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12 Aug 2019 09:50:28
Ok bhoys here is what I have. Taylor looking likely, Benkovic not getting a look in at Leicester, loan deal looking likely. Cifuentes deal edging closer.

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12 Aug 2019 10:12:47
Don't see point of benkovic when Lennon wouldn't play him last time.

12 Aug 2019 10:28:52
Let's hope so Dafabet 🤞🤞🤞.

12 Aug 2019 10:54:41
Kev, I don't blame Lenny for doing that. I suspect he didn't play him because he knew he was going back to The Rat at the end of the season and he wanted to give our lads a game. He was fantastic for us when he played and I'd love him to come back for a season. HH.

12 Aug 2019 10:55:05
Maybe a loan to buy is an option Kev. Fact is we are now short in defence.

12 Aug 2019 11:02:23
Any outs Dafabet.

12 Aug 2019 11:04:56
Like Old Killy posted in the Banter page :- I would prefer not to deal with Leicester City at all and have them looking for 'favours' in return or opening up any business links.

12 Aug 2019 11:11:43
OaB, if Leicester came in and offered big money for any of our players the door would be opened to them and they'd be welcomed in. Same as any other club. The idea that Benkovic or any other player in their squad coming on loan is 'opening up business links' is total nonsense. That's not how it works and anyone running any business will tell you the same. HH.

12 Aug 2019 11:14:21
Bob that would be ok if we weren't going for the title.
For me you play your best players whether they are Loans or not.
Yes we still won title but I can't see benkovic making any serious impact. He only managed 20 games last season (not all 90 minutes) and now I'd say there are more players infront of him.

12 Aug 2019 11:15:08
If it has option to buy then that does change it for the better ken.

12 Aug 2019 11:22:36
Kev, he was a stand out for us when he played. His playing time was restricted because Lenny chose not to play him for his own reasons, not because he wasn't good enough. We often have players on loan. That's how we can benefit from top players without having to pay a big fee for them. If he was here for a season he'd walk into every team Lenny picked if he's fit. Whether there's an option to buy is a completely different matter but the fact you mention it suggests you think he's good enough to be here. HH.

12 Aug 2019 11:30:37
Plus, he played a total of 28 games for us last season. 20 in the league, 4 in domestic cups and 4 European games. That's 40% more games than you claim he played so perhaps he ain't too shabby after all. HH.

12 Aug 2019 11:41:44
He's a good player but lenny was right to play the boys that are here this season. incidently ajer and jozo hardly put a foot wrong so he was proved right. he's injury prone as well.

12 Aug 2019 11:45:23
Bob out of our 4 central defenders he played the least games.
He didn't stand out any more than any other CB and in fact is say Ajer out shone him by miles.
My point at the beginning was that Lennon wouldn't play him before and he was behind Ajer and Simi under Lennon. Now add jullian to that I can see him getting very much game time.
Unless there is an option to buy then I'd say it's a pointless loan.

12 Aug 2019 11:45:23
If we get Benko on loan might be a sign that McGregor will on his way next as makeweight deal Benko and £6 mill for Calmac. obvs not in this window.

12 Aug 2019 11:47:50
Benkovic is a great player but would he be happy being the 3rd choice CB? He isn't going to play before a new 7m signing and I can't see anyone removing Ajer from that starting 11. One of the 1st names on the team sheet for me.

12 Aug 2019 11:51:33
Benkovic would be a great addition but he did seem to get injured very easily. Unfortunate Im sure but still a concern.

12 Aug 2019 11:56:06
4th choice bubs because he's clearly behind big Simi as well.

12 Aug 2019 12:05:40
Callum McGregor is the best footballer at our club. He could play in the premier league no bother. Undervalued completely. If tierney was worth £25m. Then surely Cal Mac would command a fee upwards of that.

12 Aug 2019 12:34:34
Ken, you're right about McGregor. Top lad. The one to keep an eye on at the minute is Christie, I reckon he'll turn out to be at least as good as (if not better than) any other player we have now. HH.

12 Aug 2019 13:02:01
Kev much as Simunovic is playing well just now Benkovic is a better player IMO.

12 Aug 2019 13:07:14
Christie and McGregor should be tied to massive contracts.

12 Aug 2019 13:26:10
How long are they on contracts for, let’s be honest a contract nowadays means nothing, apart from putting the fee up when they move. Although, probably only makes a big difference if they are getting near the last year.

12 Aug 2019 14:06:50
Christie on a 3 year deal. McGregor will be on 4 since he signed a new 5 year contract last year. Or the year before. Not 100% sure but if they both sign again they’ll be up there with the highest paid at the club.

12 Aug 2019 17:58:15
None of them improve the team. Maybe Taylor will out Boil. Squad weaker if that's our business than what finished last season.

12 Aug 2019 19:09:05
Dafabet we only want to know if wanyama is coming 😎

12 Aug 2019 19:52:45
And Melling.



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