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17 Jul 2019 18:31:07

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17 Jul 2019 18:35:50
Ajer RB
Bitton CB
Morgan ahead of Sinclair.

17 Jul 2019 18:38:18
Why did they even extend Sinclair's contract?

17 Jul 2019 18:40:42
It's almost as if Lenny is determined to force Scotty out. He's done nothing to deserve this.

17 Jul 2019 18:47:55
2 players out of position and the season not even started shameful.

17 Jul 2019 18:58:02
Sinclair came on against the tired legs last week and it worked out well enough tbf.

17 Jul 2019 18:59:27
So we can get a fee.

17 Jul 2019 19:06:09
Morgan had a decent pre season and this tie is as good as over. Chill 🙄.

17 Jul 2019 19:12:26
Sinclair must be fumeing.

17 Jul 2019 19:13:44
Sinclair on the bench and jullien too! What a joke. Why is Ralston on the bench. He is the only RB and still can't get a game.

17 Jul 2019 19:14:06
Is Lennon joking about this selection no Sinclair or our new Christoph. bitton is not a CB.

17 Jul 2019 19:15:38
You think they have had some sort of fall out or Lennon just doesn't rate him? IMO he should be starting, especially ahead of morgan.

17 Jul 2019 19:25:21
FFS let the manager do his job.
If any of us knew better we'd be in the dugout.

17 Jul 2019 19:42:44
Sinclair isn’t the be all and end all at Celtic, chill out man, we’re 3-1 up from the first leg. If we can’t see this tie out then we want to chuck it. more important games to come.

17 Jul 2019 19:48:09
Marty I still remember the team selections/ substitutions from his last spell and this is bringing back bad memories. Remember John Barnes, he was in the dugout for a spell and a great job he did eh?

17 Jul 2019 20:42:41
Oh all the Lennon brigade? Unlike the Scottish media I will admit we are playing a lower quality team but we do seem to be playing st a higher tempo crisper passing and getting the ball into the danger zones a lot quicker thsn we have the last 3 seasons! All more pleasing on the eye and more exciting to watch than the pass for pass sake we used to play at a slow tempo? I am thoroughly enjoying this tonight hail hail mon the hoops 🙂🍀🏆🏆🏆.

17 Jul 2019 21:02:41
Really? Season not even started yet and people comparing a starting line up, for a game that we’ve already won, to the John Barnes time? GET A GRIP.

17 Jul 2019 21:39:05
Fact is lads we struggle to score goals and leave a proven goal scorer rotting away on the bench and play 2 light weight players that are no where near as effective in front of him.
He done it at the end of last season and is doing it again
He is trying to show who's boss but is making the team weaker in doing so.

17 Jul 2019 21:49:56
Agree Kev83. Team selection a bit odd and if the tie is already won edg then why not play Julien and Griff?

17 Jul 2019 21:50:00
2 competitive games. 5 goals scored. Not much of a struggle.

17 Jul 2019 22:23:24
Morgan played very well.

17 Jul 2019 22:47:32
While I agree Sinclair should be in the starting 11. I thought Morgan played well. How on earth will we ever know if a player can cut it at Celtic if they play 2/ 3 games? Give the lads a chance!
Aye, we need a RB, but apart from that I can’t see much to moan about. We won the tie, we bossed most of the game tonight and we have spent a considerable amount on transfers already too (with presumably more to come)
If it was anyone else the dugout apart from Lennon I doubt we would hear the same level of cynicism tbh.

17 Jul 2019 22:55:50
I'd say he was average at best LM67. Couple good balls in but that's it. Defender worked out that all he had to do was nudge him out the way.

We play him or Johnstone against a physical opposition they will be like a man down.
I'd send both out on loan in SPFL.



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