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25 May 2019 19:26:44
Listen Bhoys regardless of people's opinion of Lenny the fact is he is the permanent manager of Glasgow Celtic and we as supporters must back him. Hopefully the board will give him the funds to bring in players to strengthen the team and I believe he will have us playing a much more attacking style of football. We are in a great position Bhoys having just completed the treble treble . Let's get behind the Lenny and the Bhoys in our quest for 10. This is how it feels to be Celtic 🍀.

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25 May 2019 19:33:59
Ice Man I have no doubt the majority of us will support him. No matter who is in the dug out we want to see Celtic win every game. You can't hide from the fact that there are much better managers out there though and it would appear the club have done nothing to try and get one.

25 May 2019 19:45:06
Absolutely JimTim I’m not doubting that at all. Lenny was by no means my first choice but now it’s confirmed he has been offered the job we must all accept this and give him out full backing.

25 May 2019 20:11:02
Is it 100% that he's the manager?

25 May 2019 20:12:24
Cheap option, no ambition. going to be long season 🤕.

25 May 2019 20:24:18
At least all the manager rumours can be put to bed it was starting to get boring, I'm just glad it's not Moyes.
The board have took the cheap option but we knew they would this time round, as long as they don't take the cheap route with the transfers required to strengthen the squad.
We need to get rid of some of the dead wood at the club and urgently.

We promote the young talent we already have into the fold, along with some quality needed players at Right back, Centre back and second striker and I think we can kick on no problem.

My team moving forward:-

GK Bain Sub New Signing or Youth
RB New Signing Sub Ralston
LB Tierney Sub Church
CB Ayer Sub Simunovic
CB New Signing Sub Hendry
CDM Brown Sub McInroy
CM McGregor Sub Coffey
AMR Forrest Sub Shved
AMC Christie Sub Henderson
AML Johnson Sub Oko-Flex
CF Edouard Sub New Signing

We also have Miller coming back, Dembele, Bayo and Kouassi.

This isn't just a great time to be a celtic fan but it also could be a time where we start to see youth flourish at the club more than ever before HH Rebel Treble.

25 May 2019 20:30:26
cheap option?
correct option
so you wanted a manger who knows nothing about the celtic way what it means the managers that where gettig spouted here are useless without big bucks and sly tv money.
go and check lennons history he's also got an eye for a player.
Rodgers Celtic where dying on there feet Lennon got them over the line
he will put his touch on the champs next season and make us better. lennons record in europe is pretty gd too.

25 May 2019 20:46:57
Lennon getting the job is a total uninspiring option. I love lennon for what he did for the club. But perm manager really. Gutted this is going to be a long long season next year.

25 May 2019 21:23:33
What is the celtic way andy?

25 May 2019 21:28:38
Doesn't matter who the manager is eally. It's what he does.

If Lennon recruits well and fixes the problems we can see in the team and makes sure there's organisation and hunger in the squad then I'll be happy.

Those celebrating Lennon's appointment across the city today will go into meltdown when Lenny leads us to the 10.

25 May 2019 21:48:52
play for the club play, for the top, play remembering past history, fans getting future memories one big happy family,
sixtythousand fans singing walk on what a feeling that is when you are in it.
the Celtic way is attacking teams getting the job done and make us a team, feared anywhere we go in the world.

Rodgers in my opinion lost his way for a while every team we played i constantly we are where lose this biting nails etc. i was also sick of the ball constantly getting past around our defence think this wasted 20 mins in every game.
Lenny finished Rodgers job not sure where we would have finished up this season, as i stopped believing in rodgers hmmmm then he walked the signs where there, lenny steadied the ship and broke more records.
just can't get enough.

25 May 2019 22:45:05
for those who think next season is going to be a long one I don't think it can be any longer than this one. we diddn't play great all season and somehow managed to pull another treble out of the bag. We may have gotten the treble anyway with Rogers but we will never know as he ran away when the going got tough. I think next year with the squad revamped and Lenny's passion it will be easier but i suppose if we don't get a quadruple treble it will be Lennons fault.

25 May 2019 23:08:37
To be fair I said after the Valencia games Rodgers should walk as he had three years to get it right in Europe, I do not want Lennon as the next man but will back him 100%, can only hope that whatever a new manager would have been promised he will get the same to recruit. If Neil can take us to 10 it will be even sweeter knowing how much it hurts them. WE ARE ALL NEIL LENNON! 🏆.

25 May 2019 23:50:37
Lenny’s had his chance IMO and to the poster saying Lenny has an eye for a signing. How much did he actually say in the signing of players?

26 May 2019 04:07:33
Here lennon is not the best choice the cheap option as usual decent manager done the job tight board upstairs fck all ambition.

26 May 2019 05:49:22
@ Ice Man. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm behind him. I'm just really disappointed the board didn't try and show a bit more ambition.

@ Andy. Neil Lennon is a Celtic fan sure, he'll certainly want the club to do well. But any decent manager would. And if the Celtic way is attacking teams then i'm afraid it's not exclusive to Celtic.

26 May 2019 08:09:35
I’m underwhelmed like a lot of us on here, we will probably get John park back again. The way Lawwell goes on in his statement you would think we had the best manager we could possibly get. I feel Lawwell just has the manager he can control a lot easier, even after the game Lennie said he would need guarantees before he would accept anything. Yet 30 mins later after a brief 5 min chat in the shower the job was accepted. What guarantees were offered during that 5 min chat?
He said he knows no better manager for having an eye for a player, when Lennie was here before he picked up quite a few but like others before him and after him quite a few were poor as well as we are generally only shopping in the 2-3 million pound market. With rumours that he offered Izzy a new deal, his determination to keep playing Lustig to the detriment of the team worries me slightly, yes I know he wants to be loyal but as good as servants these players have been, unfortunately their time is up. I aid a couple of weeks ago that there would be no chance of us spending a large fee for a player with Lennie in charge as he wouldn’t rock the boat. After us receiving 9 million for Rogers leaving and us taking the cheap route, I hope he’s given a large transfer chest to push us further away in our quest for nine. Lawwell has taken a massive gamble here I feel to protect his bonuses.

26 May 2019 11:47:36
I think Lennon was good as a cover manager as although not pretty at times he got the job done.
There was so many of those games that could have went the other way Hearts away and yesterday, Dundee away and Rangers at home to name a few.
Is it down to good management or good fortune that we won those games, maybe a bit of both.
His European record and transfer record have been very good in the past, and I like all good Celtic fans will be supporting him all the way.
If I’m honest though I am a little concerned at both our performances against that mob under Lennon and the 1 before it under Brendan, we can’t afford to give them a glimmer of hope which means qualification for champions league is a must to ensure we have the finances required to stay at the top.

26 May 2019 14:09:04
Very underwhelming and a total lack of ambition appointing Lennon. Lawwell clearly hasn't been watching any games since Lennon took over. I'd hope the "blueprint" Rodgers put in place is adhered to by Lennon. The whole fitness thing is a major concern under Lennon. So hopefully he has to stick with the strict fitness regime put in place by the snake. And hopefully no new deals for Lustig or Izzy either as they've served us well and we wish them well. I'd include Hendry in that list of deadwood too Turner1984 but Griffiths seriously!?

We've a good core of players to build the team around. Tierney, Ajer, McGregor, Christie, Griffiths, Edouard.


Boyata, Gamboa, Lustig, Toljan, Benko, Izzy, Hendry, Gordon, De Vries, Commper, Bitton, Allen, Benyu, Mulumbu, Burke.

Most of these won't be missed as most are squad players and can free up a huge amount of wages we're possibly paying these over £200,000 a week in wages!


GK, RB, 2 x CB, LB, 2 x CM, CAM.

All to a decent enough quality. Possibly some of these will be loans. Benkovic loan return? Woodman/ Darlow? Harper in for a development fee? Leroy Fer on a free? Tomori? Diemers and/ or Maher signed from Eredivise? Turnbull signed from Motherwell? Plenty of speculation already.

As much as it's disappointing Lennon getting the job we must back him in the transfer market and we can all look forward to seeing the deadwood leave and hopefully some exciting new players signed and a better balance to the squad to push for 10 in a row.

26 May 2019 14:12:21
Selling Sinclair and Griffiths? Why?

26 May 2019 14:33:45
Because they don't want goals in our team cory.

26 May 2019 16:15:23
Turner1984, are you having a laugh? Griff and Sinclair are dead wood? When Griff comes back he'll be massive for us in the same way he was before he needed a break. Sinclair still has a lot to offer, the rest I agree with. HH.

26 May 2019 16:37:21
I guess the bhoys that think Lenny is a good choice hasn't seen any of the games since he has taken over NO clue NO plan B NO strategy NO 9 in a row.

26 May 2019 17:18:41
We will all get behind lennon, but we actually thought the board might show ambition. But as usual we go for cheap option AGAIN. As long as lennon does not get players like lustig, izzy, etc to re sign and actually get this clear out done and get new team together.
We have a great nucleus of young talent, with 5-6 great signings we could be great team again . let's hope neil gets the funds he needs . 🍀🍀.

26 May 2019 17:53:50
How anyone can be surprised out rubbishbag board went for their poodle is beyond me. I’m feeling sick at all the utter rubbish he’s a Celtic man. So are we all. Did we forget the turgid rubbish we endured the last time? Did nobody notice his abysmal tactics and team selections, especially at Mordor?

We have gone cheap again with a management mind set straight from the 70’s. Add to that a board who know he will demand f uck all and take whatever his puppet master will give him.

A sad day when it’s evident we have chucked it. Save me all this NFL vomit. As if him having a Tim name makes up for him being a rubbish manager.

Go f uck yer selves board. Well you better get someone in to help him. Remember if we will he kept Burke on for over 60 minutes at Ibrox. Our first half yesterday was one of the worst ever.

10iar just got even harder to achieve.

27 May 2019 19:28:09
Bob if LG came back and played to his ability then I agree, but it's a gamble, as for Sinclair I still think we could cash in a few quid on him and bring in someone with greater quality in a more concerning position.

27 May 2019 21:05:26
I’d replace Sinclair for Roberts cheaper and hungrier.

27 May 2019 21:56:33
Wrong wing. Roberts plays RW the same as Forrest and Shved and the returning Morgan as well as Dembele.

28 May 2019 11:59:56
Did I just read this isn't a good time to support Celtic .
Holy Cow! I have followed Celtic since mid '60's and apart from my early days with Big Jock, I can't remember a better time than now . Treble Treble and ongoing more to come Yet it isn't a good time to support Celtic .

I hate this negative statement that Celtic have went for the cheap option . Honesty I think that the cost Cheap or dear is not important , whether it is a player or manager the most important criteria is that it is the right man for job . I think the Board couldn't risk a "big name from Europe or wherever" as we couldn't afford time for new man to impose his new ways and style as 9 and 10 in a row is most important.



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