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17 Aug 2019 17:24:07
Don't worry, apparently moyes is on standby to come in short notice.

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17 Aug 2019 17:33:09
I never thought I'd say it but moyes would at very least organise the team better than that.

17 Aug 2019 17:36:06
I would honestly take Moyes, what's happening now is a total shambles, NL looks clueless and to defend playing Calmac at left back beggars belief.

17 Aug 2019 17:47:59
Good God, i hope you're joking.

17 Aug 2019 18:19:48
I'd take him over the clown we have.

17 Aug 2019 19:04:07
Really moyes are you having a giraff.
Has Celtic not been better than this time last year. ? It's a team getting to know a new manager new players it takes time.
Give it a chance I remember the pumelling Celtic fans on here gave Celtic players and Rodgers because the amount of draws we had we just could not break teams down. But we are doing that what are you wanting we are winning that was a nerve racking game but we came out tops or did you forget it was a cup game and usual fans think we will cake walk it. Dunfermline had a plan but stuck to it well a few better passes in the box by us and it would have been a cricket score.
Can we talk about our right back hamed how brilliant was he attacking running dribbles etc and bitton brilliant solid.

17 Aug 2019 19:30:00
I don’t normally jump the gun. but id happily go pick up Moyes the now!
Being serious tho, we’re at a crap point in time.
Lennon was a safe bet, thinking he would just see the season out, then someone new comes in early doors for the season starting right?
Anywhere else manager/ head coach would be out.
Not at Celtic tho, we sure know how to bawz things up when you don’t expect it 😂
Who would get the job now?
If the board make the move for a change? Then they’re admitting they are wrong 😂 so that won’t happen either.
cannot beat it ☺️
Said to a couple of boys in the work “we’re in for a long season” that was before the season started.
Sometimes need a wee downer before a get right up ye moment, hope we get one 🍀.

17 Aug 2019 19:36:44
Moyes? How much buckfast ye has the night mate?
I’d suggest laying aff it for a bit.

17 Aug 2019 20:31:13
I agree, problem with Lenny is this. A large majority of the support didn't want him. They accepted and got on with it, this was always going to happen when you have a divided support. First signs and cracks become crevices. Im sorry but I would take Moyes over Lenny simply because he has not went before and would be a change. IMO Lenny isn't strong enough to stand up to the board and was just delighted to be asked back, hence he won't rock the boat too much. Not what is required at Celtic for me. que the haters just my honest opinion. Its clear all is not well.

17 Aug 2019 20:56:24
Moyes will go stateside.

17 Aug 2019 22:10:02
Lennon perfect to get 8 but 9 and 10 is another game. Not professional and tactically niave. Should be wearing a suit not a ned tracksuit.

18 Aug 2019 01:35:19
Jjking what in does his attire have to do with anything tracksuit or suit who gives two ****s ? Playing cal at left back never worked against the people so why would it work another time? That’s the bottom line.

18 Aug 2019 02:23:51
There is no questioning Lennon's commitment to Celtic. He is 100% a Bhoy, I live 6 miles from his family and I know what the lad is all about. It's his actual ability that is being challenged. A couple of rough games, is that a real reason to call for his head? Don't get me wrong, I'm often a critic of him. If there is anyone I'd love it to work out for then it would be him but I'm feeling kinda neutral at the moment. We have lacked quality when it has mattered. HH.

18 Aug 2019 07:36:57
@fitnessguruandy a nerve racking game are you at the wind up that team are in the league below us and we should be taking 5 6 or 7 of these teams it should never be nerve racking. We were at home with pretty much a full team to choose from. Also bayo on the bench when we need a goal and he brings on the world class player that is Lewis Morgan. Brilliant lenny your tactics are superb as are your subs.

18 Aug 2019 08:19:55
Sorry pep going to have to let you go mate. The clobber just ain't cutting it lol.

19 Aug 2019 18:05:06
Lenny is turning into the feckin clueless, 80’s type manager many of us thought. I would take my old Guild team manager over Lenny right now and he died in 1991.

Not only did he feck us up with his selection, and subs, but his aftermatch comments that he kept up shows me he’s back on the sauce big time.

Saturday, in that abortion again best the Oars he claimed we were the excellent. Him and Lawell are Sevco best bet.

Then again another shambolic window wasn’t a surprise was it. The club needs shot of the board and Lenny. He just isn’t anywhere near sussed enough, never will be.



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