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31 Aug 2020 10:34:48

Marco1888 has asked for a poll about Neil Lennon's future. Do you want him to stay on or go. You can vote HERE.

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31 Aug 2020 10:39:20
Ed, difficult to answer. Depends on replacement etc.

31 Aug 2020 11:15:02
I would like Lennon to stay and the board to back him. Let’s stop messing around with transfers and taking too long to get them over the line.
Feels like we’ve been talking about the same players for months, go get the deals done, back the managers and the fans will too.

31 Aug 2020 11:51:32
He's been nothing but backed since he got the job permanently last summer, transfer deals aren't like fifa they can take a week or 2 to get completely it doesn't just all happen at once.

I'm all for backing the manager but when you get knocked out of Europe 3 times in 12 months by sub standard opposition due to poor manaegment decisions then the writing is on the wall, he's taken this team as far as he can and should get us to 10 and leave the club at the end of the season with his dignity intact.

31 Aug 2020 12:16:34
Didn't want NL back. Said when he was given the job full time we could kiss goodbye to the league and kiss goodbye to the 10. Was delighted to be proven wrong last season and really hoping I am again this season. Always that feeling things could go spectacularly t*ts up at any point under NL. That said, really not sure now is the best time to be changing managers. If it was genuine quality and the likes of JK stayed then the transition could be smooth. So yes - but as Big Benny says it would seriously depend on who was coming in.

31 Aug 2020 12:34:28
Give him till end of this season IMO. Can’t argue with domestic form doing well to conclude 2 trophies then add another 2 with Scottish cup meaning it should be 5/ 5.
Mixed fortunes in Europe poor in Champions league qualifiers but good victories in Europa over Lazio and Red Bull definitely deserves remainder of this season as it would be silly and risky to replace him at this stage.

31 Aug 2020 12:50:50
Its all opinions but the plc aren't sacking him. He will be our manager this season. At this stage he's not had top players sold and been backed with a substantial transfer budget.
2 games in hand over the Zombies win both 2-0 we go top. To the support its all about the 10.

31 Aug 2020 13:20:30
I CANNOT believe for 1 second that there’s more Celtic fans want Lenny out than there is to back him -
Back our Manager 100% - we will win the league-
The only issue with Rangers right now is Moreles - wait till they get players out etc and ( that will happen ) pressure etc as last year - let’s see who has the bottle for the entire season?
We will bring in more players and some need to go.
We have been over this ground so many times - let’s not jump on THAT ( Panic ) bandwagon.
This is a Season that us ( Celtic fans ) and they ( Rangers ) know exactly what’s at stake -
The Only thing that matters this season - Is THE TITLE

Rant over

31 Aug 2020 13:27:27
Anyone saying lennon hasn't been back is talking nonsense. he's spent major money the last 2 seasons.

31 Aug 2020 13:57:52
Would say sack him but at this stage we are better sticking with him for the season. He is definitely not the manager to make us a better team. He has a lack of ability to change and adapt. We have seen tbat especially the last few weeks but a new guy coming in the now could be more harm than good for the 10.

31 Aug 2020 14:33:39
Thanks Ed.

{Ed007's Note - No probs buddy 👍

31 Aug 2020 15:18:45
I am surprised by the amount of fans backing him to be honest. But every one has their own opinion. I do think the only thing that is keeping him in a job just now is down to finance. Having to pay him off bring in a new manager back room staff and I would think the new manager would want his own players so for that reason only I think that this will save him for this season I just hope he doesn't make any more cockups and have some way at looking at a game no matter how long the game is in play and if need be to change things for the better and not just do his usual and leave things as they are when it's clear to everyone that the style or system is not working for that particular game.

{Ed007's Note - How the Hell has there been 250 votes cast? 😯 There must be some amount of lurkers and "them 'uns" hiding out there.}

31 Aug 2020 15:54:56
its just the timing for me.

31 Aug 2020 16:35:38
Great idea for a vote marco HH.

31 Aug 2020 17:16:15
How is the board not backing him? Near £20 million spent on transfers last season and almost £10 million spent this season already, according to transfermrkt.

His signings have been woeful and his tactics have been wrong more than they've been right.

31 Aug 2020 18:17:09
Back Lenny&team 100 percent. can't believe you even asking for a poll to be honest.

31 Aug 2020 19:14:25
Correct this is the season for unity lads roll the sleeves up and get behind the team no matter what .

31 Aug 2020 20:11:09
Agree with Kev83, NL has had the backing and his signings in the main have been poor and/ or untested Boli is rank, Klkmala and Soro both cost decent money and aren't ready. Julien for £7m is questionable, Elhamed injury prone and one paced, Elyonousi jury's out and it goes on. How many of his signings are star performers week in week out?

{Ed007's Note - Lennon has been backed but you're wrong to call them "his" signings.}

31 Aug 2020 20:50:55
Ringo you say back Lenny and the team yet Lenny doesn't even back the team, well at least he doesn't one day then backtracks the next, very professional.
Do you think Lenny is getting the best out the players at his disposal?
Do you think all these rumours of unrest in the dressing room are just that, rumours?
You also say you can't believe there is even a poll but at the moment 55% would like to see a change, so it seems like a pretty decent topic of discussion to me. it's not like Lennon or the team are likely to be sitting reading this (no offence Ed) . They'll probably be too busy tucking into their takeaways.

31 Aug 2020 21:11:53
Lennon has one more bad result left!

31 Aug 2020 22:46:21
So IF we could play the games again. Cluj, Copenhagen and ferencvaros. Would we have a better chance with stevie Clark in charge or NL?

31 Aug 2020 23:36:05
I just think we should all be getting behind lenny and the team and yes he made a mistake saying what he did the other night about the players but was said in heat of the moment in my opinion. He has always backed the players.
I thought we played well against ferncvaros apart from 2 stupid defensive mistakes in Europe as usual.
Tired of reading false rumours in press also as that exactly what 95percent of them are.
Now is not the time to be changing manager when going for 10 .
Board need to back him and get signings done asap.

01 Sep 2020 07:21:18
I would and have backed every single manager we have had in my life time but when a manager is constantly making the same mistakes time and time again and then blames the players for his ineptitude to change his "tactics" when things don't work but lennon doesn't do that he plays the exact same team and tactics the very next game. Even the Motherwell manager said they were containing us till we went to a 3-5-2 and then he said we were outstanding. But if Eddy is still unfit when we get back I guarantee that we will continue to play with no strikers. Enough is Enough.

01 Sep 2020 08:53:27
Everyone has there own opinions and some say back lennon and the team but it's not as if it's one bad result and the fans are turning on him, yes he stepped in and got us to the finish line but in reality are we really a much better team than before he came back?

I'll mention this again to the fans that are all for backing him, he was backed after the defeat to cluj, then copenhagen but getting beat off ferencvaros now is just ridiculous, anyone who can't see that he's made us a laughing stock is blind to the real issue, how can brendan Rodgers inherit a team and get us to the group stages in back to back seasons, good decision making that's how, Lennon has failed at it.

For everyone who will mention "we beat lazio home and away under lennon" we didn't play particularly well both games and got 2 injury time winners and relied on a world class goalkeeping performance in both games to get us over the line, and even though I'm grateful for the result it's not as if he's made us a team to be reckoned with.

He had issue with his attitude and temperament at hibs towards players and now it seems the same thing is happening with this group of players. I don't know if the signings made are his or not but I would expect a much better team than the one we have now with how much we've reportedly spent since last summer.

Sacking Lennon right now is the wrong choice, it will bring more upheaval and unrest to the squad which will effect performances on the park, he knows how to win the league but he's not the man for us going forward, I wanted him back when rodgers left but my attitude towards him has changed due to his poor tactics and management decisions in a number of games since he got back, I don't think I'm the only one who feels the same way.



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