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22 Apr 2020 22:16:16
The Governments Chief Medical Adviser states that it's unrealic to expect things to return to normal for the rest of the year. Also states social distancing should remain.

I am aware this is not exactly the Government's position as they will want to restart the economy as soon as it's safe to do so.

However, if this does continue into next season I seriously fear not just for my sanity but Scottish football.

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23 Apr 2020 19:49:45
If this mess goes on into next year then football will be an afterthought. It'll be carnage. People's mental health aye. And what about people not being treated for other things. There's already been a massive impact on cancer diagnosis, from people not visiting GPs to tests, with screenings put on hold.

And that's just one type of nasty. Then there's the thought of civil unrest, people losing jobs and homes and turning to crime. Have a look on the conspiracy page of these sites there's some really interesting stuff been put up about the way in which figures have been skewed.

This Covid-19 is really just affecting certain individuals. If this novel virus is here to stay then at what point is it not just better to invest in protecting those that are particularly vulnerable rather than having most of us locked away and a lot of us living in fear. Mental man. 'Mon the Hoops!

24 Apr 2020 02:00:46
There’s no chance all this will go on till December or whatever they’re talking about. If they’re sending people back to work how can they stop mass gatherings? Some construction sites have hundreds if not thousands working in it sharing the same toilets, cabins, cafeterias yeah good luck with social distancing there.

25 Apr 2020 08:15:01
I know a few builders. all their shift are being stagnated so there aren't loads of people there at once.

25 Apr 2020 08:23:02
This will go on till they get a vaccine, Sweden is trying a different way, the herd immunity way, but the Swedes don't think that young fit people get badly affected by COVID19, only the old and infirm will die.

it reminds of the the song by Randy Newman,
Let's bomb London, bomb Paree
Plenty more room for you and me
Let's drop the big one now.

The way I see it, the only way to ensure that humanity beats this virus, is for us all to stick together and act in unison to control it, it only reproduces in human hosts, if we keep the vulnerable safe and practice social distancing on the population, and trace and isolate the people that are infected, and test and test to find out who they are, maybe we can defeat this virus sooner than later, but there should be no building sites opening up unless they are keeping well apart and there is no crew buses or canteens, as for football.

I can't see that happening even behind closed doors, unless they test all the players and officials., then maybe.

03 May 2020 21:53:12
Testing only tells you whether a person has virus at the particular time on the exact day he/ she tested . Anyone can get virus next day .
Playing football behind close doors will only be feasible in top 5 leagues, Little or no money will be generated from games involving Ross County, Livingston St Johnston, Kilmarnock etc .



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