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01 Jul 2020 08:45:35
Morning All, if it's true what I'm reading and Fraser Forster has no chance of coming back I'm of the opinion I would love Joe Hart here. I know lot on here have said absolutely no and he is done but before Forster came here he was low on confidence and was 3rd choice behind two GK's that were average at best imo. If Hart comes to Celtic he will get my full support and I firmly believe Celtic can definitely get the best out of the guy. Hope everyone is well and safe. Keep up all the good work Ed. HH.

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01 Jul 2020 09:37:24
Forster had played an entire season for a team that won the league before he came to us. He wasn't low on confidence at all. Paul Lambert encouraged him to make the move north. He was also 22 and had everything ahead of him. I'm not sure the two signings are comoarable at all. Joe Hart could resurrect his career, but it's a massive gamble on somebody who will command a large wage.

01 Jul 2020 10:00:27
Think Michaels talking about when he came back last season jim. he was 3rd choice at Southampton and his confidence was shattered. he came back up here to a manager who knows him and a club who he knows inside out and got his spark back. still not sure I fancy hart but to be honest. was a good goalie at one point but he’s fell away the past few years. if it’s true Forster ain’t coming back we need to move on ASAP and bring someone else in. no time to dwell on things going into a 10iar season.

01 Jul 2020 10:12:47
Reports saying that the forster deal is now dead and buried after he chose to stay and fight for a place at Southampton despite a season loan deal being accepted.

I previously mentioned on here that I would love to see us go for joe hart if we couldn't get forster and that still remains the case, lenny seems to like big keepers with a presence who just clear there lines and hart definetely fits the bill, people on here have previously said it's too risky and too much of a gamble but the guy honestly just needs a confidence boost to get his career back on track and I reckon we could help him do that.

Regardless of what anybody thinks about joe hart, getting a keeper of his ability and experience on a free is an absolute steal, he's maybe had a few difficult seasons and his ability dropped but you never lose you're ability, it just needs worked on, scott bain might not have done too much wrong but I'm sorry he's just definetely not a celtic number 1 for us in the league and especially in Europe if we want to be successful.

01 Jul 2020 10:32:29
Have to remember we also have Stevie Woods. He’s worked wonders with our keepers over the years considering the Circumstances (Gordon after not playing for years, Forster regaining form, even Boruc) .

To write Hart off is a bit OTT. He’s obviously had an outstanding career. To get him would be a coup.

In reality there are plenty keepers of his quality available for less off the continent. A player I’d have liked us to go for is the young polish keeper Radoslaw Majecki, 20 years old already holding out his place at Legia Warsaw on Loan from Monaco.

If we were going to spend the cash it would be better on a young keeper and bringing in Hart for experience.

01 Jul 2020 10:37:34
JimTim - I was clearly talking about the 2nd time we signed Forster. He was behind two bang average Goalkeepers and his confidence was shot. By the end of the season at Celtic he was back to one of the best in the UK on form. With it looking unlikely we will re sign the big man Joe Hart is a no brainier imo. I firmly believe Celtic could be the perfect club for Hart and when the guy is on his game he is a top GK. and for no fee but a reasonable wage I can’t see a problem. HH.

01 Jul 2020 11:13:10
Fair do's then Michael my bad. Hart was absolutely rotten for Burnley and West Ham though. Seems to me, away from the bright lights of Man City, he's struggled to motivate himself. I don't think that was the case with Forster at all. He was tremendous when he first went to Southampton. Got injured, found himself behind Gunn who by all accounts was a very good prospect and up until he's shown what he can do again, he was wanted off the wage bill. He hasn't been to a few different clubs and been poor at all of them.

01 Jul 2020 11:24:28
If this is true the big man won’t be returning then Enrico is truly gutted. He is a great goalkeeper and him and Celtic just click I do not understand why he wouldn’t want to come back and deliver the 10.

I agree with the other guys big Woodsy would help Hart get back to his best and would be a good signing.

I am sure Lenny will have some ideas of his own and we agree with a good keeper to come to the club.

01 Jul 2020 11:22:34
Hart is not for me for a couple of reasons.
1) He has been stinking for last few years.
2) I want someone a bit younger that we will get years out of. Not rebuilding a couple of seasons from now.

01 Jul 2020 11:38:57
Harts confidence has been shattered for the last god knows how many years because he makes blunder after blunder it's him that makes the blunders nobody else, saying he needs a club to believe in him, stop the howlers and maybe a club will hopefully not our club.

01 Jul 2020 11:40:22
As for foster if it has been himself who has called the shot to stay at Southampton I sure do hope he doesn't regret it which I think he will.

01 Jul 2020 11:54:29
He is criminally overrated IMO. Billy Big Balls who lived the champagne live at Man City who was lucky to have such a great defences in front of him but regularly found out and always someone else's fault for the goal.

I can see him going to the Championship where someone will pay his 45k pw wages.

01 Jul 2020 12:05:28
Kev, Liam, MGC - I agree. Three clubs he's been poor at since leaving Man City. If it was a 33 year old striker who hadn't hit a barn door at his last three clubs we wouldn't want him. So why want a keeper that's been pap at his last three clubs? Too much of a gamble for me.

01 Jul 2020 12:16:41
There's been no decision made it's paper talk and some are buying into it. last week they said moi wasn't coming so hold fire and wait for the club to make announcement.

01 Jul 2020 14:59:19
What about David Marshall? With Wigan just entering administration he could be available for not a lot of money.

01 Jul 2020 16:54:52
Everyone's opinions are totally reasonable but I'm just baffled people wouldn't touch him when he's a proven experienced keeper who just needs a boost to get his career back on track.

People might want a younger keeper but going for someone like that with how big a season we have coming up is far too much of a gamble and getting an experienced keeper in is a far safer bet.

Before forster was dropped at Southampton he was making blunder after blunder his performances were rotten which was obviously down to low confidence so that's proof it's only temporary. To say hart is constantly making blunders and we shouldn't go near him is far too premature in my opinion, I just can't believe the amount of comments on here and disrespect towards the guy when he's probably the best available keeper we could get just now besides forster, give the guy a chance.

02 Jul 2020 08:24:10
I agree with MarkM88, I think Joe Hart would do a job for us.
Rather than say he has been rotten at his last 3 clubs, I would say his last 3 clubs have been rotten. Burnley and West Ham are relegation candidates almost every year.

Yes, he probably has made a few mistakes, lost confidence but I think we are a good fit for him, top team in Scotland, playing in Europe, highly rated goalkeeping coach etc.

I know most who post on here are split one way or the other but the common theme seems to be this is not the season to gamble.
So do we go for a 33 year old England international or a 20-24 year old European keeper who nobody has heard of and lacks experience.

I am less keen on David Marshall and Bravo and we could try the likes of Angus Gunn, Darren Randolph to name but two, but let's see what transfer fees are quoted for these kind of names.

I am sure our recruitment team have a few names and at the end of the day their decision is the one that matters.



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