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07 Jun 2019 23:43:08
Any truth in Henrik returning as a coach, would give the whole team a lift.

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08 Jun 2019 06:59:35
No doubt people would lap this up. Truth is he's had a really poor managerial career. Maybe he's a better coach than a manager, I don't know.

08 Jun 2019 08:33:52
Trying to get fans back on side?

08 Jun 2019 08:57:32
Could maybe help teach our players how to head a ball from a cross

Surely a role as a striker coach would help big time.

08 Jun 2019 09:44:27
Just get the man back, he was my Messi or Ronaldo, he'd be a huge inspiration for the players, and he might learn the managerial side of things from NL.

08 Jun 2019 10:42:43
Head a ball from a cross kev! Maybe should bring someone in first to show them how to cross first! Our corners and set pieces are nothing short of embarrassing!

08 Jun 2019 10:59:08
Bringing Henke back would be an amazing bit of business. He would help and improve any player and also be a major benefit and reference point for French eddy griff and whoever else helps score our goals next season.

08 Jun 2019 11:35:48
Why do people think he would improve players?

08 Jun 2019 12:01:10
LH yeah that’s true 😂😂

Kev83, his attacking instincts where fantastic and as a top level striker in his day he can help defenders understand how top strikers operate

Obviously managing and coaching is different so this type of role could potentially be his calling

Why do you think he couldn’t? Or where you just asking for opinions. ?

08 Jun 2019 12:18:02
Am not sure Kev T because is pass record leaves a lot of questions.

You can't say he's any less iconic in helsingburg than park head and it made no difference there

Just try to look at it without emotion and can see that just because he's a world class striker doesn't mean he will be a good coach.
If that was always true then guys like pele and maradona would have been amazing but guys like jose and Wenger would have been rotten.

Kev would you be happy bringing in a coach with that record who hadn't been a Celtic hero?

But like one of the lads say he could be a better coach than manager.

08 Jun 2019 13:12:15
I think what Larson had, has, is something you can't teach a player, is an instinctive thing, you either got it or not, you can't coach it into somebody, but Larson might be able to pass on some of his fitness routine.

08 Jun 2019 13:25:43
Didn't Lennon, in his first stint as manager, bring him in for a couple of days to work with the strikers in training n they really improved after that? Not 100% on that but something rings a bell about it.

08 Jun 2019 13:51:23
Aindoh there is full department geared to players fitness including fitness coaches.
Can't remember that wyllie but I do remember Alex Ferguson said he had a great effect on Ronaldo.

08 Jun 2019 14:42:29
I remember that wyllie think it was at the time we put 8 or 9 past the sheep.

08 Jun 2019 15:14:22
Batman I think he would improve players because he has played at the highest level in football all across the world. He’s won a lot and is a born winner who would pass on his knowledge and experience to the players within the squad.

He wouldn’t have the pressure of being the manager and would be able to coach and encourage strikers at Celtic. The players and especially youngsters at the club will look on and admire his professionalism.

I don’t understand why you would question his influence Kev83.

08 Jun 2019 16:37:52
Did any of that help him as when he was at helsingborgh Who he got relegated Enrico?

Like I said above being a world class player does not make it certain you are going to be a good coach and henriks coaching career so far points to that.
Lambert has won everything as well and has a better track record as a manager and I would be wary of bringing him back as well.

There is thousands of players won everything in football that turn out piss poor coaches and thousands of piss poor players that become great coaches.

Don't know what's hard to get there.

08 Jun 2019 19:14:34
I am not sure what Henrik would contribute to the first team he hasn't done a lot as a manager as far as I am aware Feel good factor to the fans yes but what more could he give? I don't know.

08 Jun 2019 22:17:55
Kev are you telling me griff French eddy would not learn and benefit from Henke?

I already said he wouldn’t be managing and the pressure wouldn’t be there. He might have not have done so well as a manager but may well find his forte in a coaching role.

Having him around would give everyone a lift at the club from fans through the youngsters and straight into the first team.

The man knows how to get the ball in the net and having played all across the globe for top teams he would help improve our strikes guaranteed.

Put that in yer pipe and smoke it.

{Ed007's Note - I wouldn't advise anyone smoking anything that makes you come out with posts like this. This is up there with the "What does Kennedy teach the defence?" stuff, so should we get Paddy McCourt in to show Forrest, Sinclair, Rogic, Shved etc how to dribble, what about Mick McCarthy or Paul Elliot as heading coaches, Paul McStay as a passing coach? We could even get 'King' Kenny in as a DOF! If Larsson can't teach his son whats he going to teach LG?
We need someone on the coaching staff with more tactical awareness than the manager and with the ability to coach and improve our young players - these are footballing decisions, not sentimental nepotism. Name one player that's worked under Larsson that has kicked on and improved to any level, compared to say a Ronny Deila?
There's reasons that KT isn't the only player considering his future this summer.}

09 Jun 2019 00:14:58
Why would you even say that? Does the team need a lift? They're treble treble winners in case you had forgotten and the new manager seems determined to strengthen with quality for next season. Henke was an outstanding player for us but he has shown no real talent in coaching/ managing in recent years and he would offer nothing that our current coaching set up can't. HH.

09 Jun 2019 00:16:02
There can be no downside to someone like larsson coming in in a coaching roll. His experience and what he could teach our strikers is invaluable.

09 Jun 2019 00:17:15
Would be a bad move for lenny not for me.

09 Jun 2019 00:18:47
If memory serves me right i remember larsson came back and helped coach the players for a day or two leading up to the next match and wee put 9 past aberdeen.

09 Jun 2019 00:34:27
Enrico what fan nonsense.

Larsson so far is a failure as a coach.
He got his team relegated
His son who was a part of that team plays in the FOURTH division in Sweden. Did he not learn anything from his dad's coaching?

My opinion is backed up with facts.

Yours in built on the stupid notion that a world class player MUST make a good coach.

Maybe we should bring in Roy Keane as well to work with kouassi he must have something to teach right?

09 Jun 2019 00:36:04
Why do you think KT and possibly others are considering their future? HH.

09 Jun 2019 00:37:02
Oh and I just remembered
Larsson was the guy that recommend we signed bangura!
Great eye for a player.

09 Jun 2019 00:38:58
he is a winner he is well experienced he has management experience although it didn’t go well. You can’t just write a man off due to one bad time in an illustrious professional career.

As I said already our strikers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to learn from.

09 Jun 2019 13:31:55
Kev 83,
What’s your problem with Larsson? every single post has been negative
If you think Larsson coming in as a coach, which will probably never happen btw, wouldn’t be a good thing your on glue! Just having someone with that stature gets respect, noted you can’t teach what he had, a natural gift but if he came in it’s natural for players in a team to train harder and try to impress a legend, why would it be a bad thing for him to be a coach he’s not picking the team just coaching the players, can’t believe why your so against it.

09 Jun 2019 13:33:35
Enrico, I think you're looking at Larsson through rose tinted glasses.
He has been the manager of 3 teams (Helsingborg, Falkenburg and Landskrona) and the assistant manager at 2 other clubs (Hogaborg and Angelholm) . If he had coaching skills then surely one of the 5 clubs would have benefitted from them.
Great player, great guy, great ambassador for our club while he was playing. He'll always be welcome at Celtic Park in some capacity but not in a meaningful coaching role. HH.

09 Jun 2019 13:35:36
Larsson is a legend and has already ruined his status at Helsingborgs what if we don't do the 10 and the football is woefull would we turn on him so for me it's a no I love my memories of his time with us so let's not taint it.

09 Jun 2019 21:17:27
Rogic I have no problem with Larsson I love him as much as anyone but he is a poor coach and I don't want poor coaches at park head.

This nonsense was same pish spouted in the 90s when we were bringing in guys like lou macari.

If all the stuff you are saying is true then how come none of it work at helsingburg where he is worshipped as much as he is at park head?

Please some on give an answer that has more that but he's a legend surely that will help!

Oh I must correct one thing Jordon plays in top division in Sweden. I miss read something.

09 Jun 2019 21:25:37
Here is the biggest fact people should look at.

Big Ronny D is a far better and more successful coach than Larsson.
Why don't we bring him in instead?

09 Jun 2019 21:32:10
@ Wylie was it not malky McKay who brought Larsson into the Scotland set up when he took the job he's in just now to do some work with the national strikers at all levels I may be wrong though my memory isn't always reliable 😂😂.

10 Jun 2019 11:21:46
Claims that Lenny will bring in the type of player we need to qualify for the CL, which to me is a must, certainly wasn’t backed up by the players on that list.

I know we won’t be exclusively looking at that, but by feck, who among us heart didn’t sink when reading it? Wasn’t axsurprise thiugh as going cheap for players barely, if at all better than what we have is our Achilles heel. Same old lack of ambition and about trying to save a fiver will no doubt be the order of our day.

When Lenny got the gig as I knew he would. Would cost less and demand feck all is music to Lawell’s ears. The window opens in 24 hours and I’m dreading it. It will drag on and on and we will be left on the final days rushing about trying to get anyone in who we will look at and say deck off Lawell have you learned nothing?

I hope I’m wrong but that list was a disgrace in its level of ambition. GUys who can’t get an game for rubbish English teams is the way we roll. Added to that Lenny’s 70’s managerial style of going nuts, doesn’t leave me at all confident he has what it takes. However, I hope the almost universal backlash to the content of thatvreport May force someone to open the tin. My breath won’t be held though. That’s a lesson I learned years ago when Lawell is our main man. Crash helmet at the ready and a big bag of cans.



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