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27 Aug 2019 17:56:38
I see we are reported as being interested in the Salzberg LB Gideon Mensah was scouted by Barcelona. looks very fast on utube but not the greatest testament of a players ability. However this would really stuff it to kilmarnock having bought a replacement.

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27 Aug 2019 18:08:04
I don't care about stuffing it to killie. I care about getting the right player for our team.
This boy I know nothing about except he's very inexperienced and looks like he'd be a back up at this moment.
He also would have to do some serious travelling when it comes to international Football, so with all that in mind I'd rather Taylor.

27 Aug 2019 18:53:20
Much prefer Taylor. He knows the league and has proven to be a solid LB and now a international. The last thing we need is another young guy to go into the development side. We need players that can go into the first team.

27 Aug 2019 18:56:55
If Meling isn't coming then we should be getting the Taylor deal done pronto and stop feckin about over a few quid. Does our club never learn? HH.

27 Aug 2019 19:05:18
That'll teach Killie to ask for decent money for their prized asset!

27 Aug 2019 19:24:59
Looks like Gideon Mensah is already on loan at Sturm Graz .

27 Aug 2019 19:30:30
Use a fringe player plus cash and just get the feckin player Lawell!

27 Aug 2019 19:37:40
@Drewzybhoy he was on loan at Sturm Graz for the second half of last season.

27 Aug 2019 19:58:33
Seems he's tried that OAB and they said no.

27 Aug 2019 20:33:03
I read on another site, it’s a loan deal . This window is getting worse, signing players no one has heard from, and now they are loan deals. What is going on at our club? It’s embarrassing .
We have been fed so much crap this window it’s unbelievable. Lies after lies
Players will be in before champions league qualifiers : never materialised
We have a plan if kt is sold : nothing materialised
We will wait and use the English market once it’s shut : only Fraser on loan
We will have two players in by today : nothing again.
And on and on we go, meanwhile the window is closing on us. We all know the people will get Ryan kent and it will be another boost to their morale, while we sell off or let our defence leave without replacing them properly . Look to push out one of our biggest goal threats . If we sign only loans, Peter makes his profit, I wish he would be asked to leave, get someone in who puts the team first before profits and hotel ideas . We are a football club, where fans travel far and wide to support . Myself included, I’m really not bothered what hotel I stay at.

27 Aug 2019 20:57:32
I agree with all of that Quinn bar PL to go. What we need is a football man making these decisions. The major shareholders also need to know that running a football club, that so many put their heart and soul (and hard earned money) into, is different from running any other business where the aim is just to make a profit.

Kev if the reports are correct that we've offered 1m when they only asked for 3m then I'd hardly say we have tried.

27 Aug 2019 21:04:24
It truly is a complete joke, Thursday will be difficult and we may sneak through but I'm not confident for Sunday. I honestly think this could be a disaster of a week, the moaning will start at 2pm on Sunday, and quite rightly so, the board are a disgrace.

27 Aug 2019 21:14:57
If pl would allow a football person to come in beside him and he stayed on the business side that would be good. I just don’t think he would hand over the reins that easy, also his bonus etc is linked to the football business making a profit . It would only be arguments all the time as the football side would be asking for better players, Peter would be wanting to keep costs down . Not sure how it would work.

27 Aug 2019 21:47:03
How should killie not ask for top dollar pot kettle on here sometimes.

27 Aug 2019 21:49:45
I've officially stopped even looking now at who we're looking at they're just names plucked out the air and nothing seems to be happening it's becoming very frustrating.

27 Aug 2019 22:00:48
total shambles again, this board can`t do transfers, laughing stock again, when will the fans wake up to this nonsense ever transfer window, Manager making a complete fool of himself again, PL has to go .

27 Aug 2019 22:43:52
Somebody reads something in the paper and gets all upset about it, because it's in the paper it must be true, it's amazing the power and influence of the media, the papers, TV, radio, now we have the internet aswell, just look at what Orson Welles did in the fifties with the Martian invasion, with the old fashioned radio, now rumours and speculation fly across Twitter and WhatsApp and chatrooms, and before you know it people are having stand up arguments about a pack of nonsense, calm down and carry on, wait untill the transfer window is closed then start arguing.

28 Aug 2019 00:27:01
I think they will wheel turnbull out on the last day and that will be our wack.

28 Aug 2019 06:35:21
Bang on Mally. For weeks this page was talking about how we won't let Tierney go on the cheap because he plays in Scotland. Which I agree with. Then the club identify his replacement and won't stump up an EIGHTH of the fee. It makes a laughing stock of the club.

28 Aug 2019 06:37:21
Aindoh, I don’t always agree with your posts but your spot on the money for me here. Panic and frenzy overload all based upon fake news and social media.

28 Aug 2019 07:17:18
I feel strongly that we need another few players in during this window but I think everyone needs to calm down until it 100% does not happen. There has been no promises giving by Lennon, he’s just openly told us what he wants and what we are looking for. Everything else is speculation until we get it done. To say that it’s no good signing get players that no one has knowing about on loan is irrelevant when you consider the fact that no one knew about players like wanyama etc. I would like to see a left back in for this game at the weekend but all be can do is hope. If we sign 6 players by Sunday there will still be people on here skating Lennon, the board and the players for not being good enough.

28 Aug 2019 09:29:15
I don’t see how it was fake news, the comments were said by the manager. After every euro game he came out and said he wanted players in but never got them. He said he or they had a contingency plan if kt left, it would seem playing calmac there was the plan. I know people can go overboard but I can’t see how people don’t realise we go through this scenario every transfer window. Why is it that we have to sit back and relax and see what happens at the end o of the window. My trust in the board to deliver has gone unfortunately .

28 Aug 2019 10:19:08
That’s Rosenberg out, get Meling.



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