep 2020 20:37:24
If it is true Arsenal have come in for eddy he will go there I think especially if they are moving Lacazette on, we probably won't get 40m but I reckon we will get 30m tops. Part of me would love to think he will knock it back but if a guy like KT can't knock it back to stay for the 10 then there is no chance eddy will either, I'm not saying he doesn't love it here of which I'm sure he does. You just don't knock that type of move back do you.

11 Sep 2020 22:00:45
Was it not mentioned that brighton approached eddys agent who didn't even entertain them as it was seen as a step down.

12 Sep 2020 09:05:18
@lubo. It's not only Scotland he has scored though is it. He stepped up and scored goals in Europe, he stepped up and scored goals for fun for Frances u21 side he has the potential to be huge, . So if they want him they WILL PAY WHAT WE ASK, .

12 Sep 2020 14:19:23
Royjac 73 . The very fact that K Tierney was so false and led us into believing he was greatest ever Celtic fan by amongst a host of other things , signing a six year contract, gives me the worries he is acting as some form of a conductor between Arsenal and Celtic to smoothb over any obstacles in Eddies’’ transfer.

13 Sep 2020 01:45:28
Chris wise up. KT loves this club even now but had done all he could here and wanted the test at a higher level which I admire. It's Eddie's decision to make and unless they have the same agent I doubt there will be any smoothing over. If Eddie goes then we move on but I hope he stays as we need him massively this season. KT is Celtic thru and thru and it's people like yourself with only Celtic glasses on that can't see there is a big world out there and the fella can go places and still be a Celtic man.

13 Sep 2020 12:59:25
Well said Carrickbhoy 👍.

14 Sep 2020 17:50:09
So KT’s great love for Celtic since before he made his first Communion, kissing the badge m, leading fans in Celebration, signing 6 yr contract was all a load of bollicks
He didn’t mean any of it, it was K T and only KT that mattered .
I expect many of our better players will want to chase false gold in EPL etc . and I am very happy for them to go with the blessings of club and fans . This will always happen with the super rich clubs in the leagues around us acting like vultures.
Just don’t have players make idiots of us making out that they are special club people when they are not.



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