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06 Jul 2019 15:38:39
What do you make of the statement from Tierneys agent. Only one bid in from Arsenal and he is not angling for a move. It will be up to the club if they want to sell him. Here we go 10 in a row 🏆.

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06 Jul 2019 15:52:35
I’d take from that is the club want to cash in, I previously thought kt was angling for a move . When calmac was linked with a move away, we put a not for sale sign up straight away, we haven’t done that with kt. I think it’s great that we have academy players who are now main players for our side. While I’m pleased that we are strengthening the squad, I’d prefer it we didn’t push out kt to do it. There has been a few released / run out of contact that releases funds and there’s Ntcham who we could sell to compensate for the outlay. We probably still have cash reserves on top of the money we got for Rogers and his team, all seems a bit strange. I saw, like everyone here kt celebrating with Lennie at the end of last year so I don’t buy in they don’t like each other. All very strange.

06 Jul 2019 16:10:07
Just read that mate, I was just also thinking that perhaps the club are asking 30m or the likes. I mean the 25m figure at the moment I suppose is just speculation from the media isn't it?

06 Jul 2019 16:34:28
Though he said he isn't pushing for a move he did say he was open to one.
Seems to me that if there is a move then it will need to be right for club and player.

06 Jul 2019 17:09:27
Sounds to me like the club are looking to cash in whilst he is still on a long term contract meaning they can set the figure they want. If it is Arsenal, then they only have until the 8th August I think to sign him as Premier league clubs agreed last year to close their window before the first league games kick off meaning we will know soon and will have time to buy a replacement unlike when dembele left on the last day of the window last year.

06 Jul 2019 17:22:15
Reading between the lines, he’s not forcing a move but for his agent to feel the need to come out with a statement tells me the player wants to leave! If not he would have simply said the player wants to stay! The agent is letting clubs know they’ll play ball if the price is right but he’s putting it all on the club! I’ve stated recently that no money would get me away from Celtic going into a 9iar, especially to arsenal who will win hee haw over the next few years!

06 Jul 2019 17:37:30
Lh86, I’d disagree with you slightly there . He makes a point about how grounded tierney is and he’s not bothered about money . I’d take it from that he isn’t interested in chasing bigger money that he’s on.
I’ve been wrong loads of times though so that probably means he will be off next week 😂
If he does stay, I would like to see him get more protection this season from refs, he was targeted last season and the season before, some of the tackles on him were terrible . In fact I’d go as far to say I think the club should make more of it .

06 Jul 2019 17:37:54
Lh86. Snap mate.

06 Jul 2019 19:30:25
Having brought in a left back in the last few days; it looks ominously like we are caching-in on our biggest asset and it's a stark reminder of how the club is being run in the modern day.
Keeping our best players has long since gone and the days of the one -club players and testimonials are fading fast.
It's a sad sign of the times because of our relatively low ranking in Europe and financial restraints of our location and league status.
Building and keeping a young talented side is well-nigh impossible.

06 Jul 2019 20:25:40
I don't think anyone really knows what the situation is with KT and arsenal, I would take his agents comments with a pinch of salt he's only said there could be a move if the club's valuation is met which is realistically the same with every club in the world.
Every player has there price and KT is no different celtic are a business at the end of the day and if a concrete offer comes in which is deemed acceptable then it will come out that we've accepted a bid. These figures are nothing short of media speculation on what they think his value is, celtic could be demanding 30-35m for all we know which in this days transfer market is probably his value.
The bottom line is that KT hasn't once been quoted or said in public that he doesn't know where his future is or where he'll be playing next season so just because we sign a left back we shouldn't assume he's off even if it might seem probable.
The stories from the media are a pile of bullsh*t in my opinion, until I see celtic announce a bid has been accepted and he's agreed personal terms with another club then I'll believe it but until that happens what are we all honestly going with? Until that happens he's a celtic player and we hold all the cards.

06 Jul 2019 20:28:21
My opinion hasn't changed. Open to a move. Happy to stay. It will firstly depend on the club accepting an offer. After that it's up to KT personally.

06 Jul 2019 22:17:44
Isn't the fact that we have bought a left back in the last few days more to do with the fact that we don't want to be left in a position like the game at Ibrox at new year, when our best, most creative midfield player was moved into left back because of injury to KT, upsetting the whole rhythm of the team, having two quality left backs, means there is better cover, now just get the right back position sorted.

06 Jul 2019 23:48:11
I’m missing the point here I think, we have a saleable asset who clearly doesn’t want to be at Celtic ( Ntcham) . If the club want to bring in money just sell him.

07 Jul 2019 00:51:17
I'd sell KT before Ntcham. Both want the move but we need someone in there with Calmac. Brown can't play them all anymore .

07 Jul 2019 01:05:33
I think that both Ntcham and KT will go this window, possible with Rogic also.

07 Jul 2019 11:54:42
For some reason, the longer this Arsenal saga rumbles on I’m not sure KT will even leave. I could be wrong but my gut feeling isn’t anywhere near as bad as before and I think his agents statement has kind of reaffirmed what I initially thought. On the flip side, surely if we sell Ntcham then that’s us recouped most of our transfer outlay, add to the 11+ players who have left, it’s freed up a large chunk for wages.
If we can keep our best players and sell Ntcham who clearly wants away then I genuinely believe this will have been one of our better transfer windows for a long time! HH.

07 Jul 2019 17:31:04
KT has a cast iron contract. He only goes if he wants to go. End of.

08 Jul 2019 20:34:32
I’d sell KT for £20m he’s a great player domestically but isn’t brilliant at International level or in Europe, he’s not pot he’s just 7/ 10 at that level.
I think because he’s 1 of us we rate him higher than what he actually is, he has also been hampered with a variety of injuries over the past 3 seasons missing chunks of the season.
From purely a business decision I’d accept £20m as there’s no way he’s anywhere near the ability or as big a player in the big games as Dembele regardless of position.



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