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28 Aug 2020 07:51:44
Eddy's agent is due to speak to the club he said champions League is important fo eddy but not crucial and the most important thing for him is the 10.not once has this boy have any indication he wants to go.

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28 Aug 2020 08:31:32
I would be delighted if he wants to stay; however, I still think if a massive bid is received, we will accept it as has happened before.

28 Aug 2020 08:41:38
agree celticmad I don't think there's any doubt if we receive a bid high enough we will accept but at least he's not actively looking for the move like these other overhyped clowns. i personally think 10 hinges on eddy being here or not.

28 Aug 2020 08:56:27
He's too good for celtic and is only stalling his career by staying at us, under Lennon we will never get into the champions league so he's aswell moving on

The guys been the best striker since henrik and has been amazing for us, no matter what lawwell or Lennon come out and say about not being in the CL not being a financial factor on transfers, if celtic get an offer between 25 and 30m he'll be off, even though it's Lennon that should be heading out the door.

28 Aug 2020 09:04:25
To good for Celtic. Any player is lucky to pull our top on. Many have left Celtic over the year's 100% will improve there bank balance. Not many have played for a bigger club with fans as passionate as us.

28 Aug 2020 09:28:49
Mark. Lose one game and you wet your knickers.

28 Aug 2020 10:11:13
How is he to gd for us. Nobody is to gd for us. He should be privileged that we have put him on a pedlestool where he is now noticed by other clubs around the world did you know of him before before Celtic No u did not. Does that mean every player we improve is to gd.
Anyhow we move on.
Lennon saying about players also saying about euros League is our lever actually pissed me off what he means is that's Lennon's level maybe a bit more positivity and drive from him would be gd. So much for Celtic keeping everything in-house. Also hear we have sold another player.

28 Aug 2020 10:22:07
Agree with this and to be fair as I said I think the club will accept a bid before he pushes for a move. i do think eddy realises what he's got here and the chance the club gave him.

28 Aug 2020 10:43:03
Ffs too good av heard it all now was Henrik who stayed 7 years he should be honoured to pull that jersey on. where was before we got him. psg reserves.

28 Aug 2020 10:48:58
Dont think his agent said anything about the 10. The 10 probably means nothing to eddie.
He will be away this window mark my words. The club will recieve a good fee tho and we must activly try to find replacement.

28 Aug 2020 10:57:29
It is GREAT that our talismanic striker sees the value of 10 and the importance and criticalness of 10 . the fact the agent mentioned it is a message that he wants to stay. END

That said, if a big glitzy bid came in fron Italy or france or EPL top 8 . a different story if the money is right and who'd begrudge him that?

We want our players to prosper with us and move onto ever higher levels . celtic are no different to a sporting or a feyenoord or a sparta Prague or a Porto really. we get, from time to time, stars in the making and we give them a platform to be their prolific best selves and they move on

NOW, unlike eddy there are others that are agitating for a move and have egos way beyond their actual abilities. Bless them. Part of me doesn't blame Ntcham . he hardly gets a game anyway and so it would be silly of celtic to hold on to a 12m plus rated bit part player.

Ajer however. he was nowhere. we loaned him somewhere. and made him an integral part of the push for 10 and at 22 ( 22!) He thinks it is okay to unsettle the camp and unsettle the mood with want away pinings!

Ajer, follow the example of a CalMac . quiet . efficient. tidy. dedicated . and your day will come IF you are good enough

I think Ajer and Christie have been playing too much FIFA . its a long road to be a VVd or wanyama or a Forster or a Larsson or a tierney . or a moussa .

Get a grip, settle down . get on the training field and practice hard on those things that you need to improve on. I would have you out there 7 hours a day .

Alas you'll be in getting a rub down or a spa treatment reading 4 4 2 . and dreaming of life in the fast lane .

28 Aug 2020 11:20:25
I don't agree . of course he knows . we've even got a song for him.

28 Aug 2020 11:38:23
his agent mentioned 10.

28 Aug 2020 12:00:55
@aussie it's not the fact we lost one game it's the way we lost it. No striker at home players getting played out of position against a team we should beat easily. Enough is enough and lennon has to go now.

28 Aug 2020 12:15:50
Marco . he would need a bad run and disharmony in the dressing room.

If the knives are out he will be cut. PL will have is dressing room. moles .

Our best bet is that there are 2 to 3 wanting away and they are given a gentle reminder that playing well is likely to get them closer to the exit door

However, if the 1st team think there is more to this and they have little confidence in NL, he will be shown the door . PL won't tolerate blatant disharmony. and lack of togetherness

NL starts with a weak hand however. Brown will have a role too.

Eddy wanting to see out the 10 could tip the scales in NLs favour.

28 Aug 2020 12:19:11
Marco. Are you a sore loser?

28 Aug 2020 12:27:52
Some people need a reality check our clubs standing in the game. Scotland is not a top league. We are not a Champions League level club. Of course Eddie is too good for us. You can see that when he's on the pitch. We should be thankful he made a name for himself here while winning us trophies and leave with our blessing and a nice chunk of change for the club. Like Dembele I'm sure he'll remember his time here fondly but he owes us nothing.

28 Aug 2020 12:52:26
its no wonder we are were we are when fans think players are to good for us and think players like taylor are good enough. god help us.

28 Aug 2020 14:56:45
Aussie it has nothing to do with losing. It's the manner in which we lost which was completely unacceptable not playing a striker when there is 2 on the bench playing a midfielder up front. Getting beaten 2-1 at home at brings on a rb and forward when he could have made 5 changes during the game. That's what upsets me. I can take getting beaten by the better team but they were average at best.

28 Aug 2020 14:59:43
Its called a reality check. The wealth of the big leagues has created such a big gap that we can no longer compete at the top level or afford the obscene transfer fees and wages of players who could help us do that. The best we can hope for is to nature talents like Edouard and Dembele at the beginning of their careers and sell them for a profit to bring in the next batch.

28 Aug 2020 21:07:20
Celtic are still one of the elite teams in the world. As your man said he is lucky to be there. Of course he doesn't owe anyone anything, but this is a season which we can make history. The guys that want to leave are young men. Being part of 10 is better than going to a rubbish team in France or a half decent team in the prem.

28 Aug 2020 23:56:50
Too good for us, most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. He is good enough, it's the ones that aren't good enough, that are the problem, the ones with the wrong attitudes, the wrong ambitions even if they have the right skills, the Celtic management underestimated Ferencvaros the other night, they are a decent side, on the way up, somebody on here made a remark about how bad it was getting beat by a Hungarian side, Hungary used to have very good sides, maybe their time is coming again. Having thought about it, the only one to blame for Wednesday night defeat is Lenny, he got the team selection wrong, he got the tactics wrong, much the same as he got them wrong against Cluj, Copenhagen and The rangers, I have been saying for the last year or more there is something not right about the midfield, but because we won the league cup, and went 13 PTS clear in the league, everybody glossed over it, but other opposition managers could notice aswell, and they exploited it and pressed up because they knew we couldn't handle it,

29 Aug 2020 10:25:43
Ok guys give me a chance to clear my comment up, maybe I could have worded it a bit better as what I meant by saying he's too good for us was by meaning he has simply outgrown the team he plays in with his quality, no player is bigger than the club but he's too good for this celtic team and anyone who disagrees is kidding themselves and has binoculars on.

As for your comment Aussie ray, the knickers aren't wet after one game, 3 times in the past 12 months we have been been outclassed by bang average sides in our own backyard, cluj, copenhagen, and ferencvaros, just look at they names and let it sink in that celtic aren't the team or club they used to be, teams are quite comfortable playing us now and although we still remain one of the biggest clubs in the world with our fan base and history, under our current management Lennon has made us a laughing stock.

People need to realise that yeah he might have stepped in and steadied the ship, but his tactical know how is pathetic at times and too inconsistent and has cost us. Sacking him now will only bring more upheaval but he should he should get us to 10 and leave with his dignity in tact then step aside for a fresh start and take the majority of the squad with him, if you can't beat teams like the ones mentioned above your going absolutely nowhere really.

29 Aug 2020 16:12:06
Because we lost European Games Lennon should be sacked . If we had Twitter in the late 60’s and early 70’s then Mr Jock Stein’s head would have called for . First of all the European Champions went to Russia for the first round tie in Autumn of 67 and were beatzen . Later on that season a inferior Racing Club by fair means or foul beat Celtic in a play off game after teams tied after home and away . Two games in South America were a total disgrace and S A should have been thrown out, but some few thought Celtic should have been better than any involvement. In 1970 Celtic lost European Cup final and the Celtic players to a man, later criticized Stein and said he miss read the ability of Dutch side and regarded them as inferior . Our modern fans would have went mad and wouldn’t allow Stein to continue his career . It’s no wonder we haven’t got continuity of manager, as we have a small number pouncing on whoever is manager every time we lose, this influences more gullible fans and over time the few ridiculing manager grows into bigger and bigger numbers, this affects players and manager’s performances as both do better when confident rather than worried about job . Support your team and manager, we need the success this year.

29 Aug 2020 23:03:39
Old man Chris, jock Steins era has absolutely nothing to do with the present situation in the present moment so it's pointless trying to make comparisons.
It annoys me when other fans say back the team and back the manager when all they have had is the support of the fans with season ticket sales time and again and you get statements like the one Lennon used the other night
He's cost this club 30m 2 years in a row and has lost the dressing room, this wasn't a one off he's taken this team as far as he is capable of doing and should walk for the sake of the club at the end of the season, if you want or any other fan want to sit back and watch us be the whipping boys and laughing stock of Europe every season by getting done by sub standard sides below us by backing the team and making excuses then go ahead but a strong reality check is needed, he's taken this club backwards and we are in a far worse position now than before he came jn.



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